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27th December 2006
Another new Public Image Ltd CD bootleg, Playing In A Dishpan - The Other Side Of "Live In Tokyo" (Back To Zero BTZCD-029) has surfaced in Japan. Track listing: Introduction / Public Image / Low Life / Annalisa / Religion / Anarchy In The UK / Solitaire / Flowers Of Romance / Albatross / Death Disco / Banging The Door / Bad Life / This Is Not A Love Song / Chant / Under The House. Live At Nakano Sunplaza Hall, Tokyo, Japan, 2nd July1983. Audience Recording.

26th November
Public Image Ltd 3 CD bootleg compilation, Never Mind The Public Image reviewed. Click here.

17th November
A new Public Image Ltd 3 CD bootleg compilation, Never Mind The Public Image (Naked Sun Co. NSCCD-005-1/2/3) has surfaced in Japan. Track listing:
DISC ONE: Public Image - 1st Single / The Cowboy Song - 1st Single / Death Disco - 2nd Single / No Birds Do Sing - 2nd Single / Death Disco - 12" Remix / 1/2 Mega Mix - 12" Mix / Memories - Single Version - 3rd Single / Another - 3rd Single / Poptones - BBC Session / Careering - BBC Session / Chant - BBC Session / Flowers Of Romance - 4th Single / Instrumental - 4th Single / Home Is Where The Heart Is - 4th Single / Pied Piper - From [MACHINES] / Albatross - Unedited Monitor Mix
DISC TWO: Mad Max (Bad Life) / Love Song (This Is Not A Love Song) / Young Brits (Solitaire) / Bad Night / The Slab (The Order Of Death) / Lou Reed Pt.1 / Lou Reed Pt.2 / Blue Water / Miller Hi-Life / Love Song - 12" Mix Version / The Slab - Pre Order Of Death / Bad Night - Rough Mix / The Slab - Rough Mix / Love Song - Rough Mix / 1981 - Demo / Love Song - 12" Mix Version 2 / Death Disco - Unedited Monitor Mix
DISC THREE: Bad Life / Question Mark / Rise - 12" Mix / Selfish Rubbish / The Body - Us Mix / Angry / Warrior - Extended 12" Mix / Disappointed - Extended 12" Mix / Cruel - BBC Session / Acid Drops - BBC Session / Love Hope - BBC Session / Think Tank - BBC Session / Albatross - Merodorama Mix

27th October
John Lydon - Stories Of Johnny - A Compendium Of Thoughts On The Icon Of an Era. New book reviewed.

4th October

John Lydon: Stories of Johnny - A Compendium of Thoughts on the Icon of an Era,
is a new paperback, described as "a series of stand alone essays written by the cream of rock music's writers and commentators", including Greil Marcus, Kris Needs, Pat Gilbert, plus a forward by Alan McGee. Publisher: Chrome Dreams.

27th September
A new 12" PIL single, Metal Box Remix, has surfaced. Grey vinyl, with full colour sleeve, the tracks are: Albatross (Melodrama remix) / Swanlake (Death Disco mix) [thanks Glyn]

21st September
Adam Ant:"Rotten Was The Real Punk Originator"

17th September
A CD is due for release in Sweden called "Förevigade ljudögonblick del 1" which contains interviews and speeches from the past 100 years with a wide range of people such as Greta Garbo, the late Swedish Prime Minister Per Albin Hansson, and Neville Chamberlain. Also included is an interview with Johnny Rotten just before they played the Discoteque Barbarella in Växjö, Sweden, in 1977. Johnny talks to the artist Sture Johannesson about punk and the situation for working class kids in England during 1970's. [thanks Erik Pettersson]

4th September
Universal have just released a 2 DVD disc version of 'Quadrophenia'. The second disc (824 341 7) contains a documentry, titled 'A Way of Life: The Making of Quadrophinia'. They discuss John auditioning for the role of Jimmy, and getting the part, only to be told the film company didn't believe he'd turn up for 60 straight days shooting. Mark Wingett also tells the tale of Franc Roddam (Director) giving him one of Sid's T-shirts. [thanks Alan]

7th August
The September issue of Uncut contains a question and answer feature with Malcolm McLaren. McLaren's comments about John are reported by Contact Music.

