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August 2005

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Note: Pistols related songs played are denoted by punctuation; i.e. "Friggin in the Riggin".
7801/08/2005Henry cooper boxer; brut cologne; played football on sat got sunburn; charlie sexton story; gets la mag plaque.
7802/08/2005Violent FemmesSexually transmitted diseases; did jerry lee lewis write songs; stingray TV show; old country song; sex pistols thought it was stupid to have someone come up and jam; white stripes; gurgling sound; jonesy sings submission; day after day gone dad.
7803/08/2005Plays sarah (fleetwood mac?) complains of guitar strings getting old asks for someone to come down and change strings; shovel liked pot; whistles shakin all over.
7804/08/2005Did int w/ jap mag last night; shovel and jonesy argue about what song he's playing which is bell bottom blues plays lots of music; Ivan strings up his guitar.
7805/08/2005Pic of steve w/ tache and int in radio n records magazine; whistles rock you like hurricane; search & destroy; farts; has no energy on fridays; can't remember what he wanted to talk about so makes noises; talking to planet mungo.
7909/08/200522-20'sSpoke to his mom yesterday; plays Hey Joe;whistles the seeker; talk about parents; they play their song & "stupid girl".
7910/08/; whistles soul love; makes fun of online dating sites in the song; suicide;acoustic theme song; plays a long outro about show.
7911/08/2005Butch VigGuy emailed argued wasn't god save the queen; history channel showed snipers; robin trower never sang; someone said 4 kids ; whistles "ou look wonderful tonight; tells nirvana stories; bollocks; used twin rev w/ gaush speak; roxy music fans; play VP.
7912/08/2005Charlie SextonTalk about 80's riding bikes; charlie pokes a little fun at John; talk about Glen's new solo CD; charlie & dylan; tans; randy's rodeo; the truckstop to dallas where sid cut his hand; exit "dorset 222" 35 mi from SA; bye bye love together.
8015/08/2005Zack; Chevan; Nick EganTalks football; calls zack robin; Bananarama & Shakespeares Sister; Goodman & Thomas stories; Paul Cook; comedian who said Faaaee; whistles heart of gold; "no feelings" by sp & BNRMA; adam &marco; emperor roscoe/kid jenson; TOTP - pans people (Legs & Co.) did "Silly Thing."
8016/08/2005Dandy WarholsDoing commentary for dvd's; DW tells roadie story w/ english accent; taste EP; jam on DW song; devo and energy domes; smoke pot & drugs; says shit; sushi in japan/hawaii; spending money buying studio; origin of name; DW play bohemian like you.
8017/08/2005Problems people playing too much playstation; critiques bands who come on and say nothing; whistles soul love;& still the same.
8018/08/2005Plays silly acoustic "GSTQ"; whistles miss you.
8019/08/2005Chris SpeddingGreedy bastards; got number from listener; informercials; don't answer phone; pogo dancing story; bill haley big influence on CS; jam acooustic rock around; clock; sharks stories; malc's shop; ammends to gene; how he came to produce them; apache live.
8122/08/2005Heard lady by Bolan in foster home as kid; shovel back from tahoe; jonesy didn't like his fill in last week; saw sha na na but didn't steal anything; whistles cowboy song; complains about bowflex.
8123/08/2005ABC's Martin FryMyspace guy sold it for millions; "rise"; whistles sound & vision; talk football; do Millionaire together; and "Did You No Wrong"; talk of manchester 76 gig Martin was there & the 2 anarchy tour shows.
8124/08/2005Rat ScabiesWhat is portal; rat's name origin; brief johnny rotten name origin; rat has book out Rat scabies & the holy grail; anarchy tour stories; grundy story; mcclaren told rat; steve skippn bar tab;damned reunion; pie n mash; chelsea; whistles live w/me.
8125/08/2005Debate over dingdongs; paul cook's daughter calls steve to get her in festival; whistles quo's rockin all over the world.
8126/08/2005Whistles sweet caroline; I'm a believer; no guest; plays lots of music; talks about dark watch game.
8129/08/2005Shovel played gtr & left it out of tune; new mikes; played football; whistles song song blue; sings a whole goodbye horses song; I am I said.
8230/08/2005Talks of hurricanes; argues w/ shovel over bush's holiday; plays joe fish song; woman calls for int during his show;whistles "cry for love" & fire girl
8231/08/2005Being safe from elements; plays a roxy song; paul cook & jennie came in; talk about the bomb now trains empty; tom - cook paul's dad; whistles give it to me; "problems" john & jimmy p scuffle; "silly thing" duet; "friggin".

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