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June 2005

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Note: Pistols related songs played are denoted by punctuation; i.e. "Friggin in the Riggin".
6901/06/05NO SHOW - repeat of 31/01/05.
6902/06/05The CaesarsHad influenza; still sick; talks about his immune system; saw how laughing makes you feel better; Caesars guy says "Fuckin'"; Indian food; soccor/football talk.
6903/06/05John Waite; Jimmy LayFeeling better; dream about cigs; JW plays Oh lord I miss You So?; NYC girl; Young Ones; Sittin on dock; Stir it Up; Missing U; Glen Palmer jacket; Cliff tales; Professionals story w/ bodyguard; Greedy Bastards; Chris Spedding & shag mobile.
7006/06/05'Tache growing back; influenza going; got sunburn on face; Shovel new phone; Henry & Jack Ripper; Genhis Khan; songs whistles Time (Bowie) & the Break Up Song (Kihn).
7007/06/05Tracey Ullman & son Johnny.Complains about yesterday; undercurrent of anger; blinker police; whistles- Look Wonderful Tonite; air in room makes Steve sick; Frey Bentos pie & Enos; football; Beckham; old schools & modern appliances; sing Summr Holiday-sings Runaway.
7008/06/05John DoeWatched sideways; 'tache coming in grey; has knackereditis;"Through My Eyes"; commercials like Geico Insurance; whistles -Dance Away (Roxy); Knight John; Bob Geldof got one; Beckham & football; JD plays Mama Don't & Fallen.
7009/06/05Checks message on phone; whistles "Kids are Alright" & "No Lip" keeps singing Creed; complains he doesn't get emails anymore; "Low Life" ends with "No Lip"; laughs about jacket making so much noise.
7010/06/05Starts singing the Undead song; Jonesy is trendsetter w/ 'tache; hummers; moved by all the emails he got; sings hideaway;"High On You"; Clockwork Orange CD; whistles "Behind Blue Eyes"& "Help Me Make It…"; Friday cuz brain is fried.
7113/06/05The BanglesPlayed soccer; died 'tache; whistles Superstar; Bangles all married; rap & kids; pants around butt; girls wearing boxers; play Manic Monday/Ride Theride/Hazy; Susana @wint 78'; Metallica movie; being in a band like marriage; staying single; 60's trivia.
7114/06/05The DovesOvercast; faking American accent; whistles Half A Person (Smiths) & Pounding (Doves); Doves tour to cover gigs cancelled last tour; football Man City; Jonesy is facially folically challenged; Opportunity Knocks tv show; Jonesy going to show tonight.
7115/06/05Looks like 70's porn star; saw Doves last night; Knob reducton; whistles-Everyday is like Sunday; Duke of Earl.
7116/06/05The RaveonettesHypnotizes listeners to leave ding dongs; compare 'tache's; living in NY; hates flying; Roskilde; play Trash Can & Ode to LA (Steve on lead); Steve wins Eddie Cochran bet about birthplace;.whistles C'mon Everybody; earthquake happens.
7117/06/05Having problems with birds right now; wants to find Rick Springfield and Jam; he is in an umpy mood today; sings No One Wants You When You're Old.
7220/06/05Mentions EW article; thinks cancer mole is coming back; complains about commercials; whistles Warm Leatherette; Pretty Woman.
7221/06/05Paul AnkaOld rat pack stories; Steve wished he was there; blames r 'n' r for ending it; put head on my shoulder p&s; My Way story & Paul signed off rejected gay version; tour w/ Jerry lee lewis; Buddy Holly; Chuck Berry; play Jump (VH); viagra; Jonesy likes 29-30 yr olds.
7222/06/05First full day of summer; whistles Wonderwall; "GSTQ"; not much talking.
7223/06/05Billy Bob ThorntonTony Blair; sings a bit of Kinks' Tired of Waiting; "White Knuckle Ride"; Rick Edelman photographer @ Jaxon House gallery; Mila Jovovoich photo shoot on Steve's Harley years ago; talk about Stains; Steven Seagal; Billy says "shit"; skiffle bands; slingbla.
7224/06/05On vacation next week; going to SF; gives away Jonesy buttons; jokes about them like he is selling on Home Shopping Network; whistles Tired of Waiting & Where Have all the Good Times Gone; More than your Mouth can Hold.
7327/06/05Malcolm McClarenNO SHOW repeat of 06/05/2005
7328/06/05Brian WilsonNO SHOW repeat of 24/09/2004
7329/06/05Duff McKagenNO SHOW repeat of 16/03/2005
7330/06/05Aimee Mann, John Taylor & Nick EganNO SHOW repeat of 12/05/2005

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