29th June
Gig of a lifetime:
Alex Paterson of the Orb talks to Bernadette McNulty about Public Image Ltd, Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park, 1978 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/arts/

12th June
The following item appeared in Sunday Life (Belfast) on 11th June following Summer Of Heat, 1976 (BBC2 Saturday 10th June, Northern Ireland):

"I'd never reallised the debt punk rock owed to piles. But in the Summer of Heat, an entertaining mix of pop and recent history, John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) revealed that his angst ridden espression while fronting the Sex Pistols owed more to a very painful backside rather than rage against the system. It was a case of "Never mind the b*****ks, it's my bum that hurts." Punk died the day the ointment started to work. No wonder John called his new band PIL."

30th May
John appears in the The Summer of Heat, BBC2, Saturday, 3rd June, 9:10 pm - 10:10 pm

3rd May
The British Are Coming: The Metropolitan Museum Unveils AngloMania. "Speaking of subversive punks, wasn't that John Lydon (nee Johnny Rotten), standing across the room? Why yes, it was. So what brought the former Sex Pistols front man to the Metropolitan Museum on this sunny spring morn?

"My jacket," Rotten replied, gesturing to a short plaid blazer that was currently being worn by a mannequin who stood on top of the stately mahogany dining table, the very picture of punk rock rebellion, from the toes of his black Doc Marten boots to the tip of his outsized Union Jack mohawk. "That's the original jacket I designed and had Vivienne Westwood make for the very first Sex Pistols tour of America," the bleached blond singer said. "Most of my gear I've given away to charity over the years, and that was the only thing left. We were gonna come here anyway, but I found it in cupboard three weeks ago so they added it in - and it's an excellent, excellent addition. It still has safety pins inside it from that time."

So what did the Godfather of Punk think defined British fashion above all?

"We couldn't care less about it," he replied with a sneering laugh. "We're mix and match, forwards and backwards at the same time. Here, it's a bit stifled. America's a bizarre country. I live here and I love it, but you've got the biggest porno trade in the world, yet you're all so prim and proper - and that duality is not irony, it's just confusing. Whereas the British are mad with irony [pronounced ‘i-RON-y']. Right?" http://news.yahoo.com/

Today's Daily Telegraph reports from The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York: The party, to launch its "AngloMania: Tradition and Transgression in British Fashion" exhibition was a heady blend of the wild, the weird and the wonderful. And outrageous behaviour was topped by even more outrageous clothes. 'You Brits have the guts. No protocol, no rules. It's eclectic, electric. I love it,' screamed actress Kim Basinger, shortly after Johnny Rotten hadraced up the museum's red-carpeted steps, screaming like a banshee and dressed in an assortment of his old Sex Pistols stage clothes. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/fashion/

"AngloMania: Tradition and Transgression in British Fashion" can be seen at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York from May 3 - September 4, 2006.

1st May
"Johnny Rotten has recorded a free 8-minute, angry podcast in which he's allowed to riff against the monarchy, quote Shakespeare and poetically read the lyrics to "God Save the Queen." From the podcast: Fashion. What is fashion? We'll I'll tell you what Sex Pistol fashion is. It's one of necessity. All these things that later became absolute prerequisites to the punk look were originally there in a haphazard, by chance way. I'll give you an example: the safety pin. That is there by necessity. I could not sew or darn my own clothes. Lack of money meant no new ones. What does one do when one's sleeve falls off one's jumper? One safety pins it up. That's what one does. And that became a punk statement."

30th April
Due on June 27, 2006 is a re-release of Public Image Ltd's Metal Box on three twelve-inch 45s, in a reproduction of the original 1979 "film canister" metal box.

