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October 2005

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Note: Pistols related songs played are denoted by punctuation; i.e. "Friggin in the Riggin".
8703/10/05The Sights (Eddie & Bobby; Keith) / Richard Hell.Steve playing drums; paul cooks mum was nuts; played w/ plant; got new socks from UK; weather; play a few w/ jonesy; cbgb's shirts; stopped in 85; has grim view on music; sid vicious; rh says fucked up; tom verlaine; patty smythe; giant drag alcohol.
8704/10/05Tony Joe WhiteLow voice; learned by ear; small town lifestyle; rainy night in ga publishing; alligators & crocs; ice crm man w/ sj; elvis; hurple rd lifestyle; jam on great instrumental.
8705/10/05Getting sick all the time; loved yesterdays show; whistles lady green soul; plays a bit of love and affection.
8706/10/05Gaye & TV SmithStill feels sick; dylan docu; whistles mr tamborine man; avengers story - said he was stoned as producing; talk about old days; mad parade backed him on adverts songs; gaye likes slipknot; play gary gilmore eyes together; talk pienmash/veggie food; "holidays".
8707/10/05Pamela Des BarresWatched dodgeball & liked it; talks about crazy old sex stories; herpes; cancer shot; plaster caster; in variety daily today; more than Mouth…whistles hard rain gonna fall; rainy night in ga.
8810/10/; fake handicap placards;whistles on the road again; talk about the site.
8811/10/05Talks about his web TV & myspace; whistles cum on feel the noize.
8812/10/05Whistles slade's cuz I love you; myspace can't get on; whistles you wear it well.
8813/10/05strts a little late; talks more about his myspace; complains he is out of it; whistles slade's everyday; iraq situation; whistles wonderful by linda perry.
8814/10/05Thinks opening music sounds like breakfast at tiffany's; blokes don't dance; turbo negro canceled; rod stewart cd smiler in bargain bin; allergic to lobster; "janie jones" by NO; whistles cecilia & ramblin ; gamblin man; "silver machine".
8917/10/05Richard BransonBill maher is fav show; played fball scored goal on sun; went to fashion party on para lot; why went to the party; recycling; admits that pistols put virgin on the map; god save the queen scandal; jamie reid; record co's; bollocks case; "EMI"; hybrid.
8918/10/05Talk about virgin concert no one played cuz of rain; complains still no computer; "spanish ballroom" instrumental; watched hard days night and got depressed; whistles denis.
8919/10/05Makes joke about more war is good; what makes someone good looking; what jonesy likes; thing to measure heads; house o rising song bit; "planet earth" by NO whistles "satellite".
8920/10/05RasberriesWeb TV/washing mach/things went weird; truth to matrix?;aliens; whistles ??; played 1st reunion last Nov in CLE since 73'; english weather; play stones; song & tonight; jonesy likes curb; rick springfield; "substitute" w/ Jonesy lead.
8921/10/05Mark Shiff; Rich SheidnerGoin to vegas tommorow; talks about getting into shape; mike infomercial; hammersith story lured w/ nudie pics; sober comedians; dylan impersonation; "cold metal".
9024/10/05Mood lights; left UK to get away from this weather; whistles debri & high on you; bright lights; feeling knackered from weather.
9025/10/05Nada SurfDreams of getting loaded; whistles five years; talk of europe; football; plays "pretty vacant"; white riot; sheena is a punk rocker; play one of their songs; steve plays beatles song w/ them & then one of theirs again.
9026/10/05TsarCold weather; heavy cd cover; tax guy; whisltes editions of you; talk of rubettes; high on god and lots of talk of drugs; they play straight; love explosion; whistle working for weekend; they play didn't start fire.
9027/10/05John Cale (Mick Rock phones)Cold again put heat on; old dope stories in NY; Chrome Hearts designer; Cale's early movie memories; old iggy producing story; cost $10;000 to make LP; rap cale likes it and jones doesn't; technology; vestile virgins.
9028/10/05Val Kilmer; Mick RossiTom from myspace gave steve the computer; sid vicious came to play how it all began in NY; saw kiss kiss bang bang 6 times; wonderland; mentions being on roseanne; james lipton play jam of heroin; cat stevens; etc; elvis; doing proud mary; nicholson.
9131/10/05Halloween show; Jonesy has begun making lots of jokes about drugs? Hmmm; put picture up on web w/ him in wig & nose; play clips from horror films; whistles billion $ babies.

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