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July 1980
Virgin VS 353.
   "Just Another Dream" / "Action Man"

Just Another Dream

October 1980
Virgin VS 376.
   " 1-2-3 " / "White Light, White Heat" / "Baby I Don't Care"


Notes. Limited number with fold out poster sleeve.

Chart position no.43.  

June 1981
Virgin VS 426.
  " Join The Professionals" / "Has Anybody Got An Alibi" 

Join The Professionals

Notes. Gatefold sleeve.

November 1981
Virgin VS 456.
  "The Magnificent" / "Just Another Dream"

The Magnificent

Notes. "Just Another Dream" is same cut as VS 353.   


November 1981
Virgin V 2220.  
 "I Didn't See It Coming"

I Didn't See It Coming

Tracks:  The Magnificent / Payola / Northern Slide / Friday Night Square / Kick Down The Doors / Little Boys / All The Way / Crescendo / Madhouse / Too Far To Fall

Notes. Re-released on CD, April 1999, in Japan (Cat. No. VJCP-68059). (Pictured).

UK CD issue, June 2001, (EMI 7243 5 33588 2 2) Eight additional tracks added: Just Another Dream / Kamikaze / 1-2-3 / Mods Skins Punks / Join The Professionals / Has Anybody Got An Alibi / White Light White Heat / Baby I Don't Care.


The Professionals - Ltd Edt Records

Limited Edition Records Ltd Edt CD1.  "The Professionals"
Tracks: All The Way / Are You? / Kick Down The Doors / Crescendo / Little Boys In Blue / Does Anybody Care / Kamikhazi / 1-2-3 / Rockin' Man / All The Way (different version)

Limited Edition Records Ltd Edt 1LP.  
"The Professionals" 
Tracks: As above.   (Vinyl issue).

Notes. Both formats (CD & vinyl) limited. LP available in green or black vinyl. Some vinyl copies with picture sleeve, some without.

The following tracks were incorrectly titled:

Are You? = Mods, Skins, Punks
Does Anybody Care = Madhouse
Rockin' Man = Rockin' Mick

Kamikhazi = Kamikaze

Virgin CDOVD 459.
  "The Professionals"

The Professionals CD 1997

Tracks: Little Boys In Blue / Mad House / Just Another Dream / Kamikaze / 1-2-3 / Crescendo / Mods, Skins, Punks / Join The Professionals / Has Anybody Got An Alibi / All The Way With You / Kick Down The Doors

Notes. CD only. See "Professionals Profile" for details.


Virgin V2167.
"The Professionals"

The Professionals 1980

Tracks: Little Boys In Blue / Just Another Dream / Mods, Skins, Punks / Kick Down The Doors / Kamikaze / All The Way With You / Crescendo / 1-2-3 / Madhouse / Rockin' Mick

Notes. Vinyl only. Copies of the original 'abandoned LP' from 1980, surfaced in late 2001. The origin of these albums is unclear, as is their legitimacy.

October 2005
Captain Oi! AHOY CD 263. "The Best Of The Professionals"

Best Of

Tracks: Just Another Dream (1st Single) / 1-2-3 (2nd Single) / Kamikaze (The Professionals LP) / Mods Skins Punks (The Professionals LP) / All The Way (The Professionals LP) / Join The Professionals (3rd Single) / The Magnificent (4th Single) / Payola (I Didn't See It Coming LP) / Little Boys In Blue (I Didn't See It Coming LP) / Northern Slide (I Didn't See It Coming LP) / Kick Down The Doors (I Didn't See It Coming LP) / Crescendo (I Didn't See It Coming LP) / Madhouse (I Didn't See It Coming LP) / Too Far To Fall (I Didn't See It Coming LP)

Notes: 14 track compilation. Sleeve notes by Phil Singleton.

October 2015
Universal 4745677. "The Complete Professionals"

Complete Professionals

Disc One. The material officially released on Virgin by The Professionals 1980-81

"I Didn't See It Coming" LP
1. The Magnificent
2. Payola
3. Northern Slide
4. Friday Night Square
5. Kick Down The Doors
6. Little Boys
7. All The Way
8. Crescendo
9. Madhouse
10. Too Far To Fall

Singles A & B sides
11. Just Another Dream
12. Action Man
13. 1-2-3
14. White Light White Heat
15. Baby I Don't Care
16. Join The Professionals
17. Has Anybody Got An Alibi

Disc Two. The Looters, Sham Pistols & BBC Radio Sessions.

