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Compiled by Herve Labyre
Artwork by Alex Poray

1977 - part one

January 4: The Evening News reports that the band has shocked and revolted passengers on their flight to Amsterdam. The band mime to Anarchy In The UK on the 'Disco Circus' TV show. 'Disco Circus' came from an old circus tent in Oud-Valkeveen.

January 5: Lantaren Venster, Governeurstratt 133, Rotterdam.

January 6: Paradiso Club, Amsterdam (recorded). Set List: Anarchy In The UK / I Wanna Be Me / Seventeen / New York / Satellite / God Save The Queen / Substitute / No Feelings / Pretty Vacant / Liar / Problems.

January 7: Paradiso Club, Amsterdam. This is Glen Matlock's last concert with the Sex Pistols until the reunion in 1996.

January 17th to 20th, 24th, 26th & 28th at Gooseberry Studios / Eden Studios, London. The band work with producer Dave Goodman. Tracks recorded: God Save the Queen / Problems / Pretty Vacant / Liar / EMI / New York.
The session will later appear on the "Spunk" bootleg album and is now available on official releases.

January 20: Malcolm McLaren meets A&M records.

January 22: The contract between the band and EMI is officially terminated.

January 27: Sex Pistols and Malcolm McLaren meet people from Warner Bros.

January (exact date unknown): A studio session is filmed (partial) in the end of the month. A part of it features in "The Filth & The Fury" movie with Johnny Rotten singing God Save The Queen.

The French music magazine BEST reviews the Punk movement in England with a 2 page article about the Sex Pistols, The Clash and the Damned called "Anarchie au Royaume-Uni?"

February 4: Talks take place regarding Johnny Rotten's friend and band's fan Sid Vicious (from Flowers Of Romance and Siouxsie and the Banshees) replacing Glen Matlock in the band.

February 13: A phone call interview with Johnny Rotten, Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen is broadcast on KROQ radio.

February 28: A telegram from Malcolm McLaren tells the press that Glen Matlock has been sacked from the band. Glen later counters this by saying he left of his own accord, and McLaren tried to persuade him to stay. He is replaced by Sid Vicious. Glen goes on to re-sign with EMI with a new band, the Rich Kids.

February: Wessex studios, London. Producer: Chris Thomas. Steve Jones plays most of the bass parts.

March 1: The band is rehearsing.

March 3: Wessex studios, London. Record EMI, God Save The Queen, Did You No Wrong, Pretty Vacant. This version of Did You No Wrong is available on CD2 of the NMTB Super Deluxe Boxset released in September 2012.

March 4: Wessex Sound Studios, London.

March 5: Photo session. The Sex Pistols are photographed by Malcolm McLaren and Jamie Reid.

March 9: The band signs a new recording contract with A&M records.

March 10: Sex Pistols re-sign the contract with A&M in front of Buckingham Palace for the press and British television. This can be seen in "The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle". The band is also filmed inside the Sex shop with Vivienne Westwood being interviewed (this features in the "Number One" film). A press conference takes place at the Regent Palace in London.

March 11 (March 12?):The band is filmed rehearsing. No Feelings features (incomplete) in "The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle".

During the night of March 11th to March 12th, Johnny Rotten, Sid Vicious and friend Jah Wobble are at the Speakeasy, London. Trouble flares with Old Grey Whistle Test's presenter Bob Harris and his sound engineer George Nicholson. Sid Vicious fights with Nicholson and injures him in the head with a broken bottle.

March 16: The band is sacked by A&M records. The single God Save The Queen / No Feelings (AMS 7284) will never be sold in the shops. Only a few original copies exist. In 2003 counterfeit copies surfaced and the single is now available in different vinyl colours.
A press conference takes place in Glitterbest offices with Malcolm McLaren and the Sex Pistols. A part of this press conference features in "The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle".

March 17: The Evening Standard reports the Sex Pistols have been sacked by A&M records.

March 21: Notre Dame's Hall, London (filmed): This is Sid Vicious' first gig as a Pistol. The band is filmed by an NBC TV crew. It's not a public show, only a few people are here. Parts of Problems can be seen in the "New Elizabethan" documentary and NBC "Time and Again" programme.

March 25-27: The Sex Pistols are in Berlin for a holiday. They are filmed in front of the Berlin wall. The footage can be seen in "The Filth & The Fury" movie. It is during this stay in Germany that the band has the idea for a new song, Holidays In The Sun.

