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Events listed in chronological order.
Dates correlate with the events themselves - the articles were published in the days that followed.
The exceptions are general features / interviews which are attributed to date of publication.

Melody Maker Whizz Kid Guitarist 27th September 75
Marquee: Pistols 1st Press Review 12th February 76
Andrew Logan’s Valentine's Day Party 76
Nashville Rooms 23rd April 76
100 Club 25th May 76
100 Club Residency Spring 76
Lesser Free Trade Hall 6th June 76 Morrissey NME Letter
NME The Titanic Sails At Dawn 19th June 76
Screen On The Green 29th August 76
100 Club Punk Festival 20-21st September 76
Anarchy Tour Announcement / McLaren Interview / Anarchy Tour Line-Up News 27th November 76
Bill Grundy Show Daily Mirror 2nd December 76
Bill Grundy Aftermath Daily Mirror / UEA first Anarchy Tour cancellation 3rd December 76
South Wales Punks 5th December 76
NME Post Grundy Edition / Leeds Anarchy Tour Live Review 6th December 76
Barry Cain Sex Pistols Interview Record Mirror 11th December 76
Caerphilly 14th December 76
Anarchy In The UK Music Week Advert and Letter 18th December 76
Dutch Newspaper Pistols In Amsterdam 8th Janaury 1977 (added Feb 16)
NME Spitting into the Eye of the Hurricane 15th January 77
Punk Magazine 8 (US). Cover and seven page feature March 77
A&M Signing 10th March 77
A&M Sacking 16th March 77
Notre Dame Hall 21st March 77
Screen On The Green 3rd April 77
God Save The Queen Released 27th May 77
Jubilee Thames Boat Trip 7th June 77
Barry Cain 'Enemies Of The World' Interview 11th June 77
Razor Attack on Punk Rocker Rotten 18th June 77
Johnny Rotten Is Nice! 19th June 77
God Save The Queen / Pretty Vacant (Italian Adverts) (added April 14)
Pretty Vacant Released 1st July 77
The Sun Sex Pistols on Top Of The Pops 14th July 1977
Scandinavian Tour 23rd/24th July 77
Scandinavian Tour 6th August 77
Club Lafayette Wolverhampton 19th August 77
Outlook Club Doncaster 24th August 77
High Times October 77
Holidays In The Sun Released 14th October 77
Rolling Stone 20th October 77
Never Mind The Bollocks Released 28th October 77
Never Mind The Bollocks Music Press Adverts November 77
Never Mind The Bollocks On Trial 24th November 77
Groningen, Holland 10th December 77
UK Gigs December 77
NME Never Mind The Bans Tour Advert 17th December 77. Plus Brunel University gig review
Daily Mirror Wolverhampton Cancellation 18th December 77
Daily Mirror Never Mind The Filth / I'm a Revolutionary 19th December 77
The Sun A Little Bit Of Punk Can Do You Good 1977
Trouser Press Advert January 78
Randy's Rodeo 8th January 78 - Daily Mail
Randy's Rodeo 8th January 78 - The Evening News: John Blake
Longhorn Ballroom 10th January - The Evening News: John Blake
In the USA with the Sex Pistols January 78 - The Evening News: John Blake
Britt Ekland Gets A Winterland Soaking January 78
Banned From Finland January 78
Rotten Returns From Jamaica February 78
Punk Rock US Magazine Interview Feature February 78
Sounds 1977 Readers Poll Results 11th March 78
Daily Mirror Vicious Court Appearance 13th May 1978
Nancy Dead NME 21st October 78
Sid Vicious Punk Girl's Suicide October 78
Sid Vicious Rikers Island Interview 15th October 78
Sid Vicious is Lovely December 1978
Sid Vicious Los Angeles Herald Examiner 2nd February 1979 (added Feb 15)
Sid Vicious Remembered NME 10th February 79
Sid Vicious C'Mon Everybody Top Of The Pops 5th July 1979
Sid Vicious - Sid Sings Advert NME 15th December 79
Sounds Photo Feature 29th December 79

Press cuttings submitted by Dave Smitham, Mark Ogilvie, Jeff Kimmitt, Andrew Wade, Richard Elliss, MoMa, Keanan Duffty, Geant-Vert, Norpunk, Alex Poray, Steve E, Michael Bällstav, Gerrit Haller, Gavin Walsh, Mal Greenley & Marco Kusters.

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