29th April
AngloMania: Tradition and Transgression in British Fashion May 3, 2006–September 4, 2006.
The Annie Laurie Aitken Galleries. Experience a new dimension of AngloMania through the commentary of punk legend John Rotten in a special audio feature: http://www.metmuseum.org/special/

13th April
John has commented during an interview on johnlydon.com about the rumoured Pistols' Japan shows: "Well, we got an offer, but it was no good. It was for a whole bunch of gigs. But what I wanted to do...was to just do one big gig in Japan. ...I’d like to do one gig in Japan, live TV, and not bother with a whole tour because there’s no need for it. And I’ve got too many other things to do... We would do a gig for fun. For fun. And funds!" John also reveals he will be at the opening of an Exhibition, AngloMania: Tradition and Transgression in British Fashion, at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York on 4th May. http://www.metmuseum.org/ Read the full interview on johnlydon.com

28th March
John's appearance on Jonesy's Jukebox is now available as a podcast http://indie1031.fm/podcasts/podcasts.php

23rd March
John turned up last night to watch The Pretenders in LA. Steve Jones was also there and got up on stage to play Pretty Vacant and Whatcha Gonna Do About It. http://today.reuters.com/news/ John had co-incidentally been attending a charity event in the same building at the same time!

Visit http://www.91x.com for audio clips from John's appearance on San Diego radio station 91X.

19th March
John will be appearing on US satellite radio station SIRIUS Faction this Tuesday, March 21st. [with thanks to www.johnlydon.com]

16th March
John pictured on-air yesterday on 91x http://91x.com/gallery [thanks Michelle]

New! The full transcript of John Lydon's appearance on Jonesy's Jukebox is now available on the new Jonesy's Jukebox - Transcription Page. It has been transcribed exclusively for the site. Click here or on the Cook 'n' Jones link above.

For pictures visit http://www.wireimage.com/Gallery

14th March
New section! - Jimmy Kimmel Live! Review & screen grabs.

12th March
ABC report on John Lydon's apperarance on Jonesy's Jukebox.
Sex Pistol Lydon Bashes Harassing Fans
http://abcnews.go.com/ [thanks Robert]
(AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

11th March
Brand new section - Rotten & Reynebeau.

View John on Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube.

7th March
John Lydon
is the guest on Jonesy's Jukebox this Friday, 10th March.

22nd February
Janet Small, who is in the press claiming that she is the sister of John, today appeared on Richard & Judy (Channel 4) discussing her story. http://www.channel4.com/entertainment/tv/

21st February
In The Mirror today: Johnny Rotten's Secret Sister http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/

18th February
The Story Of New Wave. Includes old & rare PIL (Lydon / Levine) interview material. http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/ [thanks Stu]

15th February
is a featured star in tonight's Playlist: Valentine's Special, ITV1 11.30pm.

31st January

Happy birthday John - 50 Years Young Today!

18th January


John Lydon; "Fuck Le Punk?!" L'Interview.

Rock & Folk out now!

15th January
John is the subject of Playlist, Wednesday 18th January at 11.55pm - 12.00am on ITV1. Hosted by Jane Middlemiss.

John's interview feature in Rock & Folk magazine runs to 9 pages and includes previously unseen pictures by Peter Mazel in Holland, & Pierre Bénain.

13th January
John Lydon Lands Radio Show. Former Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon is set to join his former bandmate Steve Jones on the airwaves in California. Report in South Florida's Sun Sentinel http://www.sun-sentinel.com/features/

9th January
John's appearance in Hello magazine (see news 10th December) appears in the current issue - out now!

6th January
John Lydon - radio star! "Finest City Broadcasting heritage Modern Rocker XTRA (91X)/San Diego have a new on-air ambassador for the station - John Lydon... He will become the new voice of 91X and share "Rotten Moments," with the audience. "I am pleased and pleasantly surprised that 91X -- which used to be a stunningly good radio station -- is now going to be a stunningly good radio station once again," Rotten says. "I've had good bleedin' memories with (91X) and I'm telling you, it just might have a chance to be as good as it once was." http://www.fmqb.com/Article.asp?id=160980

John is the cover star of the next issue of the French magazine Rock & Folk. Contains an in-depth interview. Out on 14th January.

