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The God Save The Sex Pistols' counterfeit/bootleg guide

Technically, these releases should be classed as counterfeit (or pirate) records, not bootlegs.

Anarchy In The UK EMI German issue

Anarchy In The UK / I Wanna Be Me (EMI 1C 006-06 294)

Notes: Surfaced June 2006.

There are a number of differences between the original and the reproduction:
The reproduction of the cover is not as sharp as the original 1976 release. There is a slight difference in the shading / colouring. The original pink outlines are brown on the reproduction.
The reproduction has no necklace on the disc.
On the reproduction,
"SEX A" and "SEX B" is etched into the runout grooves of the A & B sides respectively. On the original the EMI catalogue number was etched into the grooves.
The "label" on the reproduction is pressed straight into the plastic centre. The original had a paper label.

The God Save The Sex Pistols' counterfeit/bootleg guide.

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Information and images provided by Gus Nicholson.

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