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9th August
Just had a couple of weeks break. Normal service to be resumed. Phil

25th July

Sex Pistols re-release Never Mind The Bollocks
24th September

Sex Pistols announce details of 35th Anniversary ‘Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols’ super deluxe box set to be released September 24th through Universal Music UK

As one of the most iconic and influential albums in music history ‘Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols’ still sounds as powerful and unique as ever, 35 years since the original release. As such an important musical and cultural force the album changed the landscape for records and the music industry. The Sex Pistols defined a generation and captured a feeling within the nation that simply no one else could of.  The band created a truly distinctive sound and ‘Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols’ impact and influence still strongly resonates with musicians, artists and people to this day. To celebrate its 35th anniversary, Universal Music UK has assembled a super-deluxe box set release that really does this legendary album justice.

While many fans will undoubtedly be of the opinion that there can be very little left in the Sex Pistols vaults that hasn’t already been seen and heard, followers of the band will be thrilled by the treasure trove of music, footage, interviews, pictures and artifacts confirmed to be included.

The original master tapes from the ‘Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols’ recording sessions in 1977 were thought to be lost for many years.  Now thankfully rediscovered during the recent move from Virgin Records to Universal Music Catalogue in January 2012 the tapes have been remastered, for the very first time, by Tim Young under direction from original producer Chris Thomas. Some real treats have also been found along the way. The find that will perhaps excite fans the most is the lost 1977 demo studio recording of ‘Belsen Was A Gas’, the only original Sex Pistols composition of the era thought not to be recorded.

Other treats include the inclusion of six demos first included on the infamous ‘Spunk’ bootleg album, released for the very first time in their original, untouched form following the very recent discovery of their original master tapes. These, combined with a selection of unreleased Chris Thomas demo’s and outtakes from the recording of the album – including tracks with Sid Vicious on bass – plus a wealth of live audio and visual material all from 1977 make up a box set that will truly satisfy fans of the band.

Below is a breakdown of the contents:

CD1 - Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols: 2012 Re-mastered, from the thought lost original master tapes with process overseen by original producer Chris Thomas. 

CD2 – 1977 Studio Rarities & B-Sides: Previously unreleased 1977 recordings including the legendary Belsen Was A Gas with John on vocals plus the original single b-sides, again all remastered from the original master tapes.

CD3 – 1977 Live: High quality live recordings from 1977, most of which are previously unreleased.

DVD – 1977: Live 1977 DVD produced by Julien Temple and featuring many previously unseen performances plus DVD extras of promo videos and radio interviews.

1977 Diary: Hardback 100 page 12” by 12” diary with quotes, rare and previously unseen photos, memorabilia and exclusive images.

7” Single: Replica of the withdrawn God Save The Queen A&M single.

Poster: 3FT by 4.5FT Never Mind The Bollocks replica promo poster.

Stickers: Reproductions of the original Never Mind The Bollocks promo stickers.

Lyrics: A copy of the original handwritten lyrics to God Save The Queen will also be included.


Super Deluxe Box Set Track List

CD1 – Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols*

1. Holidays In The Sun
2. Bodies
3. No Feelings
4. Liar
5. God Save The Queen
6. Problems
7. Seventeen
8. Anarchy In The UK
9. Submission
10. Pretty Vacant
11. New York
12. EMI

CD2 – 1977 Studio Rarities & B-Sides
The single b-sides remastered.

1. No Feeling
2. Did You No Wrong
3. No Fun
4. Satellite

Dave Goodman Jan 1977 demos recorded at Gooseberry Studios **
5.  New York
6. EMI
7. Liar
8. Pretty Vacant
9. Problems
10. GSTQ

Chris Thomas Demo’s & Outtakes***
11. Did You Know Wrong (March 3rd 1977)
12. 17 (April 21st 1977)
13. Satellite (April 22nd 1977)                                                                                 
14. Submission (April 22nd 1977)
15. Holidays In The Sun (April 22nd 1977)
16. EMI (April 22nd 1977)  
17. 17 (May 16th 1977)
18. Holidays In The Sun (June 11th 1977)                                                                                          
19. Bodies (June 11th 1977)
20. Submission (August 12th 1977)
21. Belsen Was A Gas (original demo) (19 September 1977)****

CD3 – 1977 Live
Ssamfundet Club, Trondheim, Norway - 21st July
1. Anarchy In The U.K.
2. I Wanna Be Me
3. 17
4. New York
5. EMI
6. No Fun
7. No Feelings
8. Problems
9. God Save The Queen

