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Early on morning of March 10th 1977 (two months after being sacked from EMI), the Sex Pistols tumbled out of a hired limousine in front of Buckingham Palace to sign their A&M contract for attending photographers. The ‘official’ A&M signing for £150,000.00 took place a day earlier in a private ceremony. Later that day, at the press conference, both the music and national papers reported the band’s comments and uncouth behavior … as well as anticipating the immanent (March 25) release of a second single ‘God Save The Queen’ (20,000 were already awaiting dispatch). Unfortunately by the time the weekly music press published their stories, the Pistols had already been dropped from the record company. Meanwhile the recently departed Glen Matlock was making plans to start the Rich Kids …

Below: Sounds March 19th 1977

Sounds Cover
Sounds Pistols March 77

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