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2nd November
Punk exhibition at Central Library Liverpool - runs to 13 January 2019

Jonesy's Jukebox today: Guests Paul Cook, Todd Rundgren, Fred Armisen and John Anderson

1st November
LA Weekly: Generation Sex: King Rockers and Silly Things at the Roxy

31st October
Gen Sex Live
Watch Generation Sex live
last night at The Roxy, LA

29th October
Generation Sex
Paul Cook, Steve Jones, Billy Idol, Tony James
The Roxy LA 30th October - Free Show Lottery

Generation Sex

28th October
NMTB France Import
Never Mind The Bollocks: 41 Years Old Today

26th October
Anarchy In Paris
New Sex Pistols unofficial 1996 live albums
'Anarchy In Tokyo' Gold Vinyl
'Anarchy In Paris' Silver Vinyl
Coda Publishing/Records

Also new from Coda
Sid Vicious I'm A Mess LP (Electric Ballroom & NYC 78 live tracks)

21st October
Converse 'Sex Pistols' advert "Idris Tells a Story"

19th October
YouTube: good quality clip The Pretenders with Steve Jones - What You Gonna Do About It (Live 1980)

16th October
GSTSPs exclusive look at a series of rare test pressings continues
C'Mon Everybody
(I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone
The pressings have been submitted to GSTSPS by Simon Lucas & were previously owned by the late Tommy Vance, Tony Wilson his producer, and John Walters (John Peel's producer)
Test Pressings

13th October
Glen Matlock Paris Showcase 18 October
Paris Showcase

12th October
NYC TV - Inside Edition - New York Gritty: Deaths of Sid and Nancy Leave Many Unanswered Questions, 40 Years Later

10th October
Sid Vicious Unseen Video
Solo live in NYC 1978

A few seconds of live footage (with sound) of Sid performing one of his solo shows in NYC 1978 has been uploaded on YouTube today.
Jerry Nolan (New York Dolls / Heartbreakers) can be seen playing drums behind Sid
Sid NYC 1978 Live

6th October
NMTB Portugal
Never Mind The Bollocks Vinyl Guide Update

Portugal Stickered Sleeve

5th October
PiL North American Tour
 Seven Dates Sold Out Already!

Tour starts next week in New Orleans at The Civic Theatre
9th October
PiL US Tour Dates/Tickets

4th October
YouTube: Q1043 New York: John Lydon talks The Public Image Is Rotten

28th September
New York Times: Afternoon Beers with John Lydon

27th September
Noel Monk Memorabilia Auction
Noel was the Tour Manager for the Sex Pistols US visit in January 1978.
Noel's personal collection features an incredible array of one-off items from the Pistols Tour including Customs Documentation, Original Crew Itineraries & Drafts, Unused Backstage Passes, Sid Vicious N.Y. Hospital Flower Receipts, Sid Vicious Original Atlanta Hospital & Pharmacy Receipts, Never Mind The Bollocks Platinum & Gold Records, Polaroid Photographs, & Dallas / San Francisco Concert Footage Collection. And that's only some of it!

Here's the details: Backstage Auctions ( is currently hosting the private collection of Noel Monk, best known for his work at the Fillmore, Sex Pistols and Van Halen. The auction features nearly 800 lots and is a true celebration of A-list music memorabilia from the past 40 years. The preview to the auction is currently live. The auction itself starts on October 13, 2018 and ends on Sunday, October 21, 2018. Among this wealth of memorabilia are over 40 lots with the most exclusive and incredible Sex Pistols collectibles. With so much to choose from, fans and collectors might be particularly interested in the impressive offering of photos, tour documentation and even record awards.
A direct link to all these items can be found here:
Noel Monk Memorabilia Auction

26th September
GSTSPs exclusive look at a series of rare test pressings continues
Never Mind The Bollocks 11 track album
Never Mind The Bollocks 12 track album
One-sided Submission 7"

