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Glen Matlock
Paris - Publicis on the Champs Elysées / Divan du Monde
Film Premiere: Rock 'n' Roll Of Corse!

19th September 2016

Rock 'n' Roll Of Corse

First part of the evening was the premiere at the Publicis on the Champs Elysées of the film "Rock 'n' Roll Of Corse!" with a number of guests in the audience including Glen.

The film tells the story of Henry Padovani, the first guitar player in The Police, who later joined Wayne County and the Elecrtic Chairs.
also had a short stint with Glen in The Subterraneans, with Nick Kent on vocals and Chris Musto on drums. The Subterraneans never played live due to Nick Kent losing his nerve before their debut gig at the Scala.

Tonight, Henry's band, The Flying Padovanis played one song after the film screening, before we all moved to the Divan du Monde for a special concert.

Two French bands, Mini-Vague and The Jones, performed first. Then, the highlight of the evening, Glen treated us to a lively acoustic set comprising of Happy , Blank Generation, Sexy Beast, God Save The Queen, Stepping Stone, and Pretty Vacant. The Flying Padovanis then closed the evening with an instrumental set.

Rock 'n' Roll Of Corse
Rock 'n' Roll Of Corse
Rock 'n' Roll Of Corse
Rock 'n' Roll Of Corse
Rock 'n' Roll Of Corse
Glen and Henry Padovani

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