Happy House, Stockholm, Sweden - 28th July***
10. Anarchy In The UK
11. I Wanna Be Me
12. 17
13. New York
14. EMI
15. Submission
16. No Feelings
17. Problems
18. God Save The Queen
19. Pretty Vacant
20. No Fun

DVD – 1977
Riverboat Party, The River Thames, London - 7th July
1. Pretty Vacant
2. Anarchy In The UK
3. Problems

Happy House, Stockholm, Sweden - 28th July***
4. Anarchy In The UK
5. I Wanna Be Me
6. Seventeen
7. New York
8. Problems
9. No Fun

S.P.O.T.S. Tour - Winter Gardens, Penzance, Cornwall – 1st September***
10. Problems
11. No Fun
12. Anarchy In The UK

1. God Save The Queen video
2. Pretty Vacant video
3. Holidays In The Sun video
4. The HeyDay Interviews. Interviews by Judy and Fred Vermorel recorded in August 1977 with:
  a. Steve Jones
  b. Paul Cook
  c. John Lydon
  d. Sid Vicious
  e. Glen Matlock
5. BBC, Radio 1, Rock On, December 12th 1977 – John Tobler interview with John and Sid (previously unheard full uncensored version)


1977 (The Bollocks Diaries)
100 page full-colour hardback diary detailing every significant band event in this explosive year. Written by former Mojo editor Pat Gilbert, the book includes multiple quotes from key figures, previously unseen photos, recording details, memorabilia and much more.  

+ replica A&M GSTQ/No Feeling  7” single.

+ 3FT by 4.5FT Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols replica promo poster.

+ copy of original handwritten lyrics to God Save The Queen.

+ Replica Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols promo stickers.

Content Key/Bullet Points
* = remastered from the recently found original album master tapes by Tim Young under the guidance of original producer Chris Thomas. 

** = these 6 demo’s would make up the legendary ‘Spunk’ album but are heard here for the very first time in their original, untouched form following the very recent discovery of the original master tapes.

*** = All tracks previously unreleased except Submission (track) which unlike in 2002 when it first appeared is now mastered from the original tapes.   

**** = This is the legendary original demo featuring John Lydon on vocals and is taken from the recently recovered original master tapes.

Additional notes and confirmation for the hardcore fan / GSTSP visitor.

The box set focuses on 1977.

Absolutely everything on the box comes from the original master tapes (including NMTB and the Dave Goodman produced recordings).

The January 77 Goodman tracks are unreleased mixes and include some additional banter; as do the Wessex outtakes.

There are other surprises including Belsen Was A Gas and demos with Sid playing bass. A take of Submission with Sid is the only previously released Wessex outtake - including on bootleg.

None of the other Chris Thomas produced outtakes have surfaced anywhere, including on the Party Till You Puke bootleg.

Stockholm audio is the FULL concert, and never released in its complete form, not even on the bootlegs.

Trondhiem has been deleted 20 years and never had proper release.

The Holidays In The Sun video was edited especially for the box and features footage of Penzance and Berlin.

The super deluxe box set will blow your socks off.

[with thanks to Rambo & Scott]


24th July
Site Update. Vinyl: The Greedies - A Merry Jingle (featuring Cook 'n' Jones) jukebox edition.

23rd July
XFM news: Xfm Gets First Public Image Ltd Radio Session in 20 years: "As Xfm celebrates 20 years Xfm's X-Posure with John Kennedy will this week be airing Public Image Ltd's first new radio session in two decades!" Xfm's X-Posure with John Kennedy Monday - Thursday 11pm-2am

Sex Pistols at Newport, 23rd December 1977. Article & rare photo [thanks Pete Malburn]

Steve Jones's group from the early 1990's Fantasy 7, are celebrated with a new site put together by the band's sound tech, Martin Straede. Soon to feature the band's music. [thanks German Perez]

22nd July
Site Update: Vinyl - God Save The Queen 12" A&M.

20th July
Happy birthday Paul Cook.

19th July
John Lydon talks to American Music Press. [thanks Mark Innes]

More on Richard Branson's wish to buy back Virgin Records: "Universal Music, the world’s biggest record conglomerate, wants to take over EMI but in order to persuade the European Commission’s regulators to allow the deal, it has been advised to divest itself of Virgin first."
By a twist of fate, Universal are now the Pistols label.

18th July
Michael Des Barres Interview: Steve Jones mentioned and photo.

Will Richard Branson really buy back Virgin Records?

17th July
Youtube - complete & up close version. Glen Matlock with Duff McKagan at the CBGB music festival, Times Square. I Wanna Be Your Dog.