The pressings have been submitted to GSTSPS by Simon Lucas & were previously owned by the late Pete Watts (Mott The Hoople)
NMTB test pressings

23rd September
Same OLd Bollocks CD Set

21st September
Out today: Glen Matlock - Good To Go. Get signed copies here

19th September
New PiL North American Tour date announced

PiL play Santa Ana, The Observatory, Sunday November 4th

Tickets on sale Friday, September 21st at 10am PDT

PiL US Tour Dates/Tickets

17th September

The Professionals in Japan! 5th December: Shibuya, Tokyo

Newsweek: John Lydon Interview

Vogue: John Lydon on the Sex Pistols, Crashing the Met Ball - and a New Documentary, The Public Image Is Rotten

Salon: John Lydon wants you to know the truth: “People don’t know what I had to endure”

13th September
Glen Matlock Interview September 2018
Glen's new album Good To Go, initially released via Pledge Music, goes on general release 21st September
Time for GSTSPs to take stock of all things Glen Matlock & Good To Go

Billboard Video: Watch 'Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' ft. John Lydon
Billboard: "Nickelodeon’s Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bows Monday, Sept. 17. Lydon lends his unmistakable vocals to new character Meat Sweats. He’s an erstwhile celebrity chef, now a power-hungry mutant pig who scours the scene underneath NYC looking for the perfect living ingredients for his diabolical recipes. Although Lydon is prepping for the new PiL tour, which starts Oct. 9 in New Orleans, he did pause to embody his new character for Billboard. “Meat taught me everything,” he says. “Now to trap a turtle!”

12th September
GSTSPs exclusive look at a series of rare test pressings continues with Pretty Vacant & Holidays In The Sun
The pressings have been submitted to GSTSPS by Simon Lucas
These two were previously owned by the late Pete Watts (Mott The Hoople)
Pretty Vacant Blue/White Labels Test Pressing
Holidays In The Sun White Label Test Pressing

Pretty Vacant Test Pressing

Sex Pistols unofficial live album

'Anarchy In Rome' (Curva Stadio, 10th July 1996)
Snot Green Vinyl
Coda Publishing/Records
This had appreared earlier in the summer as a very expensive 'Japanese Test Pressing' - this is the 'regular' pressing

11th September
Sex Pistols Collection by Roberto Rabanne. Rarely seen Winterland Jan 78 photos

5th September
Album Launch Gig Reviewed

Glen Matlock 100 Club

In The Loop Magazine: Glen Matlock 100 Club Show Gallery
In The Loop Magazine: Glen Matlock 100 Club Review

3rd September
Steve 63!

2nd September
A look at a series of rare test pressings begins with two editions of Anarchy In The UK
The pressings have been submitted to GSTSPS by Simon Lucas, who is the proud custodian of rarities previously owned by the late Pete Watts (Mott The Hoople), Tommy Vance, BBC Producers Tony Wilson & John Walters, & John McCoy (Gillan)
Anarchy In The UK White Label Test Pressing
Anarchy In The UK Blue/White Label Test Pressing

Anarchy In The UK Test Pressing

27th August
Glen Birthday

22nd August

20th August
John Rotten Dundee

14th August
Pingvin Tape

Broadcast yesterday: Radio 2 Rock Show. Featuring Glen Matlock
[thx Stu Barstow]

Sex Pistols: The Bollocks on Amazon Prime
Premiering August 17th on Amazon Prime. "In 1974, Bob Marley befriended a young, aspiring photographer by the name of Dennis Morris.... In this documentary, Dennis walks us through his photo exhibition of the Sex Pistols as he recounts his incredible time with Johnny Rotten, Sid Vicious, Steve Jones and Paul Cook. 1977- a year in which he lived alongside four music icons who will forever be remembered for their refusal to live by the status quo."

