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November 2005

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Note: Pistols related songs played are denoted by punctuation; i.e. "Friggin in the Riggin".
9101/11/05 Daylight savings time; delete geezers from myspace; whistles everyone's talking; & slow down; is getting very frustrated w/ the new computer thing.
9102/11/05 Apologizes for dropping some people off myspace; mentions crumpet on myspace; whistles harmony sings unusual song about young boys??; whistles love how you love me.
9103/11/05 Gonna be celebate; talks about people taking acid and writing songs ; whisltes "through my eyes".
9104/11/05McGBlog gets jerry springer; bull about people calling; talks about directing films etc; morissey's fans; origin McG; complain hollywood; hotel miyako & mark mcgrath; grundy; kilburn; anarchy tour; elvis dying; sid; whistles cliff richard.
9207/11/05Cliff Richard & Naveen Andrews(3)Jet lag; looking ones age; his wine; his origins; albums; beginnings of rock; his celebrity in US; getting knighted; his fame in US or anonomity.
9208/11/05 Recalls yesterdays cliff show; france problem; the monkees; music suprvsr tirade; zeitgeist song; whistles don't talk to him & she's a lady; is on strike won't say song titles. Plays more than feeling.
9209/11/05Robert PlantNO SHOW: Repeat of July 25th 2005
9210/11/05 Went to home depot yesterday; people getting angry; grasshopper joke; "anrachie"; "littleboys"; "emi japanese"; whistles bachelor boy; done doing film ints; he and shovel start music lic co.; sings his tuning; doors bad rock movie; 1000lb man; hous rising sun.
9211/11/05 Veterans day; need smart water; invited to Vegas; "jerk"; "low life"; whistles you're so physical.
9314/11/05Ray WinstonePlayed f'ball sun; sat uk game; skipped vegas; saw uppercrust sat; goin to hawaii; doing beowolf; warzone film; Scum movie; borstals; ray says fuck; youth clubs; ray never danced; west end aftershave; f'ball; nil by mouth; ridin horses; fabulous stains;"conned again".
9315/11/05 Adds juice harp; plays "join together" w/ gtr/harp; working songs into commercials; mentions pam desbarres tshirt party; sings little songs sinking ship and air force one; mentions glen coming into town.
9316/11/05 Mentions pamela's party; Steve's Late Show "Diary" bit on tonght; whistles more than this; girls who are hairy; whistles pretty flamingo.
9317/11/05Singer in SpoonStarts off w/ teenager in love; shovel on doo wops; & baby please don't go; walk on the wild side; mention gig; austin; tx; everything hits at once.
9318/11/05 Stains at nu-art tonight;whistles baby you got what it takes; "professionals" diane lane version; song was this isn't it by giant drag
9421/11/05 Bird flu messing w/ chickens; link wray dying; fear of heart attack; reoccuring dreams; pil on AB rock n roll moment; whistles angie; we will rock you.
9422/11/05 plays cat stevens song; shovel commercial for clothes; whistles jealous minds; gary glitter trouble; whistles hot child in the city.
9423/11/05Chris KattanSaw bird on st; new phone; being jewish; went to mood ; gary glitoris; diet; joaquin's hairlip on cash movie; hemeroids; sing their journey tune again; who would you have sex with; steve is farting; men getting facelifts super dave & norri; celebritie.
9425/11/05Perry FarrellNO SHOW - REPEAT of July 20th 2005
9528/11/05DonovanGot a ticket from fixed meter; karma pay back; his mate jim macken tells suicide story; george best f'baller who died; "gstq"; tour w/ rat scab; holy grail; glasgow; "you do belong" song w/steve shelved; zemetis gtrs; b/ups bil$babies; hgdyman.
9529/11/05Billy GibbonsOpening music; obsessing over meloyelo lead; punchin cats out; billy wright before little richard; hall of fame; zz top; peso guitar pick; lots od old blues people.
9530/11/05 Took shower but didn't wash hair; flowers from lori & richard; went to pal mrest last night; article in femme fatale; dogs had 2 bulldogs buster & winston couldn't train them; whistles "liar" & when jokers attack.

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