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April 2005

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Note: Pistols related songs played are denoted by punctuation; i.e. "Friggin in the Riggin".
60 01/04/05 Moby Owen and Luke Wilson; Cat Club; bought dope in Harlem; Moby plays-Satellite of Love; Anarchy; Join the Pros; Moby rest w/ x girlf; Pros at the Ritz; Moby Steve; hairy armpits in Paris; sex in armpits; Freebird.
61 04/04/05 Need new intern; played f-ball; stayed in Malibu; crumpet day songs for birds; ingrowing nail; Pope died; Love Letters original; CD problems.
61 05/04/05 Lisa Marie Presley Plays on "Idiot" & ramones cvr; childhoods; Steve tried to kill kittens as kid; Johnny Ramone; not fans of rap; scientology; Steve fascination w/ religions; Professionals graceland visit.
61 06/04/05 Cherie Currie NO SHOW - repeat of 02/04/05
61 07/04/05 Kelly Osborne Sings GSTQ ballad re: jukebox; had cancer removed; has bandaid on; gives away hats; whistles-Melt w/u; waiting for man; Sharon Tate house; uniform sport socks; Sharon's dad lives in london now.
61 08/04/05 Sings Chelsea song; "white knuckle (Glen Matlock)": "Little Boys"; "Public Image"; has scar now; whistles X Offender & Smashing Pumpkins song.
62 11/04/05 Jonesy and his history/military channel shows; one about navy seals; sick over weekend; jokes about him and shovel like married. "Piece of the Action (Glen Matlock)".
62 12/04/05 Whistles "School's Out"; Chelsea vs Ger updates; whistles "Holidays"; then plays "Holidays".
62 13/04/05 Talks about Chrissie Hynde back in the day alludes to having her; wonders why she didn't call him; communist plots.
62 14/04/05 Hall & Oates Had stitches removed; hates going to doctors; Cliff Richard stories; Steve lived in NY for 1 year after Professionals; Amer. Idol; play Man Eater; I can Dream; Sara Smile; Hall curses; r 'n' r hall of fame; farts.
62 15/04/05 Chris Kattan; Naveen Andrews (phone) 3rd Do dogs know their breed? Plays dust in the wind; Dave D in Swindle went on to be A&R guy; both parody Save Tonight & Journey: Song Long & Funny; Chris' new ABC show.
63 18/04/05 Got a massage over the weekend; watched documentary on Ron Popeil; the guy who started all the Ronco products in 70's.
63 19/04/05 Jonesy didn't become Pope despite his attempt; would have been Pope Bobby V; went to see Deadsy last night @ Whiskey; Bags on kids today; no attention span.
63 20/04/05 Annie Nightingale Old Grey Whistle Test; magnetic pillows for back hurt his head instead; tells story of Bob Harris getting hit by Sid; Michael Des Barres; Duran Duran stories.
63 21/04/05 Jonesy's drug days; didn't like pot; loved the more happy opiates; went to Guy's ? last night; looking at the affected;
63 22/04/05 Urge overkill (Eddie & Nash)
64 25/04/05
64 26/04/05 Went to lecture last night; got very bored; thought more about sex & food than learned. Eno gave the lecture.
64 27/04/05 New Order New Order play songs live in studio; says that John Lydon might be on when Swindle DVD comes out; mentions he wants kraftwork on.
64 28/04/05
64 29/04/05

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