5th January 2006
The Tomorrow Show: Punk & New Wave is a 2 DVD set due for release 24th January, price $29.98. Promotional release states: "As the popularity of punk and new wave in the ‘70s and ‘80s took flight, the groundbreaking late-night talk program The Tomorrow Show, hosted by Tom Snyder, welcomed many of the key figures of the genre." Includes John Lydon's appearance on the show, June 25, 1980. http://www.shoutfactory.com

21st December 2005
John Lydon's Megabugs - Click for DVD review.

10th December
John Lydon - UK media update
. Forthcoming is a
5 page special in MOJO, plus a feature in HELLO magazine.

8th December
John Lydon - UK appearances update
Friday 16th December, Richard And Judy, Channel 4, 5pm.
In the run up to Christmas there will be interviews in The Sun, The Daily Mail and on Teletext. Others are likely.

29th November
John will be appearing on ITV1's British Comedy Awards on 14th December, hosted by his friend Jonathan Ross.

26th November

John Lydon
is returning to the UK for a few days mid December to do press, including a couple of tv appearances, for the DVD release of Megabugs (due 28th November).

"Through 10 exciting episodes, join John Lydon's breath-taking journey in search of some of the world's most deadly creatures.

In his enthusiastic company we enter the dark world of spiders, mosquitoes, cockroaches, scorpions and wasps, observing the amazing and incredible attributes of the dangerous and often detested creatures!"

3 hours and 54 minutes (approx). The complete series on two discs!

12th November
In an interview in the Belgian media yesterday, Reynebeau said that he was going to call John Lydon today (12th Nov), and added that the call would have to be made at 16.00, but he wouldn't say why!

Yesterday, in the Rotten/Reynebeau show, Lydon met Irving Welsh (& got drunk!), and also a 87 year old woman called Elsie who went on holiday every year to Blackpool. In Liverpool they went to a museum with typical English paintings, and Reynebeau talked to a BBC DJ about British pop music (Sex Pistols amongst others). John also visited a record shop in Liverpool where he talked about how he saw Cliff Richard play live as a boy.
[thanks Tania Goossens]

2nd November
John's interview for Q magazine, originally expected last month, is in the latest edition, out now.

1st November
"Lydon pens second book. John Lydon is writing a book about his band Public Image Limited (PiL), because he is fed up of other people cashing in on speculation about his life and career," according to http://start.earthlink.net/

28th October
Rotten & Reynebeau. Starts tonight! Visit the official Canvas TV site & watch incredible episode preview! http://www.canvas.be/canvas_master [thanks Tania Goossens]

20th October
The Rabbit Song Fan Reviews. Click here.

18th October
Rotten & Reynebeau. Series starts on Friday 28 October, Channel 2/Canvas, Belgian TV, 20.45 European time.

14th October
John talks in-depth about The Best Of British £1 Notes, his forthcoming new solo album and desire to tour, in an excellent interview at: http://www.johnlydon.com/

11th October
Rotten & Reynebeau begins its 5 week run on October 28th, 20.45. (Belgian TV).[Thanks Joeri Cardon]

6th October
John is the guest on Virgin Radio Razor Cuts, this Sunday, 9th October, 8- 10pm.

3rd October
John Lydon - Best of British £1 Notes (Virgin) is out in the UK today on CD and DVD. Click for full details.
The CD is available in 2 formats:
1 disc version (20 tracks - Cat no. LYDON1) & l
imited edition 2 disc format (additional 12 tracks - Cat no: LYDOND1)
. DVD Cat no. LYDONVD1

Listen to the Gary Crowley Interview interview, via the BBC Radio London site.

The Sunday Times Culture magazine interview is available here.

The following item is taken from The Sunday Times Culture magazine, 2nd October:
Rotten: I Love Pink Floyd http://www.contactmusic.com/new

Timberlake Being Headhunted To Play Rotten: http://www.contactmusic.com/new/

29th September
Best of British £1 Notes - DVD advance review. Cick here!