Steve Jones tells Classic Rock: ".... I love classic rock. I think, at heart, if I had any choice to listen to music on a desert island, it would be classic rock."

16th July
Various press today report on the Olympics closing ceremony: "Russell Brand to sing Pretty Vacant."

15th July
The Worldwide Vinyl Guide takes a look at Universal Music's Pretty Vacant 2012 7" picture disc.

For those with lots of money.... GSTQ A&M white label test pressing on ebay. [thanks Bobe]

14th July

Classic Rock: Duff Mckagan' s Loaded joined by Glen Matlock at CBGB Festival.

From punk and reggae to Britpop and beyond: Exhibition of rare photos by Justin Thomas... includes Steve Jones with The Clash in 1978 and John Lydon at 1983 Press Conference.

13th July
PiL to play Fun, Fun, Fun Fest Austin, Texas on Friday, 2nd November.

Art Punk Sample – Nick Cash at Hardy Tree Gallery. Exhibition runs 13th July – Aug 4th 2012.

10th July
The Professionals - Rare poster from Astor Park, Seattle, April 1982.

9th July
GSTSP book review. A Vicious Love Story: Remembering the real Sid Vicious by Teddie Dahlin.

Youtube. Glen Matlock with Duff McKagan at the CBGB music festival, Times Square. I Wanna Be Your Dog.

8th July
Glen Matlock pictured in New York at the CBGB Music Festival.

7th July
As part of their Uvinyl Event, Universal have today made available more copies of the 3,500 limited edition picture disc Anarchy in the UK. Move fast..... [thanks Bernard Rooney]

Public Secrets: Sex Pistols. Tulsa January 1978 remembered in new video feature - includes rare photographs. [thanks Toby French & Rat]

August MOJO has a 10 page John Lydon feature. John Lydon on punk, pain & parenthood. Out now.

6th July
John Lydon on Question Time
For viewers outside the UK, extracts are on Youtube
Report in the London Evening Standard & in The Mirror

Hollie Cook appears on Amy Winehouse covers CD free with Q313 out 2 July.

5th July
John Lydon's Question Time appearance tonight has drawn plenty of comment in the press including:

4th July
John Lydon is a participant on BBC's Question Time tomorrow night, BBC1 10.35PM. The show is from Derby.

John Lydon Lollipop Blog Part 2: Occupy Wall Street & Donna Summer RIP [thanks]

Jamie Reid's Ragged Kingdom exhibition in Leeds closes on July 14th. "Who’s George? Find out at The Ragged End at Temple Works, Leeds, July 14, 7pm-12pm. One last night of art, music and dance at Jamie Reid’s Ragged Kingdom, with Jamie Reid himself and the celebrated Navajo Nation Spirit Dancer Dennis Lee Rogers." Tickets are £5.00 on the door, all proceeds to St George’s Crypt.Exhibition still open til July 14: Wed-Thurs 7-9pm, Fri-Sun 12-5pm.

2nd July

A Vicious Love Story: Remembering the real Sid Vicious
by Teddie Dahlin (Little Acorn Publishing)
Teddie speaks about her teenage romance with Sid Vicious
during the Pistols visit to Trondheim in 1977
New book due mid-July. Review coming soon.....
Vicious Love Story
Teddie Dahlin

1st July
Anarchy In The USA 1978 bootleg 7" - guide updated.

Zooparty - You Must Be Joking! Album featuring Glen Matlock and Brian James reviewed.

30th June
The International Swingers 4 track CD.

29th June
John Lydon be appearing on the National Public Radio show World Cafe in the US at 8:00 central tonight. [thanks Adam Harmless]

28th June
5th July: Glen Matlock will be playing at the CBGB Music Festival, The Living Room, 154 Ludlow Street, New York.

The International Swingers have a 4 track CD available at their shows in the US, recorded in LA:
Sweet Sweet Love / Honey's Room / Friday On My Mind / Out Of Control.
The new self-penned songs can be viewed live: Sweet Sweet Love
Honey's Room
Photo set: [thanks Gil]

27th June

Sex Pistols re-release limited edition
‘Pretty Vacant’ 7” on 2nd July

The Sex Pistols announce that the seminal song ‘Pretty Vacant’ will be released as a limited edition 7” picture disc on 2nd July - 35 years to the day of its original release.

UMC Vacant

Featuring one of the most iconic and distinctive guitar and drum build ups in the history of rock n’roll, topped by Johnny Rotten's bite and snarl, ‘Pretty Vacant’ with its anthemic  “and we don’t care!” became another rallying cry throughout the country. 

