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German Magazines Special Feature

Magazines / Posters listed in chronological order of publication.

Bravo - First Substantial German Sex Pistols Article: September 1976
Advert for Bravo Poster Magazine #11: October 1976
Bravo Poster Magazine #11: November 1976
Bravo Article & Poster: November 1976
Bravo Anarchy Tour Article: January 1977
Bravo Front Cover: August 1977
PopFoto Front Cover: November 1977
Bravo Johnny Rotten Article: December 1977
Pop Magazine: Late 1977
Poster: Late 1977
Bravo Post Break-Up Article: February 1978
Music Joker Post Break-Up Article: February 1978
PopFoto Post Break-Up Article featuring 1976 picture: February 1978
Super-poster Johnny Rotten: March 1978
PopFoto Public Image Limited: December 1978

Miscellaneous Press Adverts

God Save The Queen - Pretty Vacant / Never Mind The Bollocks / The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle
Party Till You Puke 1989

Pop / Rocky "German Melody Maker" German music paper Pop / Rocky featured some additional pages entitled "German Melody Maker", which were selected transcriptions from the UK original. In addition to the bad translation they are full of inaccuracies.

Sacked by A&M: April 1977
Pistols Split: 1978

Johnny Rotten Goes Solo / Cook, Jones, Biggs: 1978
Sid Sods Off: 1978

Miscellaneous Features / Magazines
Stern Magazine Sid Vicious Dead: 1979
Austrian Magazines
The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle Fold-out Booklet: 1980

Press cuttings submitted by MoMa, Smartie and Donald Chisholm from their private collections for display on

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