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God Save the Sex Pistols Exclusive
Sex Pistols in Sweden July 1977
Photographs by ULF PETERSSON
23rd July, Vxj, Esso Motor Hotel
23rd & 24th July, Vxj, Disco Barbarella, Live

Sex Pistols: Exclusive Pictures, Sweden, July 1977
Ulf Petersson: "The pictures before the gig is when they arrived to Växjö on 23rd July to Esso Motor Hotel. A friend of a friend´s mother worked there and she had complained that the awful Sex Pistols would be coming Saturday at 3 o´clock. “They should be banned”…..That´s why we knew where they were staying.

I was there with a couple of friends when they came to the hotel and we stayed with them for an hour or so. We were the only ones there to meet them. Steve & Paul were friendly but didn´t talk that much. Sid “wasn´t quite there” and disappeared to his room pretty quick. With his reputation we didn´t dare to try and speak to him….Johnny was very friendly and talkative. I remember him asking me “Will there be any “raggare” here tonight”? “Raggare” was of course the Swedish equivalent to Teddy Boys but they had big American cars from the 50´s instead of bikes. They were always cruising the streets in their cars and they hated two things: The police and most of all punks! There was quite a lot of them at that time and they disrupted afew punkconcerts in Sweden in the beginning. When Pistols played in Växjö they had a caravan of cars parked out on the street leading up the club but they never interfered with the gig. Apparently Johnny had been warned about them at the other gigs

I saw the Pistols for times; 15th July Halmstad, Beach Club Östra Stranden, 23rd & 24th July, Växjö, Disco Barbarella (my hometown) and 29th July, Linköping, Orfi.

A funny thing happened the week after. I had gone 350 kilometers north to see them again in Linköping. I was standing out in the street about two hours before the gig and suddenly someone said “there´s Sid Vicious”. Sid walked right through the crowd and straight up to me and shook my hand and started talking. He was in a very good mood and must´ve recognised me from the week before. He seemed very relaxed and was looking forward to the gig."

By Ulf Petersson - exclusive feature.
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