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Memorial Plaque
Mortlake Crematorium London
October 2022

Wally Nightingale is forever associated with the origins of the Sex Pistols, departing the embryonic band in 1975 when Steve Jones switched to guitar thereby ousting Wally. This took place prior to John Lydon's arrival. A lack of recognition for his contribution to the song 'Did You No Wrong' was a source of much resentment. He passed away in 1996.
Kev Harris: 
"I've been organising a plaque for Wally Nightingale at Mortlake Crematorium London. The plaque has now been put up (7th October) and can be viewed in the Room of Remembrance. Wally's niece and her mum (Wally's sister) have ok'd it. Myself and fellow Pistols fan Paul Parry financed it."
Hats off to Kev and Paul for their initiative and seeing this through. Well done.

Wally Memorial Plaque

Kev Harris & Plaque
Kev Harris at Mortlake Crematorian
Kev previously shared his memories and photographs of meeting Wally
at the 1988 Sex Pistols convention in Manchester >

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