The Looters, featuring Steve Paul, Paul Simonon and Ray Winstone. From the film Ladies & Gentlemen The Fabulous Stains. 
1. Join The Professionals
2. Conned Again
3. La La La
4. Don't Blow It All Away

Sham Pistols, featuring Steve, Paul and Jimmy Pursey. Ignore bootlegs, only two new tracks were recorded. Here they are.
5. Natural Born Killer
6. Some Play Dirty

John Peel Radio Session 10 Nov 80. First ever release.
7. Join The Professionals
8. All The Way With You
9. Crescendo
10. Kick Down The Doors

Mike Read Radio Session 15 Dec 80. First ever release.
11. Join The Professionals
12. Madhouse
13. Crescendo

Disc Three.The 1980 abandoned LP "The Professionals". Unreleased demos & mixes 1980-81

"The Professionals" LP
1. Little Boys In Blue
2. Mods, Skins, Punks
3. Kick Down The Doors
4. Kamikaze
5. All The Way
6. Crescendo
7. Madhouse
8. Rockin' Mick

9. Northern Slide (1980)
10. The Magnificent (1980)
11. Home From Home (1980) (never before heard in any form)
12. The Magnificent Dub (1980)
13. Love Man (1980) (Action Man rough mix)
14. Payola (1980)
15. Join The Professionals (1981 re-mix)
16. Just Another Dream (1981 re-recording)
17. Join The Professionals (1980 instrumental)

Notes. 3 CD Box Set. Almost 2 years in the making, the aim was to bring together all the officially released material and add to it unreleased, unheard, and unknown tracks and mixes. Not only does it include The Professionals, but also the only new tracks recorded for the aborted Sham Pistols project, and four songs from the film Ladies & Gentlemen The Fabulous Stains, performed as The Looters. Includes booklet with notes by Phil Singleton.
October 2017
Automation Records AUTOMCD001 / AUTOMLP001 "What In The World"

Tracks: Good Man Down / Let Go / Going Going Gone / Extremadura / Rewind /  Hats Off / New Generation / Take Me Now / Bad Baby / Monkeys

What In The World

Notes. The first Professionals album since 1981. Recorded by Paul Cook, Paul Myers and new member Tom Spencer. Steve Jones plays on Good Man Down, Going Going Gone and Take Me Now. Features additional guest guitarists Billy Duffy, Duff McKagan, Phil Collen, Marco Pirroni, and Mick Jones. Chris McCormack who joined as a member of the band during the conclusion of the recording, plays on Hats Off.
Released on CD & vinyl (including 100 signed pink vinyl copies) via Pledge Music.
Full details here


November 1980
Virgin MILK 1.      
      "Cash Cows"

Cash Cows

Notes. Virgin cut price sampler album, featuring "Kick Down The Doors". Re-issued with The Professionals track removed. See "Professionals Profile" for details.
October 1981
Sounds Freebie No. 2.  
   "Little Boys In Blue"
/ "I'll Rip Your Spine Out"

Sounds Flexi

Notes. Free flexi-disc given away with "Sounds" music paper, 31st October 1981. Plays edited version of "Little Boys...". Second track is by "Gillan".


Conoisseur Collection VSOP CD 188.
  "After The Anarchy"

After The  Anarchy

Notes. CD compilation of post-Pistols solo work. Features "1-2-3" and "Join The Professionals".

Dave Goodman & Friends
August 1978
The Label TLR 008.     "Justifiable Homicide?"
/ "Take Down Your Fences"

Justifiable Homicide

Notes.  7" single. Steve & Paul on A-side only. Some copies on red vinyl.

"Justifiable Homicide?" is available on the CD:  "After The Anarchy" (Conoisseur Collection VSOP CD 188).

Johnny Thunders
October 1978
Real Records RAL 1.
  "So Alone"

So Alone

Notes. Album. Steve & Paul play on "Pipeline", "Great Big Kiss", "Leave Me Alone", "Daddy Rolling Stone", and "London Boys".

