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Sex Pistols and Sid Vicious

Live Recordings Information Resource. Original author Dino Everett 2002
Updated by Hervé Labyre, Steve PILHead, Marco Rat, and Phil Singleton

Basically this is just to be used as a help page for those folks out there that have acquired tapes at record shows, etc. There are many altered tapes that claim to be something they are not, this page will hopefully help you sort through the rubbish.

Tape traders all seem to have their own grading scale that they use which can make things quite difficult as well. I am no different, ha ha…but hopefully mine will help you understand what a particular tape is supposed to sound like as I will fill in what information I know about sonic problems to expect and what not to expect. Also when there are distinctive things spoken in between songs that can help you pin point a particular gig I will note those.

GRADINGJohn at Crystal Palace

  • 10 - doesn’t exist, that is for the gig that hasn’t yet been played and therefore has not been altered in any way.
  • 9 - This would be used only for a sonically perfect, soundboard recording. Using a grading of 9 is very dangerous as it leads people to believe they are getting something straight from a master of a soundboard, which doesn’t really exist in the world of the Sex Pistols. One or two of the reunion gigs might fall under this category or semi official releases.
  • 8 - This is obviously a reasonably good sounding tape with almost no noticeable disturbances, one you will listen to again and again, unfortunately most tapes don’t fall under this category because as soon as they have been dubbed a few times the crispness is gone, the glitches appear, etc..
  • 7 - Most of the Pistols’ and live tape in general will fall under this category as they all seem to have some problems, whether it be the taper was too far away, or they are slightly distorted, they have cuts here and there, all types of interferences. If you pick up a live tape at a record show, or somewhere you should expect that it will have some problems sonically. IT WILL PROBABLY NOT SOUND LIKE A NICE CLEAR RECORD! Most of the tapes in this category are still quite enjoyable to listen to from time to time.
  • 4-6 These have serious problems and unless you only wanted any sort of record of that one time that Sid farted in Amsterdam or what have you, avoid these tapes at all costs as they will greatly disappoint you…By the way that whole SID thing was a joke, don’t go looking for that tape.
  • I tend to also grade in between the levels (i.e.: 6.5, 7.5, 8.5, etc) as some are not quite to the next level but are far better than the average 7, etc.

    Last but not least, I hope this page can help you but it is not a tape trading page, these are not tapes that are available from this web site or anyone involved. There are plenty of resources on the web, and elsewhere if that is your poison, this website is for information only, please respect that.


Dino Everett would like to extend special thanks to Chet Eppert, plus Herve Labyre, Scott Murphy, Jeff Dove, and Geant Vert.

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