The Sex Pistol’s masterful third single arrived in the wake of the controversy that its predecessor ‘God Save The Queen’ spread across the UK as an antidote to the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. 

Upon its original release 35 years ago, ‘Pretty Vacant’  reached the top ten in the UK charts and unlike the previous two singles – ‘Anarchy in the UK’ and ‘God Save The Queen’ – Top Of The Pops could not ignore them, broadcasting a now iconic video of the band performing the classic song on their show. The Pistols did not appear in the BBC studio and it is widely accepted the promo video was given to the show without the band's consent. 

“This is the Pretty Vacünt press release. Thank you”. - John Lydon 

Only 3500 limited edition 7” picture discs will be available via Universal Music.  Their legendary album ‘Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols’ will also be re-issued in September of this year as an expanded and repacked release to commemorate the 35th Anniversary of its release. More details on the reissue will follow shortly. 

UMC have also re-pressed the regular CD editions of Never Mind The Bollocks & The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle. Available now.

Youtube. Glen Matlock: The International Swingers Live at Red Devil Lounge, San Francisco, 24th June.
Youtube. International Swingers at EB's Bar L.A. Farmers Market, 22nd June.
Youtube. Steve Jones: Ducati All Stars Live Video at World Ducati Week 2012: Black Leather & more.

LA Interview: James Stevenson and Glen Matlock.
LA Photo exhibition: "Backbeat: Heart Lights Up Rock Photo Exhibit With Glen Matlock, CAA's Rob Light, Linda Ramone...."

24th June
Media round-up.
The Sunset Strip Movie (Steve Jones youtube Interview).

Steve Jones Shows His Ducati.
Steve Jones: Ducati All Stars at the Misano World Circuit.

John Lydon press: Why John Lydon's not so rotten

Other related press: Midge Ure: I turned down offer to be in Sex Pistols.

21st June
Punk Britannia: Steve Jones. BBC Radio 6 Music. Monday 25th June 7PM. Steve takes over the airways for 2 hours. [thanks Marc Smith]

NME picks the 100 greatest tracks of its lifetime. GSTQ at number 14.

Culture Vulture: Jamie Reid – Ragged Kingdom at Templeworks.

18th June
The Worldwide Vinyl Guide takes a look at Universal Music's God Save The Queen 2012 7" picture disc.

More press coverage for GSTQ's inclusion on Olympics playlist for opening ceremony.
"Never mind the Olympics: Sex Pistols' God Save The Queen is on playlist...."
"London 2012: Sex Pistols on list for Olympics' opening ceremony."

17th June
Daily Mail reports: "God Save The Queen - she'll have to hear the Sex Pistols! From the Eton Boating Song to Johnny Rotten, we reveal the proposed playlist for the Olympics opening ceremony.....Sex Pistols’ fierce punk anthem God Save The Queen could be played during the Olympic opening ceremony next month – as Her Majesty looks on." Pretty Vacant is also on the playlist.
Read more:

Antiques Roadshow BBC One tonight 7.30. An original Seditionaries God Save The Queen T-shirt is valued at £200.

16th June
"Art of UK Rock" at Bunkamura Gallery, Tokyo.

Sex Pistols' graphic designer Jamie Reid at his 'Ragged Kingdom' exhibition launch in Leeds.
Picture by Maureen Lawerence.
Jamie Reid at his 'Ragged Kingdom' exhibition launch in Leeds. Picture by Maureen Lawerence.

14th June
John Lydon in Rolling Stone: "Q&A: John Lydon on PiL's Past and Present, Newt Gingrich's Likeability."

13th June
John Lydon Lollipop Blog Part 1: This is PiL Artwork. In Part 1 of a regular video blog John talks about the new Public Image Ltd album 'This Is PiL' and his inspiration for the artwork.

International Swingers West Coast 1012

11th June

This week's chart action. Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen: UK Independent singles chart no. 36.
PiL - This Is PiL: UK album chart no. 89 and the UK Independent album chart no.12.

10th June
Glen Matlock & The Philistines are playing The Half Moon, Putney, London on 23rd August.

The Sun: Kevin Rowland discusses the new Dexy's album including the track Nowhere Is Home, co-written with Glen Matlock.

9th June
Vintage L.T.S. Sex Pistols Record Fetches $19,672 in Online Auction.

John Lydon in The New Yorker.

Update on forthcoming book '25 12 77' by Kevin Cummins. The book, which features Kevin's photographs of the Pistols performing in Huddersfield on Christmas Day '77, is now to be released at the end of the year (closer to the actual anniversary of the gig).