March 26: Articles appear in Melody Maker and Sounds about A&M sacking the band.

March (exact date unknown): A photo session takes place with photographer Janette Beckman in the early days of March. Some of these pictures feature in various books such as "The Inside Story" by Fred & Judy Vermorel.

KROQ radio broadcasts a phone call interview with Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten recorded around the day the band signed with A&M.

April 3: Screen On The Green, London (recorded + filmed). Set List: God Save The Queen / I Wanna Be Me / Seventeen / New York / Satellite / EMI / Liar / Pretty Vacant / Problems / No Feelings / Anarchy In The UK / God Save The Queen.
Support band: The Slits. The film "Sex Pistols Number One" is shown before the concert. The concert is reviewed in the press by Jon Savage.
Don Letts films the concert with his super 8 camera and parts of the footage can be seen in "The Punk Rock Movie": God Save The Queen (encore) / Seventeen (incomplete) / Liar (incomplete) / Pretty Vacant (partial) / New York (incomplete) / God Save The Queen.
Satellite (partial) appears in "Punk Attitude", the Don Letts documentary.
Bootleg available: "Sid's Debut" LP (Nasty Nasty).

April 12: The band is interviewed by Mike Flood Page.

April 14: Photo session for German magazine Bravo and photographer Adrian Boot.

April 21:Wessex Sound Studios, London. Recording of Problems, No Feelings, Liar, Seventeen. Seventeen is available on CD2 of NMTB Super Deluxe Boxset.

April 22: Wessex Sound Studios, London. Recording of Satellite, New York, Submission, Holidays In The Sun, EMI. All tracks except New York available on available on CD2 of NMTB Super Deluxe Boxset.

April 26: Wessex Sound Studios, London, minus Sid Vicious. Japanese journalists from Kodansha magazine are in the studios. They interview Steve Jones, Paul Cook and Johnny Rotten, and another person (maybe John Rambo?). After the interview, all three members perform two songs recorded by one of the journalists: No Feelings / Problems. Some pictures of this event also exist.

May 6: Wessex studios, London.

May 13: The Sex Pistols minus Sid Vicious sign a recording contract with Virgin Records. Sid Vicious, who is in hospital, will sign the contract a few days later.

May 16: Wessex Sound Studios, London. Recording of Seventeen (available on CD2 of NMTB Super Deluxe Boxset), Pretty Vacant, Holidays In The Sun, New York, Liar, Problems.

May 22: The band is making the video of God Save The Queen at the Marquee Club, London. Photographer Dennis Morris takes pictures which are available in the books "Rebel Rock" and "Destroy".

May 24: Photo session with photographer Barry Plummer. The band encounters some trouble with a policeman in the street.

May 26: Sex Pistols, Malcolm McLaren, Sophie Richmond and Julien Temple are in Paris for showing the "Number One" film at Le Palace.

May 27: Release of the God Save The Queen / Did You No Wrong single on Virgin records (VS181).

May 28: Steve Jones and Johnny Rotten are on the front page of the NME.

June 4: Melody Maker reports the event with the policeman during the photo session of May 24.

June 7: Thames River boat party, London (filmed). This is an event to promote the new single. The band plays Anarchy In The UK / Pretty Vacant / Problems. Parts can be seen on various videos including the French release called "Acceleration Punk".
According to press reviews, the band also plays I Wanna Be Me, Holidays In The Sun, No Fun and God Save the Queen. Some French journalists are on the boat, including Philippe Manoeuvre from Rock & Folk (pictured with Jordan by Dennis Morris) and people from Paris-Match. Pictures taken by Dennis Morris are available in his book "Destroy". The police arrest several people including Malcolm McLaren, Vivienne Westwood, Sophie Richmond and Jamie Reid.

June 11: Wessex Sound Studios, London. Holidays In The Sun, Body (later Bodies) with Sid Vicious on bass. Both songs available on CD2 of NMTB Super Deluxe Boxset.

June 12: Sunday Mirror carries the front page headline "Punk Rock Jubilee Shocker".

June 13: Jamie Reid is attacked in London.

June 18: Wessex Sound Studios, London: Mixing of Bodies.
Johnny Rotten, Bill Price and Chris Thomas are attacked in London.
Jon Savage reviews the Jubilee boat trip in Sounds magazine.

June 20: Paul Cook is attacked in London.


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