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Tempe, AZ, The Marquee Theatre: 8th September 2003

Review by Shonie

This show was fanfuckingtastic & it shit all over the LA show a couple of nights before. The Marquee is the perfect place to see the Pistols, general admission, no seats, good sound, great venue period. I live here in Scottsdale, Arizona, so for the Pistols to play here in my CURRENT home town is something of come shot for me. It's a fact that a lot of rock bands bypass Phoenix Arizona & go straight to LA, which is why I went to see them at the Greek as well.

This was the Sex Pistols' last gig of the tour & I had to see it, after all this could be...the last one! Ha. I got to the gig at 9pm & the Pistols were scheduled to come on at 9.30pm so thankfully I missed the Droplick Myarses. The crowd were so much better than in LA. We had a mix of working class kids, rich kids with their parents, Indians, illegal Mexicans, bikers, gang members, titty dancers, hippies & MTV punks dressed like the late Sid Vicious! I'm sorry, but when one spiky couple standing in front of me (the guy's leather jacket had "NEVER MIND THE BOLOKS" misspelled on it) said to his girlfriend when Glen walked on stage "OH SHIT, they have a replacement bass player!" & the girl says "oh no! where's Sid?.....Its very upsetting."

The band came on & once again I was on the front rail in front of John when they launched into Bodies. I have to tell you all that this performance was very bizarre & the band were quite emotional on stage, tempers flared right away when Rambo up fronted Glen by standing on a speaker right next to him. Glen was pissed & shouted at him to "get the fuck down." Rambo started shouting at Glen & the funny point was when the theatre lighting guy turned off the spotlight so the audience couldn't see them fight! Anyway, Rambo backed down & hid himself from Glen. John was on form, but seemed really angry & agitated. Steve seemed drunk or tired, I know he gave up the booze but tonight was a mystery! Paul was dynamite & so was Glen. John and Steve fucked up a few times, but Paul & Glen held it all together, BUT, when John forgot the Lyrics to Holidays In The Sun the band panicked! Someone had ripped out the lyrics from John's BOOK OF WAR & left John embarrassed & laughing through the rest of the song, while Steve looked at Paul & said "FUCKING HELL!"

John then kicked out two kids for spitting. They do God Save The Queen & Pretty Vacant, the two crowd pleasers & the audience goes wild. John announces this will be the LAST Pistols gig ever & everyone boos. He then says "who's coming with us to Baghdad?" & the band go into a great version of Belsen Was A Gas. Everyone was having a good time when they go in to Anarchy, and a fight breaks out in the mosh pit behind me! Stupid kids. I have been to hundreds of gigs & it still bothers me when people get hurt, they don't seem to get it! Oh well, it wasn't my teeth. Now real anarchy is breaking out, not just in the crowd but on stage! Steve breaks strings and John forgets the words again so the band stops. Steve gets a new guitar & they start again. They are all looking at each other now with faces of "What the fuck is going on?" The rest of the song is completely out of tune & I am laughing my ass off. I have to admit to you all that I liked the chaos of this show over the polished version I saw in La a couple of days before!

Now here's the BREAST BIT! During Problems (the last song) two HUGE breasted titty dancers from the strip bar up the street, climb on somebody's shoulders and take their tops off & start kissing each other & rubbing their tits on each other! At this point, Steve's eyes pop out of his head! I thought he was going to have a heart attack. John's not amused at being upstaged by the two girls & says "I am not very IN BREAST with you! In fact I'm not very IN BREAST with the lot of you! I think you're a bunch of fucking wankers......SO FUCK OFF!" John walks off stage. The band finish Problems & walk off laughing, while Steve is left ogling the big titty girls! A brilliant gig. I wish to God somebody has filmed it. John came out later and spent time with the fans which was great. I had previously wanted to organize an after party for the band at Alice Cooper's restaurant, but it was doomed to fail as I was told that immediately after the gig, the boys were on the bus back to La! Sorry, that should be LAme.

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