John is the subject of the Gary Crowley Interview, BBC Radio London, 94.9 FM. Saturday, 1st October 7-8pm. Look for John also in the Sunday Times Culture magazine on 2nd October.

John's interview with Zane Lowe (MTV2 Gonzo) will be shown on 3rd & 4th October (Monday / Tuesday). [thanks Mark Jenkins]

26th September
Look out for interviews with John on MTV2 Gonzo and VH1 Classic due the end of September (both UK).

Record Collector, due in stores 29th September, and Q due 1st October, both feature interviews with John.

25th September
's recently conducted interview for The Heaven and Earth Show (Sunday, BBC 1, 10.00 - 11.00), will air on 2nd October.

22nd September
Today's Daily Star carried the following item under the title, Rotten Trick... "Lifetime Arsenal fan John Lydon, insisted BBC staff buy him a Gunners shirt before giving an interview. ...Johnny Rotten, 49, had already agreed a fee to appear on the Beebs' documentary, 40 Years Of F***....A BBC source said, "John was delighted with the shirt but he nearly left it under the table. Lydon was once banned from Highbury - he thinks for being drunk or disorderly." [thanks Joe]

16th September
John on Belgian television.
New clippings page. Click here.

VH-1 Survey: Top Ten Living Hell Raisers. 1. Keith Richards 2. Courtney Love 3. Ozzy Osbourne 4. Pete Doherty 5. Shaun Ryder 6. Tommy Lee 7. Johnny Rotten 8. Robbie Williams 9. Charlotte Church 10. Liam & Noel Gallagher.

15th September
John Lydon has recorded an interview and acceptance for the Sex Pistols' inclusion in Avenue of the Stars - 50 years of ITV. The show airs this Sunday, 18th September, 8.00pm, ITV1.

14th September
John will appear this Saturday on Popworld: 10.30am Channel 4 (UK) 17th September. Confirmations of other media appearances by John will appear on the site over the coming days and weeks.

13th September
Forty Years Of F*ck. Thursday 15th September, 12:10 am - 1:05 am. BBC 3 takes a look back at 40 years of swearing on TV, from the first use of the f-word by theatre critic Kenneth Tynan in 1965 through to the foul language present on TV today. Part 1 looks at the issues that confronted the BBC and ITV in the days before multi-channel TV. Subjects include... the Sex Pistols' appearance on the Today Show. With contributions from John Lydon and Siouxsie Sioux. Repeated showings due, check listings.
[thanks Dave Moore]

10th September
The 30 Best Frontpersons in the October issue of Word magazine includes John. John has also made the Top 10 Hardest Interviews in the current issue of the Irish music paper, Hot Press.
[thanks Joe]

4th September
From Belgian television: Marc Reynebeau maakt samen met Johnny Rotten van de Sex Pistols een nieuw reisprogramma voor Canvas. De Vlaamse journalist en Britse zanger doorkruisen Engeland. Het programma kreeg de titel "Reynebeau en Rotten" mee. Meer details zijn voorlopig niet bekend. This roughly translates as: Marc Reynebeau is a Belgian intellectual/journalist and he will make a TV show for Flemish television along with John Lydon ("Reynebeau en Rotten") . It will be a travelling show, and they will travel through England in a ... Rolls Royce. [Thanks Joeri Cardon]

30th August
A further quote taken from The Sun interview.
Sex Pistol Fears For Life Of Babyshambles' Pete Doherty.http://stereoboard.com/ [thanks Robert]

28th August
The following two snippets are taken from John's interview with The Sun, published yesterday.
Lydon Refuses To Celebrate Sex Pistols Anniversary http://www.contactmusic.com
Lydon Hits Out At Geldof Over Live 8 http://www.contactmusic.com

Forthcoming John UK appearances include.
TV: MTV 1 / MTV 2, Popworld (Channel 4), Heaven and Earth (BBC 1).
Radio: Gary Crowley (BBC London), Razor Cuts (Virgin Radio).
Printed media: Q Magazine, Record Collector, The Sunday Times
[with thanks to www.johnlydon.com]

27th August
To listen to John Lydon's BBC Radio 2 interview, transmitted yesterday, visit
(follow the link to Johnny Walker then click "listen again") [thanks Keith]

John is interviewed in The Sun today.

