Sid Vicious pic by Nils Stevenson
Sid Vicious pic by Nils Stevenson


Melody Maker, 20th October 1978

Extracts from an interview which took place shortly after Sid Vicious was charged with the murder of Nancy Spungen.

Did he start doing heroin as son as he joined the band?

Yeah – as soon he had money. Before that it was just speed and silly things that don’t make much difference to your life anyway. But then he was impressed by this groupie from New York – like most silly arseholes he had this delusion about New York being the hip place, man, where it all happens, and it doesn’t, it’s a shithole, it’s just one big Dingwalls.

What do you think about what's happened to Sid, John?

Don’t care (Long silence.)

You must have some reaction?

No… (as if it reluctantly he goes on) I don’t see why I should have any feelings about it at all. You see Sid decided quite some time ago that he was going to become an arsehole, and he did.

Johnny and SidWhen did you stop being close to him? When he met Nancy?

All that fucking heroin shit, it just got on my nerves. I mean, yeah, people take it once in a while, but not every fucking day. And then that decadence trip that he got into, you know, cutting himself and ugh! It’s nothing.

So you didn’t want him to do any of that on stage in America?

No! It was boring, it was fucking silly. He couldn’t play the bass and it made doing gigs just a waste of time ’cos I had no idea what was going on behind me. There was no tune that I could pick out on – one song sounded very much like any other one. It just all became pointless.

But don’t you feel sad that a former friend’s in that position now?

Oh, I’m sure Malcolm’s looking after his best interests, e.g. he’s going to make a wonderful film out of it.

And get him out on bail just to make an album – that sickening.

He’ll try and make a bigger c--t out of Sid than he is already. Malcolm wouldn’t even put up the bail himself, the record companies had to do it – that’s how great Malcolm is. And then he goes to the press saying “I’m doing everything I can to help Sid” when all he’s doing is making a film. Let’ face it, if Sid gets fucking life that’s a perfect ending for Malcolm’s Rock’n’Roll Swindle. So I have no comment, ’cos nothing I can say or do will change that situation……….

Don’t you understand? Before, what I said was against the public image of things in the Sid affair. Sid to me is a mate. He’s always been a dodo. I’ve known him a long while, but I won’t comment on that kind of scandal. It’s nothing it to do with me and him. He’ been manipulated – that is the problem. Most people are just accepting that he did it, and Malcolm is doing nothing to solve that. Was it the Express that quoted him as saying Sid has always had a bad public image and tendency to be violent? He did him no favours. Sid isn’t capable of killing her. It’s not possible.

Not even in an extreme moment?

No, it is not possible. Full Stop. It sounds so corny when you say “a victim of circumstance.” I won’t comment, I don’t want to be printed as saying anything about it. God, it’s so difficult. Say it was a close friend of yours and the press wanted a comment because it’s good press. You feel so bad. I don’t want to know - I just want to keep out. Malcolm’s making a lot of money out of Sid’s personal tragedy, and that offends me. There’s not too much I can do about it either, it’s as simple as that.”

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Sid Vicious pic by Nils Stevenson













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