A rare interview clip of the Pistols filmed in Denmark street - between record companies in '77 - has appeared on Youtube. Recorded for Australian TV. [thanks Daniel]

8th June
John Lydon interviews: John on PiL's new album, Steve Vai, Sex Pistols.
John on PiL’s return, stage-fright and his views on Rupert Murdoch.

7th June
Lego Sex Pistols v Bill Grundy [thanks Brian Morgan]

Tomorrow night: BBC4 Punk Britannia part two....
... and last night the Pistols' God Save The Queen could be heard in Eastenders on BBC1. [thanks Irish John]

6th June
Lego Sex Pistols: God Save The Queen

John Lydon in the LA Times. "Public Image was a training camp."

Jamie Reid "....the pioneering and world-renowned artist of punk art who put the safety pin into the Queen’s nose, is coming to Leeds, bringing his 40 year retrospective and current show “Ragged Kingdom” to Temple Works, Leeds for the month of June 14-July 14..."

5th June
The Royal History of Pop. Channel 4 Sunday 10th June. "Documentary celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee by looking back at the 60 year relationship between pop and the Royals, from the anarchic Sex Pistols to Brian May on top of Buckingham Palace. "

4th June
Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen has entered the UK singles chart at no. 80 and the UK Independent singles chart at no. 18.
PiL - This Is PiL has entered the UK album chart at no. 35 and the UK Independent album chart at no. 4 - quite an achievement. is highlighting the ebay auction of GSTQ LTS acetate.

6 Music Playlist, Punk Britannia. John Lydon part 2: Listen now: 4 weeks left.

Professor of Medicine R.Andrew McIvor has submitted a feature from the Guardian which recounts his chat with John Lydon as a "Mr Rotten's Scrapbook" golden ticket winner: Rotten Smoking Cessation.

2nd June
6 Music Playlist, Punk Britannia. John Lydon: Listen now: 4 weeks left.

John Lydon in NME: " 'Illnesses and pain made me what I am'. Singer also says he will never write new Sex Pistols material. "

Richard Branson recalls the Sex Pistols in his blog.

1st June
Daily Mirror. Never mind the Jubilee, here's the Sex Pistols. Picture special from The Mirror archive.

The Guardian: 76 minutes with John Lydon. "... on singing through Cilla Black's tights, modern-day anarchy and maintaining marital bliss."

Daily Star: Rotten John Lydon Gobsmacked. "Punk legend John Lydon reckons his teeth were so rotten because he wasn’t taught how to clean his gnashers."

31st May
Cooke’s Pie and Mash Shop latest news! "Campaigners battling to save one of west London’s last traditional pie and mash shops have claimed a first victory." The shop is a favourite of Paul Cook & Steve Jones.

NME this week takes a look back at the Jubilee Thames boat trip with recollections from John Lydon.

30th May
Interview with Steve Jones at the launch of the Johnny Ramone book Commando. Steve talks about the book, Twitter and the re-release of NMTB. [thanks Carlos Lopez]

29th May
John Lydon: ''The Voice' and 'American Idol' are humiliating'
John Lydon: ‘Jubilee? What Jubilee?’

28th May
Out today: Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen 7" picture disc. 3500 copies
Out today: PiL - This Is PiL album.

Punk Britannia: BBC4 starts Friday 1st June 9PM with Pre-Punk 1972 - 1976 More details here.

27th May
Reminder - tonight: This is PIL: Special - Absolute Radio 8-9PM. Pete Mitchell talks to John Lydon about the new PIL album.
This coming Friday 1st June BBC6 Music. A number of items to co-incide with Punk Britannia:
00:00 (midnight). John Lydon Playlist Part 1/2. Part 2 follows Sunday.
13:00 Radcliffe and Maconie chat to John Lydon about his new music.
2:00 AM (Saturday) Sex Pistols live at Finsbury Park
4:00 AM (Saturday) Anarchy In The UK. 1/2. Glen Matlock tells the story of punk rock.

The International Swingers
featuring Glen Matlock, Clem Burke, James Stevenson & Gary Twinn
West Coast USA Tour 2012
22nd June Los Angeles: Farmers Market / 23rd June Reseda: Webers
24th June San Francisco: Red Devil Lounge / 25th June San Luis Obispo: SLO Brew
26th June Santa Barbara: Whiskey Richards / 28th June San Diego: Brick By Brick
29th June Palm Desert: The Hood / 30th June Huntington Beach: Fitzgeralds

26th May

God Save The Queen picture disc

God Save The Queen /
Did You No Wrong
Picture disc

Out on Monday

Limited to 3500 copies.

