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PAY-OUT 1986!

JANUARY 16, 1986


THE surviving Sex Pistols are to share a bumper £lm pay-out following their former manager Malcolm McLaren’s sudden withdrawal yesterday from a High Court battle over royalties. The money has accumulated since 1979 when a receiver was appointed to the company set up by McLaren to exploit the punk group.
In an action launched on Monday, McLaren and his companies Glitterbest and Matrixbest challenged the claim of group members Johnny Rotten, now known as Lydon, drummer Paul Cook and guitarist Steve Jones to the cash.


They were supported by Mrs. Anne Beverley mother of Sid Vicious, who died from a drugs overdose in New York in January, 1979 aged 21.

She claimed on behalf of his estate.

McLaren and the companies said they were entitled to a share for their work as agents and managers.

But Lydon’s counsel Mr. John McDonnell QC, told Mr. Justice Mervyn Davies that McLaren had agreed to hand over control of the companies to the group and withdraw his claim in return for not having to pay their costs.

The receiver was discharged and the money can now be handed over to the group and shared out.

McLaren left the court before the result was announced.

But an ”ecstatic” Lydon, who has spikey orange hair, said: “It’s mine, all mine.

“It’s absurd that he forced us to come to court. I’m very pleased and can now get back to making music.”

He has a new single out called Rise and a new album planned.

The receiver had been appointed to look after the affairs of Glitterbest after fears that large amounts due to the musicians were being used for a film.

(The Star, January 17, 1986)

Ex-manager hands over £1 million to the punks from the '70s

Pistols hit bullseye

Rotten and Co agree to a fortune out of court


JOHNNY ROTTEN rubbed his hands with glee yester­day after receiving share of a £1 million.

The lead singer of outrageous 70’s punk band The Sex Pistols had won the money from former mana­ger Malcolm McLaren. ‘Lots of lovely cash and it’s all mine,’ said the spikey-haired singer. ‘Now I’ve got to get over the sheer joy of it all.’

Rotten, drummer Paul Cook, guitarist Steve Jones and the mother of dead bass guitarist Sid Vicious had sued McLaren In the High Court for royalties they claim he withheld.

McLaren said the money belonged to two companies, Glitterbest and Matrixbest which promoted the group.


Yesterday’s victory for Rotten and Co. was reached out of court after the case had been going on for two days.

The deal means that McLaren has handed over Glitterbest and Matrixbest to the Pistols.

They also now own the group’s name and the bad taste movie made by McLaren — The Great Rock and Roll Swindle.

Lawyers are now work­ing out how the money is to be divided and which creditors still have a claim.


Rotten, real name John Lydon, said: ‘I don’t have any particular feelings about McLaren—except to say he should never have done it. It’s absurd.’

McLaren left stony-faced within minutes of the settlement and headed back to America without commenting.

SidVicious’s mother Ann Beverley, who found him dead In bed in a New York flat In 1979, also refused to comment.

(The Daily Mail, January 17, 1986)

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