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On 21 / 22 September 1976 Oxford Street’s 100 Club hosted a two day Punk Festival - featuring all the principal early British punk bands, with most everyone else who mattered in the audience. The event was recorded in these two cuttings from Melody Maker (Caroline Coon) and NME - both published on October 2nd. Tuesday night’s line up featured Sex Pistols, The Clash, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Subway Sect. Apparently US record company executives left after seeing The Clash - saying to Malcolm “Great band, but didn’t know Sex Pistols had five in the band.”(Keith Levene was still in the band at this time). Wednesday had Buzzcocks, Vibrators (with Chris Spedding), Damned and Stinky Toys (from France). Unfortunately the venue stopped punk performances immediately after a glass throwing incident on the second night (Sid was arrested for the affray). Meanwhile the Pistols were away on their mini tour of South Wales. Dave Smitham

Melody Maker 2nd October 1976.

Melody Maker 2nd September 1976.
Melody Maker 2nd September 1976
Melody Maker 2nd September 1976.

Press cutting submitted by Dave Smitham

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