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Anarchy in Caerphilly understandably caused a little bit of a stir. The December 1st Grundy encounter had been sprawled over the National press for days, most town councils had successfully banned the Sex Pistols from playing as a result … and here were the notorious band with a hastily rearranged booking to play a small Welsh Valley town cinema. Local Councillors and Church leaders mounted a campaign to ban the event - explained through a letter to the South Wales Echo. As it turned out, they were unsuccessful and the event went ahead. Caerphilly was a gathering of the already converted and some curious. South Wales' had a hard core Sex Pistol fan base that had coalesced after September '76 visits by the band to Newport, Cardiff and Swansea (immediately after their appearance at the 100 Club Punk Festival). Reported in the Western Mail and South Wales Echo the next day, the concert was a failure by numbers - “570 empty seats”. The carol singing protestors far outnumbering the reportedly 60 strong concert audience. The concert was also afforded a cartoon by the Echo's celebrated Gren the following evening. The Observer Magazine feature published six weeks later, documents the Caerphilly gig and is important as the first objective / non-critical piece of National journalism about the current punk phenomena.

Below: South Wales Echo December 1976

Echo December1976
Echo 15 December1976
Above: Echo 15th December 1976

Press cuttings submitted by Dave Smitham

Dave would like to thank Phil Sky for unearthing, and reuniting him with his cuttings collection after 12 years of storage.

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