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A&M acetate.

God Save The Queen / No Feeling (A&M AMS 7284)
Notes. Acetate of unreleased A&M 7" pressing.

Jan Behrendtz, the owner of the record reports exclusively to God Save The Sex Pistols:
This is a lead based acetate of the A&M single which I got my hands on some 15 years ago when purchasing large chunks of a Pistols collection from another Swedish fan who then had decided he needed money more than he needed his Sex Pistols collection. It has no marking whatsoever apart from a circled, etched "1" and "2" on side 1 and 2. No label, just the plain black disc.
Itīs packaged in an off-white/cream die-cut "inner sleeve" and a likewise off-white/cream die-cut sleeve. The person from whom I purchased it was a diehard fan/collector right from the start in 1976 who had great connections within the record business in both Sweden and England at the time. He got the disc from a record dealer in London in the late seventies when it was part of trade including several other rarities. At the time, though, the A&M single was a gem but not the Holy Grail which it has grown to be. I was offered to buy some parts of his collection in the mid-90īs and it certainly was an offer one could not turn down. Obviously, I can not guarantee its authenticity as I only have one trustworthy guy's word for it.

God Save The Queen / No Feeling (A&M AMS 7284)
God Save The Queen / No Feeling (A&M AMS 7284)
God Save The Queen / No Feeling (A&M AMS 7284)
God Save The Queen / No Feeling (A&M AMS 7284)
God Save The Queen / No Feeling (A&M AMS 7284)

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Special thanks to Jan Behrendtz for scanning the above acetate of GSTQ on A&M for use in this feature.

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