Glen Matlock live in Oslo. Review submitted by Teddie Dahlin. Plus photos by Anders Gundersen.

25th May
John Lydon gives a song by song account of This Is PiL.

Glen Matlock in Oslo action: [thanks Calos Lopez]

23rd May

The 20 year wait is over... the first new PiL album since 1992

PiL - This Is PiL. God Save The Sex Pistols Review

Released 28th May

22nd May
The online page for new book History of the NME has a nice link to the GSTSP Jonh Ingham Interview.

21st May
HMV are currently running an online poll to find the best British album from the last 60 years. Vote for the Sex Pistols.

20th May
Site Update. Three Sex Pistols posters taken from the dressing room wall at the Sex Pistols "last ever" concert at Winterland, 14th Janaury 1978. Submitted to the site by owner Paul Laing.

19th May
Kick Down The Doors takes a look at The Professionals Ltd Edition CD, released in 1990.

A documentary about the artist René Daniëls shown on Netherlands TV included film he captured of the Sex Pistols in 1977 when they visited Eindhoven and played the Effenaar. (Go to 10:15-10:30 to view snippets of the band walking around in Eindhoven and performing at the Effenaar). Part of this footage was used on a CD of the Effenaar to celebrate their 25th anniversary. [thanks RJ van der Woud]

BBC4's Punk Britannia series begins on 1st June.

18th May
The Sun today includes an John Lydon interview & review of This Is PIL.

New Zealand Listener: John Lydon interview.
John Lydon video Interview Studio 11 L.A.
John Lydon on Donna Summer.
[thanks Carlos Lopez]

Remembering the 1977 Sex Pistols' jubilee boat trip.

POP! Rocks: Sex Pistols by Funko. New figurines. Oh my!!! [thanks Carlos]

16th May
Watch Steve Jones in guitar action with Craig Ferguson on the Late Late Show kicking off Scotland week. The Tardis also makes an appearance!

"Stuff the Jubilee. Have the punks of '77 changed their minds about the royals?" [thanks Stu & Joe]

14th May
The Daily Telegraph interviews Glen Matlock: "The Sex Pistol who grew up. Glen Matlock, the punk whose anti-royal anthem created havoc during the Silver Jubilee, is taking part in this year’s celebrations – albeit with a twist."

12th May
BBC celebrates birth of punk. "Never mind the Jubilee, here's a punk season ... the BBC is to celebrate the birth of a musical revolution with a series of programmes on radio and TV. Some of the most prominent figures of the punk era are to take part in the programmes including John Lydon, Siouxsie Sioux and Mick Jones. The season - to commemorate 35 years since three-chord wonders achieved national prominence - will be spearheaded by a BBC4 series Punk Britannia, which will look at the roots and the impact of the movement. The three-part series includes contributions from Sex Pistols star Lydon as well as The Clash's Jones and Sioux. Other major names from the era include Pete Shelley and his Buzzcocks bandmate Howard Devoto, who went on to front Magazine, The Fall's Mark E Smith, Generation X singer Billy Idol and Adam Ant. Further programmes on BBC4 will include punk performances from the corporation's vaults.
BBC Radio 6 Music will also be part of the celebration, with Lydon, Sioux, The Damned's Captain Sensible and Patti Smith each presenting their musical selections for hour long Playlist programmes in June. " Also forthcoming is a documentary about The Adverts, We Who Wait. [thanks Pete & Joe]

This is PIL: Special - Absolute Radio 27th May 8-9PM. Pete Mitchell talks to John Lydon about the new PIL album.

10th May
Matlock Hits Scandinavia!
Wed 16th May Buddy Scene, Drammen / Thu 17th May John Dee, Oslo
Fri 18th May Feelgood, Halden / Sat 19th May Katakombene, Skien
Tue 22nd May Brødrene Sundt, Oslo
/ Wed 23rd May Mobster Ink, Oslo
Thu 24th May Dalane Blues Festival, Egersund /
Fri 25th May Tribute, Sandnes
Sat 26th May Vega American Rock, Ålesund
/ Sun 27th May Blæst, Trondheim

NMTB Guide Update: Japanese issue of the UK 2007 vinyl pressing.

Steve Jones is on the Craig Ferguson Late Late Show tonight 12.30am CBS.

