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October 1st: Anarchy In The UK / I Wanna Be Me 7"
October 8th: God Save The Queen / Did You No Wrong 7"
October 15th: Pretty Vacant / No Fun 7"
October 22th: Holidays In The Sun / Satellite 7"

All the 7"s are cut from original studio production masters, i.e. pre mastering.
These are the mixes as the producer and band had wanted. The cutting engineer would then have transferred these to vinyl with any EQ'ing as necessary. All 7"s were cut advanced head (purely analogue).


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Sleeves and labels scanned by Phil Singleton
God Save The Sex Pistols ©2000 - 2007 Phil Singleton / All rights reserved.

God Save the Sex Pistols


God Save The Sex Pistols ©Phil Singleton /