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'Lost' Nashville Date Uncovered
Exclusive! 20th March 1976
Researched for God Save The Sex Pistols by Jan Behrendtz

A gig at The Nashville on March 20th 1976 had previously been thought to have been cancelled.

In his otherwise excellent book “Day By Day” Lee Wood wrote: "Saturday March 20th. Adverts in the music papers state the Sex Pistols will appear at the Nashville as support to Viv Stanshall but this is not true. "

What actually did happen was that Viv Stanshall cancelled his appearance very late and his good friend Roger Ruskin Spear made a last minute substitution which was usually the case when Vivian Stanshall couldn´t make it. I´ve had this confirmed by Mr Ruskin Spear himself via email conversation and he tells me he did his one-man-show with his robots act on stage (aka The Giant Kinetic Wardrobe).

The Pistols were supposed to be the support band but in the end the playing order was reversed, i.e. Ruskin Spear went on first and then the Pistols.

Mr Ruskin Spear decided this was the only way of rescuing his robots from damage as the Pistols entourage, including Sid, were all over the place both on and off the stage and the atmosphere got quite hostile. Mr Ruskin Spear basically did his show, packed his props, handed the stage over to the Pistols and fled the place!

Personally I believe this must have been the worst mismatch of main act/support act ever put together!

Anyway, this means the Pistols first, to this date, known gig at the Nashville took place on March 20th 1976, not April 3rd as previously thought.

Jan Behrendtz


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