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Gun Control (Full Tilt Label EF 6339)
Live, San Francisco, Winterland' 14th January 1978.

Side One. God Save The Queen / I Wanna Be Me / Seventeen / New York / EMI / Belsen Was A Gas / Bodies / Holidays In The Sun
Side Two. Liar / No Feelings / Problems / Pretty Vacant / Anarchy In The USA / No Fun

Notes. USA LP. Dated 1984 but this is not necessarily the date of manufacture.
The last pressings of Gun Control came with the insert below (Sid Vicious picture by Dennis Morris).
This unusual pressing has incorrect Full Tilt labels with bogus band - Serious Endeavour - and track list.
However it does play Gun Control.

Gun Control LP
Gun Control LP
Cover detail
Gun Control LP
Gun Control LP
Gun Control LP

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