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The UK & USA poster guide.
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UK 'SPOT001' & US Variation

Initial UK copies of Never Mind The Bollocks were pressed with 11 tracks, and were issued with a one-sided 7" single "Submission'', and a poster. The matrix number for this edition is SPOT001. For futher detailed information visit the Never Mind The Bollocks UK Guide. A rare US printing of the poster was also issued by Warner Brothers.

The following information and scans have been submitted by Simon Gallagher.
The US poster comes folded, but not so it fits into an LP sleeve. It is slightly darker in shade than the UK version, and in the bottom right hand corner is text, which reads '1977 Warner Bros Records Inc. Printed in USA'. The poster is approximately an inch shorter in length than the UK version. Reproduced below are close-ups of sections of the poster which illustate the difference in shades, plus the Warner Brothers copyright (the full poster is on the index page of this feature).

Above & below: UK poster  
  Above & below: US poster

Close-up of bottom right of US poster

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