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Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel Live
Saturday 11th March 2006 12.05AM ET, ABC

The Jimmel Kimmel Live appearance was a great one. John started right away slagging the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as an institution and how he considers it more a mausoleum and an insult to someone who has worked hard all their life. He mentioned the horrible mistakes they have made with Pistols items they have displayed (he mentioned the phony lyric sheets on Jonesy's Jukebox), and then went on to talk about the cost of tickets and "they want me to pay for the privilege of going there so they can remind me that I'm famous".

He then mentioned the Lydon Goes Ape TV show and how he brought members from the Tutsie and Hutu tribes in Africa together for a sing-song and they treated him, Johnny Rotten, like he was a human being, not like the black/white stuff that goes on here in America.

He then made a slightly controversial statement and said "If you want to see the real garden of Eden, don't look in the bible, go to Africa."

After that he talked about Rolling Stone as another institution, and how they were supposed to have the Sex Pistols on the cover, but apparently because of the rejection of the Hall of Fame replaced them with Heath Ledger, even though they knew the Pistols were going to reject the induction long before. In response he brought out the gay cowboys T-shirt and said; "Steve Jones, another great Sex Pistol. The Sex Pistols wore this shirt in 1976 (sic) in San Antonio, Texas, Brokeback Mountain?, been there, done that, thank you very much."

He closed with great rotten words of wisdom when he was talking about how he has always told the truth and will always tell the truth and said "Institutions will not ruin us (Sex Pistols). Institutions are the Enemy!"

Review by Dino Everett


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