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July 2005

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Note: Pistols related songs played are denoted by punctuation; i.e. "Friggin in the Riggin".
731/07/2005Bill Idol; Steve StevensNO SHOW repeat of 25/03/2005
744/07/2005NO SHOW - holiday programming
745/07/2005Tim BurgessNO SHOW repeat of 27/04/2005
746/07/2005Linda Ramone (phone)Holidays longer overseas; live aid; went to sf w/ frenchie; makes fun of convoy; holly cook produced by matlock; linda plugs r'n'r high screening @ for hwd cemetary; plays first ct is deepest; talks over clockwrk;"union"; ian brown "sub" rehe.
747/07/2005E from the Eels
748/07/2005Iggy Pop (phone)Doing gig in london; Arthur Lee & Love; land in san cabo; UK news re: bombing; when iggy 1st came to LA; Miami; dvd; whitey stories; new CD.
7511/07/2005Shovel's too pale; playfball sun; neighbr & stereo prob; whistles "in dreams"; when you itch mosquito bite; they bet jonesy says immed; shovel says 24 hour; jonesy farts.
7512/07/2005Obsessive re: wheat grass; had fleas on leg; has joint stuff for back; linda ramone came and gave gifts; whistles chatterbox; play clash int w/ lots of cussing.
7513/07/2005Billy CorganJapan; jonesy gave him a hat last time he saw him; jonesy is a nice guy; billy's feminine side; manson & terry melcher; video games; laylines of great artistry; mick ronson; shovel's 42 b'day; Jesus; denmine inn canada; met gary numan; airports; old.
7514/07/2005Peter Case (Plimsouls); DaveSteve wrote song with orbison in87; sing candy clown;women; oldest story in the world; & more.
7515/07/2005Talks about heat; went out to roosevelt hotel last night; celebrity pogo dancing show; whistles stone in love.
7618/07/20054th of july shooting at comet; went to fashion show (jo & serena agent provocatuer w/ friends lori & richard); got out of trouble w/ cops;whistles policy of truth; & missing by (evy but girl).
7619/07/2005Mike stand doesn't stay up; has new phone; Los Angeles mag names show best in LA; wants a spokesmodel for la mag party; whistles sweet lil 16; johnny b good; states those old rockers were just like punk & pistols; it all comes back around.
7620/07/2005Perry FerrellLos angeles mag; italian ices; eating pussy & meat; license for parents; jonesy should have a kid; talks of his childhood; religion; acoustic "can't put"; pj proby story; "diano"; live 8.
7621/07/2005Madness in shepards bush; sings silly acoustic song; steve almost says fuck when praising how good yest show was; whistles "can't put yr arms.." tells MUSE story of signing; looking at someone on crowded bus people sleeping.
7622/07/2005Mentions cops shooting guy in UK; jumping turnstyle at shepards bush station; makes fun of guys w/ dentures shooshing when they speak; whistles "Still the one" Shania Twain; "No Feelings"; whistles "just met a girl named."
7725/07/2005Robert PlantFootball; Swan Song party in cave in 77 steve was at; John meeting RP; later ask for Kashmir lyrics; long john haldren? Died; whistles "wanderer".
7726/07/2005Vietnam; "hello New York"; lots of talk about war & oil; and the young soldiers; realizes somber tone so plays more rock at end.
7727/07/2005Went to LA magazine party at Friars club last night; & then had lambchops at the Palm on SM; if he gets his pic there he's made it; OJ & cable theft; eating cats in china; why does dessert come last;whistles "girl of my best friend".
7728/07/2005Plays over intro & shovel says it sounds like stay wi me so he plays it; whistles "solitary man".
7729/07/2005Does cagney impersonation; whistles 110th st; plays a whole soul/r&B set; keeps talking in barry white voice.

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