25th August
John conducted press interviews yesterday, and today has been doing TV work. John is interviewed on BBC Radio 2 tomorrow 26th, between 5 - 7pm (Johnnie Walker show).

24th August
Go Ahead Punk...Make My Day. Lydon in brawl at US Embassy according to today's Sun!

Here are the best bits: Punk idol John Lydon had to be dragged off rival Jimmy Pursey - after the pair brawled inside the US Embassy. Lydon...blew a fuse when he found himself in the queue for visas with Sham 69''s Pursey. Pursey tried to shake hands, Lydon yelled "F*** off!" and hurled a cup of coffee at his enemy. Pursey retaliated by kicking Lydon before the pair were separated by armed cops at the embassy in London's Grosvenor Square....Lydon last night dismissed Pursey's claims of anarchy in the US embassy, saying: "All the usual low rent and lies. He's not fit to be in the same sentence as me. What do you expect from a low-rent fake mockney two-bob runt?"

For the full article & hilarious mock up you have to buy The Sun! http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/

21st August
John Lydon's Mega Bugs TV series is coming to DVD!
The 2 disc DVD set titled John Lydon - Mega Bugs, comprising of highlights from the successful Discovery channel 2004 series, is due for release 10th October. Green Umbrella Productions. Region 2. Recommended retail price: £16.99.

20th August

Due 3rd October is a brand new John Lydon compilation - Best of British £1 Notes (Virgin). The CD will be available in 2 formats: 1 disc version (20 tracks - Cat no. LYDON1) & limited edition 2 disc format (additional 12 tracks - Cat no: LYDOND1). A DVD is also forthcoming. The compilation spans John's entire career, including the Sex Pistols, PIL, his solo output, and is brought up-to-date with a previously unheard new track. Watch out for John promoting the release in the media.

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. Anarchy In The UK - Sex Pistols
2. Public Image - PIL
3. This Is Not A Love Song - PIL
4. Open Up - Leftfield/Lydon
5. Rise - PIL
6. Don't Ask Me - PIL
7. Seattle - PIL
8. Holidays In The Sun - Sex Pistols
9. Death Disco - PIL
10. Flowers Of Romance - PIL
11. World Destruction - Time Zone
12. Warrior - PIL
13. Disappointed - PIL
14. Sun - John Lydon
15. Bad Life - PIL
16. Home - PIL
17. The Body - PIL
18. Cruel - PIL
19. God Save the Queen - Sex Pistols
20. The Rabbit Song - John Lydon

Disc: 2
1. Death Disco - PIL (12" Mix)
2. Poptones - PIL
3. Careering - PIL
4. Religion - PIL
5. Banging The Door - PIL
6. The Pardon - PIL
7. Rise - PIL (12" Mix)
8. Disappointed - PIL (12" Mix)
9. Warrior - PIL (12" Mix)
10. Acid Drops - PIL
11. Open Up - Leftfield/Lydon (Full Vocal Mix)
12. God Save The Queen - Sex Pistols (Dance Mix)

Proposed DVD running order.

1. Anarchy In The UK
2. God Save The Queen
3. Public Image
4. Death Disco
5. This Is Not A Love Song
6. Bad Life
7. World Destruction
8. Rise
9. Home
10. Seattle
11. The Body (Uncensored)
12. Warrior
13. Disappointed
14. Don't Ask Me (Title Version)
15. Cruel
16. Covered
17. Open Up
18. Sun

DVD extras:
Pretty Vacant - Finsbury Park 1996
Bodies - Phoenix Festival 1996
Silver Machine - Crystal Palace 2002

Plus audio extras: Unreleased Monitor Mixes: Death Disco & Albatross. Photos - Sex Pistols, PiL & John Lydon.
[thanks Scott Murphy for DVD details]

www.johnlydon.com states: "John is currently traveling round the UK sampling the delights of British Culture and history for a new 5 part series for Belgian TV. "What Makes Britain Great" (working title) will air later in the year."