9th May
A 7” pressing of the Sex Pistols appearance on the Today show on 1 December 1976 is included in the book Jubilee 2012 Sixty Punk Singles (The Vinyl Factory and The Mott Collection). Limited to 100 copies worldwide, the 124 page catalogue documents 60 punk singles. [thanks Guy]

The Independent reports on The Last Jubilee Festival: "Sex Pistols star Glen Matlock to headline 'anti-Jubilee' concert ... in aid of a charity run by the Princess Royal."

7th May
The Worldwide Vinyl Guide takes a look at Universal Music's Anarchy In The UK Record Store Day 2012 7" picture disc.

4th May
Punk! The Culture In Pictures. New book reviewed.

3rd May
Remembering Joe - 10 Years On - A Fundraiser for Strummerville; 100 Club, London 22-23 December.
Glen Matlock & The Philistines will be headlining on 22nd December and tribute band Sex Pistols Experience on 23rd December. Gigs commemorate the passing of Joe Strummer, who died on 22nd December.

The Sex Pistols Experience will be sailing the River Thames on 9th June, marking the 35th anniversary of the Sex Pistols' 1977 Thames boat trip. The Sex Pistols Experience are also celebrating their own 10th anniversary. Tickets now available.

1st May
Pil - This is PiL: Album reviewed in Uncut magazine.

From John's Q Magazine interview: "Watching old footage of the Sex Pistols sends a shiver up John Lydon's spine."

29th April
Today's Independent newspaper previews tomorrow's Sky Arts, John Lydon In Confidence interview.

The Guardian / Observer takes a look back at the 1977 Thames boat trip with recollections of some who were there.

27th April
PiL One Drop vinyl EP. God Save the Sex Pistols review.

26th April
The Sun reports on John's NME interview: "John Lydon bans American Idol. John Lydon has revealed he banned TV bosses from using one of the Sex Pistols' hits on American Idol. The star refused to allow a “marshmallow” version of Pretty Vacant – and he branded media mogul Simon Cowell “poisonous” and “evil”." also reports from the NME interview: " "I can't back the Olympics. They tried to involve us but without any respect - they just wanted to use my ideas, our artwork, our lifestyle, but take it away from us and reconstitute it in this happy-go-lucky world of Olympic nonsense.""

The Sun has been busy today: "I hope people buy my single of the national anthem. Sex Pistols should’d do them good." says soprano Lissa Hermans on her battle for Jubilee No1."

John Lydon's Uncut interview also gives the online press some mileage: "I asked Wobble, would he like to tour with us (PiL), and he was in agreement. But it ended up his management thought he should get more than anyone else, including myself. "That was unacceptable. I will always forgive them. I don't hold any hatred for them. But I am not going to let them monkey in my business. It is putting a spanner in the works in a spiteful way." "

24th April
Anarchy in the UK was third best selling vinyl single on Record Store Day. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds was highest-selling.

NME John Lydon

NME out tomorrow:

John Lydon is the cover star of this week's NME:
"Who can I offend here? There's always someone..."

Pick up the latest issue of NME tomorrow.

22nd April
Glen Matlock will be appearing at the Strummer Of Love Festival which runs from 17th - 19th August in Somerset.

Paul Cook's daughter Hollie Cook will be supporting the Stone Roses at 30th June show in Heaton Park.

Trivia: Peter Lord, the Producer of new hit film Pirates! Band of Misfits has revealed they initially had the Sex Pistols song “Friggin in the Riggin” in the film, but decided it was too inappropriate.

21st April
PiL - One Drop

Out today. PiL One Drop vinyl EP

One Drop
I Must Be Dreaming
The Room I Am In
Lollipop Opera

Listen to Lollipop Opera via NME

19th April
Glen Matlock & The Philistines will be appearing at the London Punk Festival, 299 The Venue, Great Portland Street, London. The festival runs from Friday 28th - Sunday 30th September 2012.

Glen will also be playing at the Marc Bolan 35th Anniversary Concert on 15th September at Shepherds Bush Empire, London. The PRS for Music Members Benevolent Fund have announced artists including Rick Wakeman, Alvin Stardust, Steve Harley, Boy George, Tony Visconti, Andy Ellison, Howie Casey, and Linda Lewis.

John Lydon's edition of In Confidence will be shown on Sky Arts 1 HD on 30th April.

