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September 2005

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Note: Pistols related songs played are denoted by punctuation; i.e. "Friggin in the Riggin".
8201/09/2005Eddie & FritzOvercast; changed his voice mail can't get messages; feels fluey; whistles wild horses; call from Cookie; complains about friend breaking toilet; "holidays" plays in the city/holidays acoustic; whistles with a girl like you.
8202/09/2005Paul AnkaNO SHOW: Repeat of June 21; 2005
8305/09/2005Violent FemmesNO SHOW: Repeat of August 2; 2005
8306/09/2005Slim Jim Phantom; Jayne CountyNO SHOW: Repeat of Nov 11; 2004
8307/09/2005Blues ExlposionNO SHOW: Repeat of Nov 23; 2004
8308/09/2005Joe SivTalks about flood; has been sick; talks about 50th birthday party gave out 150 t-shirts; sings more than a feeling and warm leatherette; whistles life of illusion; love hurts; albino's & winter bros; new age ring/people calling.
8309/09/2005Pat Dinizio (Smithereens); Slim Jim Phantom;(2); Paul Cook; Red WallsGives away adidas sneakers and auctions off on ebay; phones get knocked off;voice is deteriorating; play loodnroses; baseball; only memory; red walls sing a few songs as well.
8412/09/2005plays really long we're gonna die in 5 minutes song; tells rod stewart LP story; bought it and went to Cook's house; whistles maggie may; "annalisa"; "jerk"; "ghost of princes".
8413/09/2005Dave StewartFootball; power outage; oasis; chris thomas & bollocks (dave says fuckin and shit); clem burke; remake of alfie; play "dylan medley; platinum weird band origin & rare song w/ g harrison; jamaica abdul wright &; bob geldof; sings sweetdreams/beyrdog.
8414/09/2005Wayne Kramer; Michael DavisWent to Jet guys bday last night; plays all or nothing; bag for mike wondscreen; uses things forever; whistles suspicious minds; sun ra; plug the show; radio; play shakin street; american ruse.
8415/09/2005Alice CooperKiss weren't popular in UK; plays bits of rnr allnight & 18; watched Bill Mahrer; should steve go on; going on late show; tried to get paul weller on; new stones LP; retro bands; laugh about 78 tour; early days of alice and fights; chuck berry bashing.
8416/09/2005Going on late late show tonight; saw alice on show last night; went for food and met friend and had coffee and was up all night; bought white les paul; whistles through my eyes; stupid girl.
8519/09/2005MadnessMentions late late show; royalties; hit a deer on mulholland; winston dog story; told cops they thought he was drunk; producing UK punk band that was horrible; UK food; disney imagineers; bryan & roxy; football; whistles if you could read my mind.
8520/09/2005Dead Men Walking (Slim Jim; Peters; Sensible;Brandon)Suicidal weather; gets tired like this; turn clocks ahead; whistles daydream believer; supersuckers story; origin; rags on glen for singing rock this town; rat & cap buried hatchet over royalties; jam neat neat neat; fight for right; whistles smoke water.
8521/09/2005Enjoyed ystrdy rain; saw madness lst night; they sang song chngd lyrics to steve jones/john jones; shovel says ppl don't like winning buttons; whistles theme song;strums funny hey lady song; whistle hideaway (cockney rebel twice).
8522/09/2005Mentions rain in New orleans again; whisltes gimme shelter; gets a little political; plays little crumpet song; whistles stepping stone value of jonesy buttons go up when he farts; plays jonesy more than a feeling again.
8523/09/2005Vivian Campbell; Mike FellTalk about weather and disasters; history channel; gas prices; hair in ears; viv plays bluessong; rainbow in dark; nother blues (movin); viv says shit; steve sings bleeding blues; viv plays more blues; Heavy Hammer silvrhd.
8626/09/2005Football results from weekend; hurricane rita; lost his glasses; doesn't get emails anymore; has blog; whistles godless; strums lion sleeps tonight; feels someone is gonna use JJ in movie; Better Way bryan ferry's bday; muse is little st in UK.
8627/09/2005Complains about people complaining; talks about not using his cel phone while driving; whistles life's a gas; whistles subway train.
8628/09/2005All intelligent people are dyslexic; why do we believe in god?; whistles caught by the fuzz; strums a funny "pretty vacant."
8629/09/2005Santa ana winds; david hike; should man have progressed? whistles what is life; shovel mentions paper article on new bands; whistles you really got me.
8630/09/2005Craig Ferguson / SupergrassHitler references in music; stuart henry show on radio luxemberg sex pistols story; scottish stories; women; kilts; clash tales; drummers; serfs; football; bill gates; nico; farts; genetic animals; whistles bye bye baby; supergrass play 2 songs one w/ jones.

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