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EU 10" Picture Disc/Piss Press

Tokyo, Japan, 11.16.1996 FM Broadcast
(Live, Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 16th November 1996)

Side One: Seventeen / God Save The Queen / Holidays In The Sun
Side Two: Pretty Vacant / Anarchy In The UK

Notes. 10". Surfaced January 2017. Swedish pressing. No Label or matrix numbers.
Ltd to 8 picture discs & 2 piss coloured vinyl.
Piss colour is solid, not transparent. Side 2 of both versions is black vinyl & identical.

Plastic sleeve with insert. Date is misprinted as 11.16.1996 (unless you are American!)

Japan 96
"You Have Picture Disc No 3 Of 8"
Japan 96
Japan 96
Japan 96
You Have.....
"You Have Piss Press No 2 Of 2" (below)
Japan 96
"Piss coloured"

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