Jo Whiley is joined by John Lydon. BBC iplayer:

Dick Clark, the host of American Bandstand, has passed away at the age of 82. Dick Clark had John Lydon and PiL on his show in May 1980 miming to Poptones and Careering. [Thanks Eliot Wien]

17th April
Announcement from the UK’s Official Charts Company made today. John Lydon got behind the launch of the new Official Record Store Chart and states the importance of vinyl to him in a special video created for the launch. [Thanks Lauren Kreisler @ Official Charts Company]

John Lydon interviewed today by Nick Churchill [thanks Nick Churchill]

GSTQ discussed on BBC 5 Live (starts just before 1 hour 27 minutes into programme) [thanks Stu]

John Lydon has distanced himself from the campaign to get the re-release of God Save The Queen to number 1.
John says he 'wants no part in the circus' around May 28 release. The NME reports: "Lydon has released a statement claiming he is unhappy with the "campaign to push 'God Save The Queen' for the Number 1 spot over the Jubilee weekend." He commented: "It is certainly not my personal plan or aim. I am proud of what the Sex Pistols achieved and always will be but this campaign totally undermines what the Sex Pistols stood for. This is not my campaign."
See also BBC

ITN News item on God Save The Queen.

15th April
God Save The Queen to be re-released for Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

14th April
Anarchy In The UK picture disc

Anarchy In The UK picture disc

Released on Record Store Day, 21 April

Limited to 3500 copies.

"The bitter final words of Malcolm McLaren: How punk king cut son out of will (and left everything to his girlfriend instead)." Read more:

13th April
Public Image Ltd. announce the tracklisting for album
'This Is PiL'
'This Is PiL'
'One Drop'
'Deeper Water'
'I Must Be Dreaming'
'It Said That'
'The Room That I Am In'
'Lollipop Opera'
'Reggie Song'
'Out Of The Woods'
Released through the band's own PiL Official label on 28th May
The NME wants readers to send their questions in to John Lydon for a future article.

PiL to play Dublin's Button Factory on Sunday 29th July.

11th April
Olympics 2012. John Lydon told NME: "They tried to get us involved in the Olympics, and what they wanted to do was, they're going to do this thing where celebrities go around the stadium on the back of flat top lorries. So there will be Naomi Campbell in a Vivienne Westwood dress, followed by Madness doing 'Baggy Trousers', and then the Pistols doing 'Pretty Vacant'. But without the 'vay-****', just 'pretty' and the word 'censored'. So the answer is, 'no f***ing way.' Don't need it, don't want it." He added: "There was no way I was going to allow them to co-opt the Sex Pistols into being a museum piece. The next step would be pushing up daisies. It's a terrible, terrible thing."
NME out today: Special heroes edition. The Horrors meet John Lydon (three pages).

10th April
Sex Pistols 'decline invitation' to play Olympics closing ceremony.
Reports in today's press: "Games organisers had hoped the band, fronted by Johnny Rotten, would perform as part of the show, entitled A Symphony of British Music, that closes off the Games on August 12."

7th April
Worldwide Vinyl Update: GSTQ UK white lettering "Made In England" label variations.

6th April
Watch / listen to PiL's Boiler Room gig including new song Deeper Water.
PiL to play Manchester, HMV Ritz, 7th August.

The April issue of the new french magazine Rock First includes a six page article on the Sex Pistols covering the story of the band, their record contracts, and the '77 Jubilee.

4th April
Exclusive. Glen Matlock & The Philistines pictured live at JAMM in Brixton. Pictures by Brendan Cleaves.

PiL In Heaven. Review & footage on Digital Spy. [thanks Carlos Lopez]

2nd April
PiL live at Heaven, London. Last night's show exclusively reviewed for God Save.... by Martin Doubtfire.
PiL have added a show at the HMV Forum in Kentish Town, London on 11th August.

Glen Matlock & The Philistines at Erics, Liverpool on 30th March has been rescheduled to 3rd November.

Catch The Great Rock 'n' Roll Tribute, featuring Sex Pistols Experience, Ed Tenpole Tudor, and The Latchicos, April 14th, The Garage, Highbury, London.

1st April
Exclusive! Paul Cook and Paul Myers pictured live with Subway Sect in Edinburgh. [thanks Robert Copeland]

Glen Matlock in action as guest with King Mob at Islington O2 Academy on 28th March. [thanks Carlos Lopez]

26th March
Exclusive! Glen Matlock and band pictured during the soundcheck at Red Devil Lounge, San Francisco.
Watch the band in action: White Knuckle Ride / On Something [submitted by Gil Warguez]

Watch John Lydon & PiL at the Record Store Day launch event.

24th March
 Paul Cook  Paul Myers Subway Sect 22nd March 2012, Hyde, The Verge
Vic Godard & Subway Sect
featuring Paul Cook & Paul Myers
live at The Verge, Hyde
Exclusive review & picture feature

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