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14th November 2007
God Save The Sex Pistols Review by Sub from Holland.

Set List: Pretty Vacant / Seventeen / No Feelings / New York / Did You No Wrong / Liar / Holidays In The Sun / Submission / Stepping Stone / No Fun / Problems / God Save The Queen / EMI. Encore 1: Bodies / Anarchy In The UK. Encore 2: Roadrunner.

I just arrived back home in Holland, the day after. The last gig in Brixton on the 14th November was fantastic! Great band, fantastic audience, brilliant hall..... The Pistols came up from outside with the doors open... and the bus was driven behind them.

From the start of Pretty Vacant, the crowd in the front went mad, with me in the middle against the dangerous fence in the front of the hall. Half fighting I went pogoing away from the fence and enjoyed the rest of the gig. Highlights of the night included No Fun with Guitar Hero Steve, who was playing some new guitar licks which made the rest of the band laugh. The big flag with the 'God Save The Queen' stamps came down a song too early during Problems (remember Spinal Tap?).

The dance between Glen and Steve with guitars was big fun. Submission was fantastic... great to see everybody dancing to it. The band came back twice with Roadrunner as the last track. It was very good to see that the band was really enjoying themselves and it was even emotional; Johnny said he was the happiest man in the world with the greatest band on earth!

Review by Sub from Holland

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