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Liverpool Anarchy Cancellations
Exclusive! The full story - untold since December 1976
Researched for God Save The Sex Pistols by Gus Nicholson

Liverpool Stadium - Cavern Club

Liverpool Echo - November 1976

Advert in the local press for the Liverpool Stadium gig. Also advertised this week were
Bryan Ferry at the Empire Theatre, Tony Christie at Theatre Royal, and Split Enz at Eric's.

Friday 3rd December: Liverpool Echo - Front Page

The concert at the Liverpool Stadium, 11th December, is confirmed in the press.

Tuesday 7th December: Liverpool Echo - Front Page

The Liverpool Stadium show was cancelled on 6th December.

CALL FOR BOYCOTT ON SEX PISTOLS: An outraged Liverpool councillor today called for a boycott on punk rock group Sex Pistols - who vow to sidestep a ban on their city concert.
Councillor Doreen Jones plans to demonstrate outside the club where they hope to play in a bid to dissuade youngsters from seeing the group.
"Let's show the rest of the country Liverpool is too good for this sort of rubbish. We don't want them here," she said.
The group - who incensed audiences by swearing on the Thames TV programme Today - heard last night their planned show at Liverpool Stadium had been cancelled.
A Stadium spokesman said "The publicity they generate does not persuade me to allow them here....These Sex Pistols advocate Anarchy and we don't want to take the risk."
Instead the group hope to stage the concert at a city club. Their manager, Mike (sic) McLaren said: "We aren't going to tone down our act one little bit. There won't be any compromises in Liverpool - that's a promise."
Asked if this meant the concert would include obscenities, he replied: "Life includes obscenities. Our act reflects life."

Wednesday 8th December: Liverpool Echo

A new venue was found "at a Liverpool Club" (The Cavern) for the next night,
Sunday 12th December.
An attempt to ban the club date fails....

Thursday 9th December: Liverpool Echo - Front Page

However, by the following day the new date at The Cavern Club was under threat...

...and it too was cancelled.
The Sex Pistols at The Cavern Club never came to be...

Researched for God Save The Sex Pistols by Gus Nicholson

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