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1976 December 03: Further Post Grundy Reaction (Daily Mirror) The Daily Mirror wasn’t going to let the previous day’s moral outrage dissipate - after all it was great news! ‘The Filth and the Fury’ front page was followed up with ‘Off! Off!’ - displaying a rather fetching photo of the ever so young Siouxsie Sioux. ‘Off! #1’ reports how Grundy was given a two week suspension, and ‘Off! #2’ tells how EMI packers were refusing to handle the Anarchy single and the increasing Anarchy Tour venue cancellations. A middle page spread ‘Night of the Nasties’ gave the Pistols reaction to the Today interview, Mrs Grundy defending her aberrant husband and some extremely lame punk jokes. Dave Smitham
Plus from Eastern Evening News, the University of East Anglia show gets cancelled.....

Below: Daily Mirror. 3rd December 1976.

Daily Mirror. 3rd December 1976.

Press cuttings submitted by Dave Smitham

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