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Released October 29th
Side One: Holidays In The Sun / Liar / No Feelings / God Save The Queen / Problems
Side Two: Seventeen / Anarchy In The U.K / Bodies / Pretty Vacant / New York / E.M.I.
One sided 7": Submission
Plus poster

Never Mind The Bollocks and Submission 7" were cut from the original studio production master (pre mastering).
These are the mixes as the producer and band had wanted.

These vinyl releases are special in many ways. They not only represent a landmark anniversary, but also recreate the feeling of wonder that greeted us back in 1976 and 1977, when four iconic singles and one life changing album came at us and demanded our allegiance and ultimately, our...... Submission.

Nothing was ordinary about the Sex Pistols. The thrill of purchasing the records was so exciting; the thrill of playing them even more so. It's an emotion today's download generation cannot hope to experience. I feel sorry for them. Hands up who tried to sneak their copy of Never Mind The Bollocks into the house without their parent's knowledge. No such problems for the download generation. Sneaking music into the house via a Wi-Fi connection just doesn't cut it. Who would care anyway with today's bands? The Sex Pistols were a dirty word. Taboo. Off limits. The only band ever to stir such emotions. It'll never happen again.

These re-releases are a reminder and opportunity to reach across the decades and touch that emotion.

They are also close to my heart. I am both privileged and proud to have assisted EMI with these 2007 re-issues; the singles, album and poster, checking and re-checking labels, artwork, colouring, track running orders, credits, fonts etc. I'm delighted with the outcome and firmly believe these are as close to the originals as you will ever get.

So, on to the LP. LP! 12" of heavyweight vinyl.

We're all so used to the 12 track version these days, that listening to the 11 track pressing, with its slightly different running order, is a thrill in itself. The sound is slightly crisper on the LP than the singles, because it is supposed to be. As stated at the top of the feature, just as per the singles, these are the mixes the producer and band wanted.

When you've played the album (let's stick to calling it an LP), was there a feeling of something missing? If not, play it again. If there is, play the 7" Submission, which always sounded great as a single cut - the format suits the song's slow rumbling power.

And then there's the poster. And it looks glorious. Who hasn't hankered after one of these iconic creations? Even if you have an original, after 30 years, you desire another.

What reasons are there to buy the 2007 issue of Never Mind The Bollocks? Ask yourself, what reasons are there not to? There's your answer. Make this wonderful package yours. Play it, treasure it. It's the 11 track Never Mind The Bollocks.

Review by Phil Singleton (October '07)

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