Paris 96
More Sex Pistols unofficial live albums have appeared over the summer
'Anarchy In Paris' Japan Test Pressing LP (Zenith, Paris 4th July 1996)
'Anarchy In Rome' Japan Test Pressing LP (Curva Stadio, 10th July 1996)
Both Coda Publishing/Records

13th August
Video: Jonny Weathers with Paul Cook Sonic Assault EP - Mother Shotgun Baby

9th August

PiL Rebellion 2018

Empress Ballroom Review/Pix

Final night headlining performance
Opera House 'In Conversation'

PiL Rebellion

8th August
Professionals Rebellion
The Professionals

Rebellion 2018
Review & Pictures

1st August


Sylvain Sylvain was there to watch Glen last night (31st July) at Boisdale

31st July
YouTube: Glen Matlock last night at Boisdale, Canary Wharf with Earl Slick
30th July
Glen Matlock The Strangebrew Podcast

Steve Jones Talking Motorcycles, Music, And Mayhem

29th July
Daily Mail - My haven: Glen Matlock in the living room of his west London home

28th July
Bangor Is An Energy
John Lydon mural (by Friz ) appeared on the seafront in Bangor (Northern Ireland) this week
PIL headline Open House Festival in Bangor on Saturday 25th August
[Thanks to Joseph Donnelly]

Bangor Is An Energy

27th July
(Songs From The Heart)


"40 years in the making, The Public Image Is Rotten is PiL’s gift to you"

The Public Image Is Rotten

26th July
Glen Matlock on London Live talking Good To Go and Canary Wharf shows

25th July
John Lydon To Voice Mutant Pig In TV Series ‘Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Turtles'. The show starts in September on Channel 5 and Nicktoons

23rd July
"The Public Image Is Rotten triumphs not only for its honesty..."

The Public Image Is Rotten

Sex Pistols Cornwall Gig Hoax
Regarding the recent rumour about the Sex Pistols playing at a pub in Cornwall next April, which was reported in the local press, has spoken to Rambo Stevens (Sex Pistols Residuals) who confirmed there is no truth in the story
Cornwall Gig Hoax

22nd July
Glen Matlock on RT TV

20th July


19th July
The Public Image Is Rotten - Out Tomorrow
The Public Image Is Rotten

18th July
Retford Poster
Taking place today: Mark Jay’s punk sale at Bonhams

Sensational prices paid i.e. a poster for two (unplayed) 'Anarchy In The UK' 1976 tour dates (Porterhouse, Retford, 13th October and Winter Garden, Cleethorpes, 19th October) sold for an incredible £6,250!!

Glen Matlock attended Sylvain Sylvain's book launch at Omnibus Press in London last night along with fellow band member Chris Musto and friend and author Barry Cain. Sylvain performed 3 songs with Alison Gordy on backing vocals, Teenage News, Looking for a Kiss and Pills. The book, There's No Bones in Ice Cream, is out now.
A busy Glen also lent his support to the launch of Barry Cain's first ever novel, Tapes of Wrath, last night.

17th July
The Public Image is Rotten North American Tour: Toronto and Los Angeles have sold out. See for full listings and ticket links.

14th July
Glen Matlock: 5 night band show residency at
Boisdale, Canary Wharf July 30th - August 3rd
Performing songs from his new album 'Good To Go' as well as hits from his acclaimed career. Band features Earl Slick, Jim Lowe, & Chris Musto

11th July
The Public Image is Rotten Tour continues into North America
Starts in New Orleans on 9th October. See for full dates & ticket details

Glen Matlock: BBC Radio Lynn Bowles - discussing his album Good To Go

Watch "The Nuns and Avengers at Winterland 14 January 78" Sex Pistols support bands at the Pistols famous ‘last’ show - filmed by Glen Sheehan

8th July
Winterland 1978 Super 8 Video
Glen Sheehan Interview

Glen Sheehan was witness to one of the most famous rock 'n' roll concerts of them all.
Not only was he in attendance, but he had the foresight to take his film camera with him

In this exclusive GSTSPs interview,
Glen relives the evening in San Francisco as well as his motivation for being there

