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5th DECEMBER 1976

from the archive of Dave Smitham

December 5th 1976: Look What Pop Kids Do Now (Sunday People). Not to be outdone by the weeklies, the Sunday People contributed to the national anti-punk moral outrage with ‘Look What Pop Kids do Now’ on December 5th. Pictured was Mark Taylor - with a chain joining ear and nose piercings. The article went on to describe the emergent South Wales Punk scene - acknowledged by Jon Savage (in England’s Dreaming) as one of the “hardest-core Punks yet”. Little documented, this group - that included Steve Strange, deserve greater recognition to off-set the Bromley Contingent dominance. Dave Smitham

Below: Sunday People. 5th December 1976.

Sunday People. 5th December 1976.

Press cuttings submitted by Dave Smitham

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