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Steve Jones
in conversation with Phil Singleton

1st July 2003

Crystal PalacePhil: Is it nice and warm over there?

Steve: It's fucking roasting.

It's pissing down here! Just thought it was time for a little bit of a catch-up to see what you've been doing the past 12 months.

Sure. I've not been doing much, but...!

It's hard to believe, but it's been almost a year since the Crystal Palace and Inland Invasion shows.

Yeah. I guess it has. Time flies, eh?

Was it good to be playing again with the Pistols?

Yeah it was. I had a lot of fun.

Which audience did you prefer?

I think we played better when we played over here (California). I think we did a better show. But I did enjoy playing in front of all the Brits. They kind of understand it a bit better, I think.

It was quite a long show at Crystal Palace? (pictured above)

I think it was too long myself, we could have dropped a couple of those songs. We could have dropped fucking Substitute, and Through My Eyes went on a bit.

What did you think about doing My Way? Whose idea was that?

I think it was more John's. But I knew it was going to be a hard one to pull off. We kind of fucked it up a bit, didn't we?

People have mixed feelings really.

Yeah. If we'd had it down, it would have been good. What I think was, when we started playing it and the crowd was just singing along, I think the whole thing should have just been that.

Silver Machine, that was a surprise and seemed to go down well.

Yeah I like that, that's fun.

It fits in well with the sound.

Yeah exactly.

Was that one of your ideas?

Aye. That's right!

Sounds good played on the Fernandes Berny. Are you still enjoying playing the Berny?

Yeah. It's a fucking good guitar. I've emailed a geezer at Fernandes, he ain't called me back! I don't know if he's upset!

Are you hoping for another guitar or two for this year's Pistols tour?

Of course! Always!

Have you sold any of your Fernandes Berny's yet?

No, and I don't think I will either.

You obviously like them better than Gibsons. You were pissed off with them.

Yeah, fuck 'em!

You've been doing a bit of acting again?

It was just a little fucking one day thing, just one scene in this movie (The Big Bounce), my mate Owen Wilson was in it.

Filmed in Hawaii?

Yeah. I ended up staying there for four months. Only worked one day, but I was there for four months!

That's outrageous! Was it all paid for?

Yeah! And I got paid! Nice one.

If all acting jobs are like that, you'll have to do some more. Easy money.

Fucking right. Fucking right, pal! To be honest with you, I don't particularly like acting, I couldn't care less about acting, y'know. I've got no interest in it. I'd rather play guitar.

You're back into playing your guitar? You were a little fed up with it a while back.

Yeah. I wouldn't mind doing a solo album next year. Just for the hell of it. I don't care if it sells 10 copies. I'm just in the mood to put out another album.

You must have a few songs now, because it's a while since the Neurotic Outsiders.

Yeah, I've got a lot of songs.

Put out a double concept album.

Yeah! Just like Meatloaf! (laughing)

You've still got a lot to offer with the guitar, so you shouldn't waste it.

I know, that's what my mates tell me. They get pissed off with me sitting around doing nothing.

You've been doing some work with Ashley Hamilton. How did that come about?

I've known him out here for a while, just poncing about. I kind of know him a bit. Robbie Williams wrote this song with Ashley Hamilton. I thought it was a demo for Robbie Williams, there wasn't a singer on it originally. Ashley Hamilton asked if I'd come down and put some guitar on it. I said, "sure, if you fucking pay me I'll come down and do it." Anyway, I went down there, and he hadn't a fucking clue what he was doing. I should have seen that a mile away. So I ended up kind of producing it. And that was it, end of story. Then, a few weeks ago someone told me that Ashley Hamilton is singing it now and it's come out as a single! And I ain't got any credit for producing it, and it's the same fucking track that I produced.

That's the single, Wimmin, isn't it?

Yeah, I play on it and I produced it. Did it sell any?

It got in the charts in the UK, certainly top 30 and possibly scraped into the top 20. He's been on these kids Saturday morning TV shows.

They're selling him as a pretty boy?

Yeah, exactly.

Really?! The little cunt's been doing a snidey. I called my manager, to try and track his manager down at his record label, and the cunts have blanked us.

Are you on any of his album?

That was the only song I was involved with.

So you won't be playing on any more of his stuff?!

To be honest with you, I couldn't care less in the beginning, y'know? I was just doing it out of the fucking kindness of my heart really. And now he's tried to dip me on it. It's all karma mate, it all comes around...

Did you enjoy working with Violent Delight?

Yes I did. That was a lot of fun. I like them guys, young kids, they were good guys, a bit naive at first because they're young. I tried to give them a crash course and show them the ropes quickly. They got a bit upset with me, I think, because I didn't have time to fuck about with them, but I think they've learnt a lot from that experience. Couple of days ago, I was in this studio mixing their single which is coming out for the release of their album, a song called Transmission. It's pretty rocking.

Do you play any guitar on that?

I produced it and I put a little bit of guitar on it.

Have you had much involvement with the album?

I've produced five or six songs, another bloke produced the rest of them.