"Glen Matlock: My London" Listen again: BBC Radio Gary Crowley show

7th July
John Lydon scatters fan's ashes during PiL gig in Frome

6th July
Rolling Stone Magazine: A Sex Pistol Goes to the North Korean Border

Vinyl Guide Updates:
The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle Netherlands Double LP
Same Old Bollocks Bootleg LP

5th July
The Sun: It really is anarchy in the UK as Sex Pistols legend Johnny Rotten inhales a fan's ashes on stage

2nd July
Glen Matlock: Good To Go
In this special feature to commemorate
the release of his forthcoming LP
Good To Go, Glen gives a unique
track by track insight
to God Save The Sex Pistols
Good To Go

Glen Matlock to appear on The Wright Stuff, Channel 5, 9.15am tomorrow.
Catch Glen on BBC Radio Scotland

Sex Pistols / Punk / Clash Auction: Mark Jay’s entire punk collection is up for sale at Bonhams, 18th July in Knightsbridge Lots 172-232

Mark’s collection is staggering. Includes his artwork for the cartoon ‘So Far’(1978) which he kindly adapted for the opening page of Also includes his original Skum fanzine, Seditionaires T-shirts, flyers, posters.... There's even an iconic custom shirt given to Mark by Joe Strummer
Right is the unseen 'Sex Pistols Split (forever)' flyer, created by McLaren/Westwood & intended for Skum issue 8, which was never produced.
Below - one of many posters up for auction

Mark Jay
Mark Jay

27th June
Rare Super 8 audience Winterland 1978 footage has surfaced

The Sex Pistols: Ever Get The Feeling. Winterland 01/14/1978 from glen sheehan on Vimeo.

26th June
The Professionals to support Ruts DC on their UK '40 Years of The Crack Tour' February 2019. Tickets on sale 9am Fri 29th June

25th June

Public Image Ltd
Live Wrexham
Last Night
Review / Pix Special

"The songs and venues may contrast but PiL remain consistently magnificent."

The Tallywags World Cup anthem single
Charge Of The Light Brigade - featuring Paul Cook is number 8 in the Official Physical Singles chart.
As championed on TalkSport! (see video below 22nd May)
Purchase links: (limited edition CD) & (digital)

BBC News: Glen Matlock On board the train to Korea's music festival for peace

YouTube: The Professionals performing One Two Three at The Isle of Wight Festival

Selfridges Midnight Studios links with the Sex Pistols for Summer 2018
Midnight Studios returns for summer 2018 with a new collection in collaboration with the Sex Pistols. For the capsule, Shane Gonzales reworked vintage artwork from the band. The collaboration includes t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags and more. All of the pieces feature various imagery from the band’s albums. At UK Selfridges from June 27

20th June
The Public Image Is Rotten UK Screening Dates
See for ticket links and to watch the trailer
Exeter, Exeter Picturehouse, 27 June
Hackney, London, Hackney Picturehouse, 4 July
Southampton, Harbour Lights Picturehouse, 4 July
Stratford, London, Stratford Picturehouse, 4 July
Liverpool, Picturehouse @ Fact, 6 July
Liverpool, Picturehouse @ Fact, 9 July
Norwich, Picturehouse Cinema City, 27 June
, London, Odeon Camden, 19 July
Manchester, Odeon Manchester Great Northern, 19 July
Blackpool, Odeon Blackpool, 19 July
Kingston, Odeon Kingston, 19 July
Southend, Odeon Southend, 19 July
Glasgow, Odeon Glasgow Quay, 19 July
Oxford, Odeon Oxford, 19 July
London, Electric Cinema, 9 August
North American Theatrical Premiere New York City, The Metrograph, 14 September

Korea Times: Glen Matlock live in the DMZ: music fest rocks for peace

17th June
Public Image Ltd
Live Manchester Ritz
Last Night
Review / Pix

"The Public Image may be Rotten, but there was nothing decomposing in Manchester. Just the ripening of a national treasure"

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