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May 2005

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Note: Pistols related songs played are denoted by punctuation; i.e. "Friggin in the Riggin".
65 02/05/05 Played w/ Camp Freddy over weekend in Vegas; Shovel mentions Pistols should play Coachella; he gambled in Vegas and lost; rode a water slide & saw Bon Jovi.
65 03/05/05 British Sea Power Football; British Sea Power amazed at all of the phony breasts out in LA; play live "How will I ever find my home?"; birds w/ strong legs.
65 04/05/05 Tony Wilson Talk early Pistols stories; So It Goes & Grundy; 24 Hour Party People; Steve in NY living w /hooker and doing drugs; Sir Cliff; Tony's rap group; played part of a song.
65 05/05/05 Steve late for the show; doesn't have relationships to be free to look; but wouldn't rule it out; priests and marriage/sex.
65 06/05/05 Malcolm McClaren Lots of early Pistols stories; John's audition; Wild Straberries - Chinese girl band; producing Fast Food Nation film; said Sid was supposed to be the one auditioned instead of Lydon.
66 09/05/05 Depression; rainy; Al Green docu; Pontif pays no tax; what makes people go mad like guy from Rodney doc; can't we kill them?; Swindle party tomorrow; Mclaren's stories; b-days; whisltes "Lonely Boy" & sings acoustic.
66 10/05/05 Should be on beach; girls who like hairy backs; Sid's b-day; don't think he really wanted to die; Sid medly "Something Else; C'mon; My Way; GSTQ (song he's on); audition string for a strap; could play Blitzkrieg; whistles Strange Town & Stop Sob; Sid puffy face in.
66 11/05/05 Plays Boston again; was a taker now a giver; "White Knuckle Ride (Glen Matlock)" called it that cuz glen doesn't drink; "Swindle" whistles Great r'n'r Swindle & Rock around Clock; Neat Neat Neat; parody about bananas.
66 12/05/05 Aimee Mann; John Taylor & Nick Egan Her marriage & kid; farting; plays Going through the Motions; She really wants You; Steve plays solo; Voices Carry & 1 other; Nick LP cover designer; Duranies; Virginia Plane acoustic; pie and mash; "EMI"; wearing dresses.
66 13/05/05 Wedding Present; E from the Eels Wants to invent sock finder; Cliff Richard urge; John Peel dying; killing yourself; jellied eels; mad cow; mad minge disease; Eels guy plays - Railroad; Poor side of Town w/ Steve; King of the Road; Dirty Girl.
67 16/05/05 Billy Gibbons Went to malibu sat; played football; Shovel got new jacket; Jonesy Swindle commercial; Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren; whistles Only Love Will Break Your Heart; Neil Y; sock finder; rap; spinning guitars; Billy Bo Blues w/ Steve; viagra; Jim Reed.
67 17/05/05 Julien Temple (phone); Andrew Oldham Shovel's new phone looks like darth V; Jonesy personalised ringtones; John letting film come out; working w/ Sid; stones stories; has 2 books out; Steve's acting; AO says shit; press agent stories; Sid murder; Bill Wyman pulled most girls; had record co.
67 18/05/05 Went ot video game event - Interpol played; brain expansion; aliens; loves zoo; apes; brain enlarged; whistles Going Mobile & Kid is Hot Tonite; didn't learn in school cuz didn't want to.
67 19/05/05 Getting 3rd t-shirt design; informercials "Fire Girl" Iggy; whistles Motorbikin'; Richard Stark birthday song; plays "Slow Down" shabby tiger.
67 20/05/05 Played last night w/ Camp Freddy @ Playstation party-reads saudi scam letter; whistles Purple Rain & Substitute; "More than mouth could Hold" silverhead.
68 23/05/05 Mike Doughty (Soul Coughing) Headphones are messed up; went to friends party on lare night & Malibu party; on sat night; Mike plays a couple of songs; ipods.
68 24/05/05 Sex is funny; new t-shirts in; Siamese twins in Egypt; whistles bad motorscooter & Chevrolet.
68 25/05/05 Goldy Looking Chain (2) No sex anymore cuz doesn't make move; Siouxsie on Grundy; Tommy Guns; whistles Union; "Union"; Ian Anderson has Scottish salmon farm; sings Old Durham Town w/ Jonesy playing guitar.
68 26/05/05 Had manicure; pedicure; and massage last night; ezekial; baked beans lotion; whistles Per Crisis & Pere Morning (Placebo); "Silver Machine" Hawkwind; sings Stasis song.
68 27/05/05 Peter Murphy Whistles - Moonage; Ziggy is fav LP; Sid w/ Malcolm not stepping in; Steve is like Peel; pm curses; play Major Tom; Ridin Horses; Valerie Please; pm was sports champion; origin of Bauhaus.
69 30/05/05 NO SHOW - Day off. Indie's top 500.
69 31/05/05 NO SHOW - repeat of 16/02/05.

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