Running Time: 13:24 minutes

Steve NewLude are the latest band formed by Steve New, Glen Matlock's colleague in the Rich Kids and a brief member of the Sex Pistols when Malcolm Mclaren thought Steve Jones might not cut it as the only guitarist and wanted to add another. New's presence in the Pistols was kept quiet and he was sacked when Jones began to improve. After the Rich Kids and time as a session player New moved to rural America and drifted out of the music scene for many years. He returned to play on Glen's 1996 solo album on Creation, co-writing two tracks. New has since been playing on several projects at Creation and contributing to new recordings by Kim Fowley. New has been described by the NME as "The man who invented the Manics in 1978."

He formed Lude with old friend Paul Gill (Gills) who started writing poems and lyrics while in prison. Gills and New have co-written the three tracks on this limited edition collectors CD - 500 copies only - which is available through Creation/Rev Ola and New has signed a publishing deal with Creation Songs, and is presently working on a solo album for the label. Gills is the vocalist with New on guitar, bass and keyboards. They are accompanied by drummer Liam Thompson and Louis 'The Hat' on strings.The lead track here is the powerful 'Space Time' with New's guitar and bass underpinning an impressive vocal from Gills. It's an intense and modern sounding track which gives a fair idea of what the band are capable of. New gets one main guitar solo towards the end which shows he has lost none of his ability, but it's really on the second track 'Bruised' that his quality comes to the fore. It's a much darker track than 'Space Time' which New stamps his authority on with another persistent bass line and a definite Rich Kids'esque guitar solo towards the end proving that it's definitely Steve New. The final track 'Dead Calm' is more mellow as the title suggests but is impressive in its own right if nowhere near as powerful. But just when you think you're safe Steve lets fly with another searing solo. Lude are nothing like the powerpop brilliance of the Rich Kids but this CD is a fine taster and it would be nice to think that Steve and the band will receive some critical acclaim and in due course some success. (Scott Murphy: "as Jim says this is a fine debut CD, especially the absolutely excellent 'Bruised'. It's well worth 4, nice packaging too, check it out!").

(Reviewed by Jim Henderson)
(Photo by Spencer Anderson)




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