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10th November 2007
God Save The Sex Pistols Review

Brixton Academy 10th November
Set List: Pretty Vacant / Seventeen / No Feelings / New York / Did You No Wrong / Liar / Holidays In The Sun / Submission / Stepping Stone / No Fun / Problems / God Save The Queen / EMI. Encore 1: Bodies / Anarchy In The UK. Encore 2: Roadrunner.

The cameras were present again this evening, and with Julien Temple having been spotted at the venue this week, it doesn't take much imagination to work out that something special is forthcoming on the visual front. Johnny himself announced "Do you mind if we film you?" when he took to the stage.

The band were dressed the same as the previous night. Continuity for the filming perhaps?

The crowd ovation had John bowing to the adoring masses, "We are worthy. Have you come for some fun?" The mood was set.

There was plenty of new banter from John to enjoy. The traditional shouts of "You fat bastard" as John took his spot centre stage, were met with "You really mean, you old handsome bastard!"

Performance wise, the obvious difference was the second encore of Roadrunner. Musically the band are getting more solid each night; having said that, they have been amazing every show. The indoor setting toughens up both the rhythm section and the lead guitar.

Picking out a couple of moments, Liar drew a frantic response, and I was particularly impressed with a hard rocking performance of Submission. "Hard rocking" seemed to sum the Pistols up tonight. Not "hard rock", but "hard rocking" - powerful and bone-shaking.

The feelgood spirit which has run through all the shows was illustrated by Paul wearing a knotted handkerchief on his head during EMI, and more Mclaren I'm A Celebrity trashing by John who urged Malcolm to "chew on a one-eyed snake."

Three nights gone already. A day to recover, then show number four. Marvellous.

Review by Phil Singleton

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