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Compiled by Herve Labyre
Artwork by Alex Poray

1978 - part two

What happened after the Sex Pistols split?
For the continuing story, visit the following sections of God Save The Sex Pistols:
Beyond The Valley of the Sex Pistols. Glen talks about life after the Pistols
The Swindle Years - Steve & Paul. Brazil, the Swindle, Thunders, Greedy Bastards...
My Way - Sid in Paris
Live Resource - Sid live in London & New York
Oct '78 - Feb '79 - Death of Nancy, Sid's arrest, Sid's death
...and for the full story of John in Public Image Limited go to

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Compiler's Note: This is a Sex Pistols day by day diary. For details on events listed here, please visit the sections on this website.

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