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December 2005

Topics discussed
Note: Pistols related songs played are denoted by punctuation; i.e. "Friggin in the Riggin".
9501/12/05 Tryin' new phone #; went to dentist for 3 fillings; shovel mentions something - jonesy plays it; whistles will you love me tomorrow & Sunday morning.
9502/12/05 Dream w/ sheryl crow & johnny thunders; jonesy jukebox stickers; whistles this will be the last time.
9605/12/05Nightmare of YouReally knackered; bet about dream weaver; singers; talk about touring; getting crumpet; the streets are; up the junction.
9606/12/05The LashesTunes up gtr; loses pick (gave it to kid yesterday); pikalo song; lashes sing a couple of songs including cure cvr; another song; in 'n' out burgers; there man in the wall.
9607/12/05 Current bun (sun); put capo on guitar; myspace driving him crazy; bought new computer; banarama singer; how to clean his guitar; tell women to do toenails whistles fade to grey; human behavior.
9608/12/05 Shovel is under the weather; chews apple on the air; whistles fool to cry.
9609/12/05 Went to paul smith party last night; knackered; whistles silvertrain; plays message from cliff richard; gonna start every week message of the week.
9712/12/05 Sings a weird back to suspense song; had b'fast w/ philistines; chuck in for shovel; takin herbs; whistles livin thing & albatross.
9713/12/05Giant DragGot shovel's flu; 2 piece band; talks w/ band about singer cat oprah; creepy guys that try to pick her up a tgigs; r 'n' r hall of fame; whistles giant drag song.
9714/12/05 NO SHOW: Repeat of December 14th 2004
9715/12/05 NO SHOW Repeat of December 16th 2004
9716/12/05 NO SHOW
9819/12/05Glen Matlock; Philistines;Tracey UllmanBowie story; big faces fans; malcolm's shop; whitley's; wally; cutie jones gig; nick kent; jonathan king; ex pistols; hall of fame; they play ooh la la; discuss "on something"; "white knuckle ride" mentions sandwich story; "whose side are you on" depot; john lydon.
9820/12/05Real Men of Genius Bug Light GuysNO SHOW: Repeat of December 17th 2004
9821/12/05Peter FramptonNO SHOW: Repeat of January 26th 2005
9822/12/05Cliff Richard; Naveen Andrews (3)NO SHOW: Repeat of November 7th 2005
9823/12/05Paul AnkaNO SHOW: 2nd Repeat of June 21st 2005

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