The plaque was commisioned by Jeremy Diggle, the man who as Student Union President at St Martins in 1975, unplugged the Pistols first gig. It was designed and made by potter Douglas Fitch and graphic designer Mike Endicott.

Pictures provided exclusively to God Save The Sex Pistols by Douglas Fitch.

Sex Pistols' 30th Anniversary Debut Gig Party. St Martins College Of Art, London.
6th November 2006  Review by Ray Morrissey

How many bands can have a party the size of this just to celebrate their first gig? The answer is probably none because no band left such an impression on their first gig. In a small room a few floors up, the Sex Pistols played this venue on 6th November 1975: a short 20 mins set where someone pulled the plug on them calling it "rubbish" .

At 6.45pm on the seventh floor, to media and close friends, Glen Matlock is the centre of attention as he uncovers the blue plaque to celebrate the 30 years anniversary. From 7pm onwards some 500 invited guests are treated to live bands, DJs and free booze in an evening that turned into a real rock 'n' roll event. In between the DJs we had up and coming live bands, Comanechi, and The Paddingtons.

Pictured: Glen unveils the plaque.

For the finale, Glen Matlock joined The Paddingtons for a frenzied Pretty Vacant, as the crowd jumped around at the front of stage, just like "the old days".

Pictured: Glen & The Paddingtons

The Press attended and took photos of Glen with guests like The Towers Of London who love the Pistols. Other guests included Chris and Koozie from The Philistines, Marco (Adam And The Ants), Rodent (Pistols roadie), Patti Palladin, Tony Barber (Buzzcocks), and Julien Temple, the director of The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle and and The Filth And The Fury. Sadly, Don Letts was not in attendance with his punk films.

All in all, a superb evening and top marks go to St Martin's and everyone else involved in putting on such a great event to mark this special anniversary .

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