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Keanan Duffty is a New York based, British-born designer who graduated from the St. Martins School of Art with First Class Honors. The KD collections are infused with innovative fabrics, Rock and Roll elements and British iconography.

Known for his menswear, Duffty introduced his first womenswear collection in the Summer of 2002, which debuted at the Gen Art Alumni show during New York Fashion Week. That same year, the Shanghai Trade Commission invited Duffty to show his clothes in China.

In January 2003 Keanan Duffty was honored as the winner of the Fashion Group International Rising Star Award for men's wear.

Through a unique arrangement with Alfred Sargent and Reebok, Duffty introduced limited edition footwear collections that complement the clothes sold to stores in the USA, UK and Japan. In collaboration with Dr. Martens, Duffty is currently producing a limited edition collection that will be sold at Vacant in New York City.

Duffty's other passion is music, and he is known for mixing his own cd's as well as producing the music for his shows. The rock and roll element present in the collections has attracted a celebrity clientele. The likes of David Bowie, Sex Pistols, Elton John, N'Sync and the Smashing Pumpkins are known to wear his clothes on and off the stage. Hollywood came calling as well and Elizabeth Jagger, Jimmy Fallon, Alyssa Milano, and even the bad girl of domestic bliss, Martha Stewart, wear Keanan Duffty.

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For Immediate Release - New York, NY, February 2003. The inspiration for the Fall 2003 collection is a sly nod to Christopher Isherwood, the movie 'Cabaret', David Bowie & Brian Eno's trilogy of 'Berlin' albums, Lou Reed and everything decadent and creative. The Sex Pistols name check the city in their hit 'Holidays in the Sun'. Pre-War Berlin was a culture on the brink of war and enjoyed hedonistic, creative times under the shadow of oppression. Culturally it had an enormous effect on the mid-70's kids who formed the core London Punk scene and were known as the 'The Bromley Contingent'. The New Romantics also looked to Berlin for inspiration, and today's Brooklyn Electro scene has 'Berliniamsberg' at the Luxx club. The influence of the city and its underground culture spans the decades and the world.

Fall 2003 continues to embellish and re-create Levi Denim, Lee Storm Rider jackets, vintage Christian Dior shirts, military clothing and leather biker jackets. Take an old garment and make it new. Key items include a nylon flying jacket adorned with the 'Anarchy' symbol and a camouflage image of Sid Vicious, re-cycled 'Lee Storm Rider' denim jackets with the 'Berlin' screen printed and adorned on the back, and over-dyed Dior and Calvin Klein shirts with images of the Queen and the words 'Upstart' & 'Bored' applied to the front. A selection of multi screen printed t-shirts with pop culture images of Lou Reed, Adam Ant, Bowie, the Queen of England and so on are adorned with bits of vintage flags.

This season Keanan Duffty will be showing the Fall 2003 collection on 38 vintage New York Dolls. For this purpose Duffty created miniature replicas of the Fall collection. The dolls will also be displayed at Vacant on Mercer Street, Soho, NY during the month of February before being exhibited in Japan and Europe.


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