Violent Delight refer to you sometimes in interviews, they seem to have quite a bit of affection for you! They say things like, "Steve got us to rewrite some of the lyrics because they weren't kinky enough!"

Right! Right! (laughing) They're good kids. I like them. I'm hoping to do their next album.

Anything else you've been working on in the past 12 months, Steve?

Not really mate. I'm loafing about, playing football. I'm playing a lot of footie.

You scored about six in a five-a-side tournament last weekend.

Fucking news travels fast! I'm the fucking goal machine from Shepherd's Bush, mate. Yeah! I love it.

You've got the weather in LA to be playing football, haven't you?

Yeah. I got fucking sunburnt last Saturday in that five-a-side tournament. I was out in it for five hours. I got fucking... my face is like a beetroot.

You'll have to put some lotion on before you go out.

Ooh yeah! Will you rub it on me?!

I would do, but I'm a bit far away at the moment. (Steve laughs)

What did you think of that time when you got up and sung with us in the rehearsal?

That was brilliant! I was shit, 'cos I can't sing, but when you gave me the nod...well you can't say "no" to that, can you?

I didn't think you were shit. It wasn't about that, it was about you just having a bit of fun.

Exactly, I know, it was too much of a good opportunity. There are some good photos taken on the day with everybody laughing! It was a great day. So if Johnny doesn't turn up for these Pistols shows, just give me the nod.

Right, you got it!

Paul, Steve, Phil

(Pictured: Paul, Steve... Phil)

Did you enjoy your stay in London last year, you were here for quite a while?

It was about four months in the end. I had a good time. I don't mind it there if I'm working, I get a bit nutty there if I ain't doing nothing. I might come back after we do this tour, I might come back for a week or so.

Are you looking forward to the Pistols tour, what's brought it about?

We all fucking just decided, because we had a good time at the Blockbuster gig, we thought why don't we do this more often? I guess we just decided to do it. It's perfect. A nice little tour. The summer. Have a crack, y'know?

Do you think there will be anything more from the Pistols as a band?


There's talk of a couple of shows in Japan, is that still likely?

That probably won't happen until next year now.

The UK?

Who knows, mate? Who fucking knows? The way we're going, we're all getting along a bit better, but you know, who fucking knows?

Do you think you will ever write a new Pistols song?

I'd love to write a Pistols song. I know me, Glen and Paul are up for it. I think John's a bit adamant that he won't, for what ever reason, but y'know, maybe he'll change his mind on that one too.

The fans would love it.

Of course.

Some of the songs you've been stockpiling, you must dig out the best tunes and get working on them.

Right away skipper!

Obviously you're going to do that today, I can tell!

Yep, as soon as I get off the phone!

When are you likely to go into rehearsals do you think for the Pistols shows?

We'll probably only rehearse for a fucking week.

The Classic Albums Never Mind The Bollocks DVD was a good laugh, especially the Play In A Day The Steve Jones way bit.

Do you know what? I think that DVD is better than The Filth And The Fury.

I do, it's more honest. There's not much bitchiness going on, and there's a lot more appreciation of one another.

Yeah. Everyone's a bit real, y'know.

The bit at the end of Play In The Day The Steve Jones Way, when you turn away from the camera and say "I could be selling how to play Never Mind The Bollocks and I'm giving it away!" You can see this light bulb go off in your head and you're thinking, hang on a minute!

(Steve laughing in agreement)

What was that quote of yours you sent me for the site, "He who dares cops for the lob." What was that about?

The lob means 'the goods'. It's something my mate used to say when we were young and we used to go thieving, "he who dares takes the goods."

Hollywood Utd 2003That new Hollywood United kit looks all right, doesn't it?

Not bad, not bad. What about that poor cunt, Marc Vivien Foe, who dropped dead on the pitch the other week?

He played for my team, Man City.

I know, that's why I am saying it.

He scored the last ever goal for City at Maine Road, because of course we're moving to a new stadium. I was there. It's a real shock.

Yeah, bizarre. Poor cunt. During the closed season, it's dead though isn't it, with nothing happening?

Apart from your five-a-side, that's where it's at during the summer.

(Steve laughing). It won't be long 'til the new season. I think we (Chelsea) have got Liverpool in our first game.

Are you ever tempted to come over and watch any of the games, or are you happy watching them on the TV?

I'd love to come over there and watch some games. It's what I might do after this tour, try and get a couple of games in. We get them all on the box now. It's great. There's this one channel where they show Sky Sports News, you get four games on at the weekend.

Do you ever get injured playing football, or are you fairly fit?

Sometimes I do. I've got to be careful of that, I could fucking blow this tour, if I sprain my ankle or hand. It's in the back of my mind, that is.

You'll have to be careful when you're doing those diving headers.

And drop one of those fucking scissor kicks! (laughing)

Enjoy your football, and I hope you score both on and off the pitch.

I hope so pal!

Now get working on that solo album! I'm sure there'll be a lot of interest in it.

Yeah, OK.

All the best, and I'll speak to you sometime in the future.

Alright mate. See ya later.

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