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31st December 2017
YouTube - Unheard before: Some Steve Jones for New Year: Recorded January 17 2012 "Let There Be Talk" EP72: Steve with comedian Ian Edwards

30th December
Billy Duffy reflects on his year including his work on The Professionals LP

29th December
Tulsa World - 40 years after the Sex Pistols played Cain's Ballroom: a celebration

YouTube interview - This is Art: Julien Temple cuenta contra qué se rebelaban los Sex Pistols

27th December
The Power Chord Hour - Paul Cook and Tom Spencer talk Professionals on their visit to NYC

23rd December
NY Times - DOA: A Sex Pistols Concert Film Languished for Four Decades

22nd December
Vive Le Rock magazine Album Of The Year!
The Professionals - What In The World
Professionals - Rebellion
Confirmed today - The Professionals to play Rebellion Festival August 2018

21st December
Remembering the Sex Pistols penultimate UK gig in Cromer, 40 years on

19th December
YouTube: Steve Jones guests with with Royal Machines

15th December
Video: John Lydon at The Great British Postcard Competition

13th December
Steve Jones neXt2rock contest final from The Viper Room

11th December
Never Mind The Bollocks
40th Anniverary Deluxe Box Set

NMTB 40th

10th December
The Irish Sun: Johnny Rotten reveals why he wants to do Eurovision for Ireland

9th December
Newport 77

7th December
Glen Matlock & a star rich cast including Johnny Depp to turn out for Shane McGowan's birthday

Never Mind The Bollocks Vinyl Guide Update: Further Japanese obi variation

6th December
Vinyl Guide Update:
The Biggest Blow / My Way 12" Australia Wizard - different label font

4th December

The Irish Sun reports on John Lydon "Music legend vying represent Ireland at next year's Eurovision"

29th November
The new edition of Classic Rock magazine includes a 6 page Professionals feature
The Professionals will play PSK Stockholm - 2 day punk festival - held 11-12 May 2018
Radio London: Listen to Paul Cook & daughter Hollie talking to Gary Crowley
Paul & Tom talk to

Malcolm McLaren's grave desecrated by vandals

28th November
Glen Matlock 'Remembering Johnny Thunders'
Glen pictured down under in Wellington, NZ

24th November
The Professionals pictured on their 1st US tour in 1981
Unpublished pictures by Scott Rudd

Madison, WI, 1981

23rd November
Glen Matlock Down Under....

Today FM: John Lydon on being the next Irish entry to Eurovision...

22nd November
Never Mind The Bollocks Vinyl Guide Update. 1st 1000 with variant A1 B3 matrix

18th November
Listen to Paul Cook on BBC6 Music's Round Table discussing the latest releases - available on iPlayer
[thanks Steve Sommer]

16th November
Vive Le Rock Issue 49 Out Tomorrow
Features 6 page interview with The Professionals

Vive Le Rock 49

Glen Matlock & Walter Lure Preview 40th Anniversary 'L.A.M.F.' Shows for Johnny Thunders' Classic

15th November

12th November
Britannia Edition

Live Photos: Glen Matlock, The Prince Of Wales Hotel, Brisbane, 10th Nov

10th November

Venus Reaction

Loudwire: Paul Cook Plays ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’

8th November
The Professionals / / 2017

The Professionals
Soundcheck Exclusive

The Garage

God Save The Queen 1977 Virgin Records 10" acetate is up for sale. Estimate £10,000-14,000

7th November
Paul Cook & Tom Spencer USA Loudwire video interview

6th November
The Professionals / / 2017
The Professionals
Soundcheck Exclusive

The Slade Rooms

Look out for Paul Cook & Tom Spencer in a Professionals Planet Rock Radio takeover coming soon.

4th November

The Professionals
What In The World

Top 10 Chart Success!

No 7 in the Official Rock Chart
No 4 in Independant Album Breakers Chart
Plus... No 13 in Independant Album Chart

3rd November

Sex Pistols 77 Bollocks Diaries

2nd November
The Professionals The Garage London
Picture Gallery

The Professionals London October 2017

BBC Radio: 40 Years of 'Never Mind The Bollocks' with Steve Jones

1st November
The Professionals Wolverhampton
Picture Gallery


30th October
The Professionals Album Launch Gigs
Wolverhampton & London Review & Pictures
The Professionals

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