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Paul Cook
Covid-19 Update 30 April 2020

With the coronavirus pandemic turning the world upside down, Phil Singleton grabs a few words with Paul on life in The Professionals during lockdown
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Phil: How’s lockdown treating The Professionals?

Paul: Lockdown is going as good as can be at the moment. Luckily we released the 1-2-3 EPs in Jan, Feb and March so we have something to promote online. We also released our lockdown vid for track 2, Curl Up And Cry, and Tom and myself did a Q&A with fans sending in their questions. That went quite well so we're planning on doing regular Q&A sessions. So trying to keep busy band wise.

Phil: The tour with SLF was curtailed, how was it going?

Paul: It was obviously a drag the tour got cancelled after 3 shows. We were just getting into our stride and it was going great. I believe the tour is being rescheduled for later in the year.

Phil: The 1-2-3 EPs proved you’ve not lost your touch. Curl Up and Cry is as good as anything The Profs have released. What’s the feedback been like?

Paul: The feedback for the EPs has been fine and like I said, we're still in the process of promotion. I'm happy we decided to release new tracks staggered like this rather than wait for a new album - which will be at the end of the year hopefully. I think it keeps things fresh and moves things on. I'm also pleased with the songwriting on the 3 lead tracks on the EPs.

Phil: The live album is a fabulous recording. What do you recall of the evening?

Paul: The live album was recorded at the Garage in London which was our showcase for the release of What In The World. We were all buzzing that evening as the album had got great reviews and we were eager to play the songs live along with some old gems. I'm glad we recorded the show as it captures a great vibe I think.

Phil: It's a brilliant cross over between the old and new Profs. Any clues as to what’s coming post coronavirus?

Paul: Post coronavirus? God knows! Too early to say yet but as I've mentioned, we aim to finish the tour with SLF and get an album out and maybe do some shows of our own. I guess it all depends on when this madness ends!!

Kingdom Come / Curl Up & Cry / Twenty Twenty Vision EPs plus Live In London CD
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