22nd July
Burkes rotten snub impresses Pistol....click here.

15th July
PiL DVD BOX 3 DVD SET Region 0. DVD 1 - 60 Minutes. Live Rockpalast Zeche, Bochum 31.10.83 / DVD 2 - 150 Minutes.
TV Appearances, Live Footage, Interviews, & Videos / DVD 3 - 90 Minutes. Live at the Capital Theatre, Port Chester, NYC 4.10.89 For more information visit: Underground

10th July
Public Image Limited - classic live pictures. Click here.

18th June
God Save The Sex Pistols exclusive!!!
Public Image Limited live in Paris 1983 - Exclusive unseen pictures. Click here.

17th June
Pistol Crowned King Of Punk. John Lydon has been voted the “most punk” star of all time. "The Sex Pistols legend came out just ahead of Joe Strummer from The Clash - and 13 places ahead of former bandmate Sid Vicious."
http://breakingnews.iol.ie/entertainment/story.asp [thanks Robert]
http://www.ntlworld.com/partners/mrib/ [thanks Fred]

Lydon, was unimpressed with his accolade. His spokesman said: “What is punk anyway? John never said he was a punk.”

Most Punk Top 20:
1 John Lydon. 2 Joe Strummer. 3 Hunter S Thompson. 4 Johnny Ramone. 5 John Peel. 6 Johnny Cash. 7 Pete Doherty. 8 Che Guevara. 9 Kurt Cobain. 10 Ian MacKaye. 11 Bill Hicks. 12 Liam Gallagher. 13 Courtney Love. 14 Sid Vicious. 15 Eminem. 16 Vivienne Westwood. 17 Quentin Tarantino. 18 Bill Drummond. 19 Tracey Emin. 20 Eric Cantona

5th May
Punk: Attitude. The new Don Letts movie, Punk: Attitude, had its premier last night at the Arclight theatre in Hollywood. Don Letts was present at the showing along with John Lydon and his wife Nora. Don said the movie will be aired on IFC channel in the US on July 9th. [thanks Dino]

Reuters film review: 'Punk: Attitude' - There's a wealth of performance clips on display, include fascinating vintage footage of such bands as the Sex Pistols and the Ramones http://www.reuters.com/ [thanks Robert]

John Lydon is on the shortlist for the Mojo Icon award. Other nominees include Siouxsie Sioux, David Bowie, the late Marc Bolan, and the Ramones. The Mojo Honours List winners will be announced at the Porchester Hall in Bayswater, London, on 16 June. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/ [thanks Neil Walker] You can vote for John at HMV (forms available in stores).

1st May
Top Ten - X Rated, hosted by John Lydon, gets a repeat showing tonight at midnight on Channel 4 [thanks Ian]

28th April
Steve Jones revealed on yesterday's Jonesy's Jukebox that John Lydon might guest on his show at the end of May, to tie in with the release of The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle on DVD. [Thanks Stuart M]

22nd March

Mojo Special Limited Edition:
Punk - The Whole Truth is on sale now.
Sex Pistols are featured extensively throughout.

31st January
Happy Birthday John Lydon - 49 today!

5th January
John Lydon - The Sex Pistols, PiL, & Anti-Celebrity. New book reviewed.

3rd January 2005
'Anarchy' Request Denied By Sex Pistols Frontman - Dec. 30, 2004. John Lydon has reportedly refused to give permission for the lyrics to Anarchy In The U.K. to be used in the forthcoming new complete Megadeth anthology. John was reportedly quoted as saying, "They got them wrong the first time round so there's no reason to believe they'll get them right this time."http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermouth [Thanks to Robert]

Discovery Channel (UK) are having a Megabugs Day on Monday, 3rd January, where they will show the full series of 10 programmes back to back. [ack www.johnlydon.com]

The Sun today carries the results of a survey commissioned by Argos to find the most iconic hairstyle ever. Number 19 is Johnny Rotten. The poll is topped by Elvis Presley.

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