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12th November 2007
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Set List: Pretty Vacant / Seventeen / No Feelings / New York / Did You No Wrong / Liar / Holidays In The Sun / Submission / Stepping Stone / No Fun / Problems / God Save The Queen / EMI. Encore: Bodies / Anarchy In The UK.

4th gig. Are they getting better with each show? They've been great EVERY NIGHT.

The feelgood vibe I referred to in my earlier reviews is more prevalent with each show. Check the camaraderie: John and Glen arriving on stage arm- in-arm. This group really is getting on with each other.

For this show Steve and Glen began the evening sporting leather jackets. John was in a blue waistcoat, and Paul brown T-shirt.

Malcolm McLaren was going to get some deserved stick following his decision to pull out of I'm A Celebrity before it even started, and Johnny began by gleefully relishing Malcolm's "demise".

John recommended Chloraseptic to the crowd, and gave himself a few squirts for his throat.

Musical highlights - I'll select four: Submission - this song is sounding so strong on this tour. John had another dig at Malcolm during the song as well as continuing the England theme of the gigs by declaring "This is our country."

Holidays In The Sun has been given a twist. The "I do like to be beside the seaside" intro accompanying Paul's drums, Steve and Glen's sentry marching, and on this occasion, a knotted handky on Glen's head, is priceless. It provides a touch of light-hearted magic before the song roars in and the crowd go nuts.

The same feeling of anticipation has featured in the current interpretation of Bodies when Steve hangs on the opening feedback for seemingly an age before John's vocal is unleashed.

The show ended with Anarchy . John waited until the music had finished before singing "Get pissed" leaving the exhausted crowd to scream "Destroy" in response.

No two shows have been the same. I've loved all of them.

After a week of mayhem I need a rest. Work and family commitments are calling. I won't be at the 5th Brixton show, but will return revitalised for Manchester.

Sex Pistols 2007. Amazing. Truly amazing.

Review by Phil Singleton

Bristol Vince said....

Aolutely fantastic gig, loadsa fans, and what a selection. I saw young fans 16 years up, and old ones 60 years down, ha ha ha...  I even chatted to two 40 year old-ish ex-soldiers and one guy in a wheel-chair who just had to be there. It was a fantastic atmosphere. What's all the talk of fat fans in the media? I'm not fat, I'm 45 years young and got my hair, so what's up with these miserable gits?! Seriously the Pistols were on form; John did a great job as vocalist - the Vera Lynne touch was excellent - and Cooky, Jones and Glen were ACE!  The Carling Academy put on a well organised show, I saw no trouble, and the Pistols Army was sound. Great night folks, worth every penny! Keep Rockin.

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