 Re-released on CD, July '92 & Feb '95 (Sire/Warner Bros. 9 26982-2).

"London Boys" available on the CD:  "After The Anarchy" (Conoisseur Collection VSOP CD 188).

Johnny Thunders
Rocking Rebels  RR01    


Notes. Swedish bootleg album recorded at the Speakeasy, London, 1978. Steve & Paul play on "Be Bop A Lula" and "Stepping Stone" as the "Living Dead".
Johnny Thunders
Date unknown
Cheese Records            
"Crime Of The Century"
Notes. Six track Swedish bootleg EP. Steve & Paul play on "Be Bop A Lula" and "Stepping Stone" as the "Living Dead", (same cuts as "Pipeline" bootleg).
Johnny Thunders
Cheese SMILE001 
   "Proud To Be Pirate"


Notes. Re-release of  "Crime Of The Century".
Sham 69
September 1979
Polydor POLD 5025.
   "The Adventures Of Hersham Boys"

Hersham Boys

Notes. Album. Steve & Paul play on "What Have We Got", recorded live at Glasgow Apollo, 29th June '79.

Chart position  no. 8.

Re-released on CD, March '96 (Dojo DOJOCD 258), and by Castle Music in October 2000 (CMRCD021).

November 1988
Link  1202.  
           "What Have We Got"
Notes. 12"  EP featuring the 4 "Sham/Pistols" songs from the Glasgow Apollo concert, 29th June '79; Pretty Vacant / White Riot / If The Kids Are United / What Have We Got.
Sham 69
March 1989
Link  CD075.
            "Sham's Last Stand"

Last Stand

Notes.  Album.  CD & vinyl (MLP075). Contains the 4 "Sham/Pistols" songs from the Glasgow Apollo concert, 29th June '79.  The other Sham 69 tracks are not taken from the same concert. 

CD re-issued on Dojo in 1993 (DOJOCD 95), and on Snapper Music in 1999 (SMMCD 540).

Sham 69
October 2001
Sanctuary  CMRCD351.
            "Sham Pistols Live"

Sham Pistols

Notes. CD album. Sham 69 concert at the Glasgow Apollo, 29th June '79. Concludes with the 4 "Sham/Pistols" songs. Improved sound quality to previous releases.

The cover mistakenly states 'July 1979'.


The Greedies
December 1979
Vertico GREED 1.
     "A Merry Jingle" / " A Merry Jangle"

A Merry Jingle

Notes. 7" single.

Chart position  no. 28.

"A Merry Jingle" has appeared on CD on the compilations, "It's Christmas Time" (Vertigo/Mercury 845 823-2) in the UK, and the 1995 US release "Punk Rock Xmas" (Rhino R2 72174). 

Joan Jett
Vertigo Records 6198 264
  "You Don't Own Me" / "I Love Rock n Roll"
Notes. Single released in Holland.
Joan Jett
NCB 6198264
  "You Don't Own Me" / "I Love Rock n Roll"

You Don't Own Me

Notes. Single released in Sweden. (Pictured).
Joan Jett
June 1980
Ariola ARL 5058.
       "Joan Jett" ("Bad Reputation")

Bad Reputation

Notes. Album. Steve & Paul play on & produce 2 tracks, "You Don't Own Me", (single previously released in Holland and Sweden), and "Don't Abuse Me".

Re-issued  as "Bad Reputation" in March 1981 (Epic EPC/40 25045). Re-released on CD in '92 (Blackheart Records JJ707), and in revised format in '98.

Joan Jett
1993 re-released/revised 96 & 98
Blackheart BH438-2.


Notes. Rarities CD compilation includes version of "I Love Rock n Roll" featuring Steve & Paul, recorded during the "Joan Jett" sessions.
Lightning Raiders
May 1980
Arista ARIST 341.
   "Psychedelic Musik" / "Views"

Psychedelic Musik

Notes. 7" single.
Various Artists
Essential Records  ESM CD 401.  
 "I Only Wrote This Song For You. A Tribute To Johnny Thunders"

I Only Wrote This Song For You

Notes. Steve & Paul perform on the track "Leave Me Alone (Chatterbox)" by Patti Palladin.

Recorded in 1993, it marked the first time the pair had recorded together since "I Didn't See It Coming" in 1981.

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