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The God Save The Sex Pistols' 2005-13 counterfeit/bootleg guide

Sticker on 11 track pressing

7" yellow Submission

Introduction. Surfaced originally in 2005. Technically, these releases should be classed as a counterfeit (or pirate) record, similar to the fake A&M single. Pressings believed to originate in Sweden. The 7" single's large centre hole backs up this thoery.

Both 11 and 12 track pressings exist. Sleeves and labels all list catalogue number as V2086 (original Virgin cat. number).

11 track version:

2005. Initial pressings all came with 7" yellow Submission single plus poster. The following colour vinyls are known to have been pressed: gold / splattered yellow / marblized black / marblized cream / splattered silvery grey / see-through smokey black. Believed to be limited to approximately 120 per pressing.

Notes: The poster is smaller than some original copies, although there were 2 different sizes for the original Virgin poster. The poster's printed colours are not as bright.
The label on the album and single are the blue and white Virgin logo (good quality).
The sleeve is a slightly lighter shade of yellow with a green sticker on the front stating 'UK PRESSING includes one-sided single & Pistols poster'. On the bottom of the sticker is the Virgin logo and matrix 'SPOTS 001'. The rear sleeve omits 'Submission'.

In addition to being pressed in coloured vinyl, the 7" Submission single has a large central hole favoured in Europe and USA, and requiring an adapter to play in the UK. The original had the standard sized UK spindle hole.

The LP label has Chris Thomas mis-spelt "Chris Tomas" on both sides. Anarchy In The UK is mis-spelt ANARACHY INB THE UK. These errors were NOT on the Virgin original.

In late 2005 the 11 track version also appeared in marble vinyl with the accompanying 7" also in marble vinyl (both pictured below).

In 2006, the counterfeit 11 track version appeared in yet more variations: Black vinyl, selling with grey or yellow one sided 7"’ & poster.

April 2007. Black vinyl 11 track version appeared. Package: LP, with 7" & poster.
Note 7" Submission has a solid centre, like the original, with Virgin label on side one, and white label on the reserve side. The LP labels are the same as the coloured vinyl pressings with incorrect spellings.

11 track in marble vinyl

7" marble vinyl Submission
The God Save The Sex Pistols' 2005-10 counterfeit/bootleg guide

12 track version:

2005. Initially, the following colour vinyls were known to have been pressed: orange / yellow / white.

Notes: The labels are based on the sky blue and white Virgin originals only slightly darker. EMI is still miscredited to "Vicious" instead of "Matlock", as was the original.

Again there is a typing error which was NOT on the original, with '6' being replaced by 'S' on side two (therefore label reads: S. EMI). The rear sleeve includes 'Submission.'

On both versions, the type face & setting is close to the originals, but not exact.

Late in 2005, red & clear vinyl copies (approximately 500 of each) appeared, believed to be Swedish in origin.

In February 2006, 3 new coloured versions of NMTB 12 tracks version appeared. Possibly of UK origin.
Light green vinyl. Approximately 500 copies pressed.
Solid pink vinyl. Approximately 500 copies pressed.
Light purple vinyl. Approximately 500 copies pressed.

Note: Some well informed Swedish internet records dealers gave an amount of 500 copies per coloured version, but this is not the exact amount because it’s impossible to get an exact number with a pressing machine. It’s always an estimated number.

A black vinyl pressing also appeared during 2005-6 with V2086 A1 / V2086 B1 matrix numbers which may have fooled Sex Pistols collectors looking for a copy of the first 1000 genuine originals (which actually came with blank rear sleeve).

Picture disc version: Surfaced September 2006. Twelve track LP. The pictures used are the front and back of the LP sleeve, not the band shot as per the original 1978 Virgin picture disc.


January 2010. "Italian" Pressing.

A interesting variant on the Italian 3rd pressing with "PUNK" printed on the front sleeve.

The colours of the sleeve are purple & green;
the original followed the standard yellow & pink colour scheme.

Pressed in coloured vinyl to match the sleeve.

Pictured: front & rear sleeves, plus B-side label.

To view the original pressing click here.

Italian Cover
Italian Back Cover
Italian Label

Story continued.....

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Please note: This feature is NOT definitive, and has been compiled from information submitted to God Save The Sex Pistols by collectors. Errors and omissions that may have occurred will make it obvious if an attempt is made to copy the above piece of work, including publishing (or part publishing) elsewhere and claiming authorship. You have been warned.

Compiled by Phil Singleton.
Thanks to Gus Nicholson, Glyn Powell and Géant-Vert for their invaluable input.
Images provided by Glyn
Powell, Gus Nicholson, and Ian Cuddon.

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