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27th NOVEMBER 1976

from the archive of Dave Smitham
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NME released the dates and final line up for December’s ‘Anarchy in the UK’ Tour in their 27 November copy. It’s fascinating to carefully examine the information on Jamie Reid’s torn Union Jack back page advertisement - the variety of proposed venues ... and the announcements for the New Rose (Available from even your dumbest dealer) / Anarchy in the UK (Available from your cleverest) singles. Of additional interest - from another NME feature, is that the original tour line up was intended to have the Ramones co-headlining ... also compare the difference in concert dates with Jamie Reid’s poster, suggesting the planning at this late stage was still pretty fluid. In the same paper, Nick (with all the inside information) Kent published his extensive interview with Malcolm McLaren, introducing punters to an early version of the Rock and Roll Swindle myth - with some interesting insights into the Andrew Logan Valentine’s Day gig and McLaren’s time with the New York Dolls / ESSENTIAL HISTORY. Dave Smitham

Below: NME Anarchy Tour Advert. 27th November 1976.

NME Anarchy Tour Advert. 27th November 1976.

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